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*If anyone is interested in my commissions/ych's I post them solely on my FA! I'm no longer taking commissions on dA!

I know my posting on here staggers quite a bit, but if ya'll are interested in other stuff I post, I'm super active on these social's!




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I'm holding a kiriban for when I hit 70k pageviews!
If you happen to catch it, please provide a full screenshot of my page (please do not crop it!) and note the screenshot to me!
Only 1 person can win this!

Congrats Lycanta !

Thank you all so much for 70k pgviews!

Prize: (2 options!)
-1 Halfbody shaded OR 2 Flat colored headshots!

whirly curly by Loxiv chris (in the back of the class) by Loxiv
Good luck! :heart:

So I'm gonna go ahead and put this journal on here and on my FA; but I'm looking for background characters for my comic, CattyWampus! 

(This will hopefully save me in the future so I don't have to scramble for designs to throw on bg char's last minute!)

-Character must be 18+! (You must also be 18+!)
-Anthro/Furry Only!

Feel free to comment some ref sheets of your characters, tell me a little about them, etc!

I figured this might be a fun way to interact with ya'll and maybe spark some interest! And who knows, maybe you'll see your character in a future page!

*There is no for-sure that your character(s) will be in a page, but you never know! :heart:

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