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1. it took me so long just to find my journal to edit it again, because it wasnt intuitive to me to look at 'posts' (which could mean art, status, journal... comments.. i don't even know...) instead of looking for a 'journal' tab.

2. i literally hate how hard it is to find a place to submit feedback. you'd think they'd have a more readily available feedback page. like. put it somewhere in the hotbar. i don't care. anything is better than scouring the help center for tiny text that says 'oh if you wanna put feedback put it here'.

anyway i'm a little salty now at how inaccessible this site is lol...

original text:

i feel like this site, after the eclipse update, has really lost my interest. i'm tired of having to click around just to find what used to be easy to get to....

as tough as it is to admit it, this isn't really home now... i'm not going to make it purely about the staff or their decisions on the design of the site, but i just can't interface with it the way i used to. i'm really close to quitting because i can't do things as efficiently or as streamlined as i used to.

groups are becoming extremely inaccessible and i just get the feeling they'll be phased out as a thing of the past. this is an art site, after all - why would they keep groups if it doesn't fit into the idea of an 'online art gallery'? even though groups are the main appeal of the site, in my own opinion...

i dunno, it just... the direction deviantart is going, i just can't see myself following it anymore. maybe that's a good sign! maybe it's a good thing to expand my horizons and post elsewhere. i just wonder where would be a better hub for the stuff i like. ARPGs are cool, but i just can't handle the way this site handles now, and maybe there's other places i can go that offer the same sort of interactability and user input...

uuuuuuh i dunno where im going with this journal anymore. im just tired of this new layout, i'm tired of what the site's becoming (with its new professional look and feel), and i just want somewhere i can post art casually without feeling like i'm putting it out for judgement, and i want somewhere that i can make friends from various artistic levels without feeling like i'm being measured against them...

i dunno, maybe this is all just my perception of things coloring my opinion of the site now... but i wish they'd just done something different...

(ps did you know the journal submission page doesn't respect the theme the user is using, even if you have it on retro or darkmode? it hurts my eyes)

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I feel this.

Tbh groups are ?? the only reason I come back to the site? So if they get removed eventually, there's really not much else to do. All of my interactions with people and the friends I've made come from groups and arpgs - like dA used to have a big problem in its social aspect the moment they took down dA chat (or, I guess since they refused to make it actually function well as an in-site chat, so I'm hoping the new chat system works-) and they've now made fave-and-running so much easier. It really stopped being a social site and became an online portfolio (which,,,,, really just makes me feel bad about posting sketches and 'unfinished work' )

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yeah, i think as soon as they yoink all the group stuff, this site will lose most of its charm. i only suspect they won't be keeping it because they haven't updated group layouts to the new eclipse layout...

if they were intending to keep them, i'd imagine more work would be put into them before the big update push, but... : /

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I'm hoping they will keep them. Many big areas, like notes, still had the old interface for a couple of days after eclipse became enforced because they couldn't be reworked while the old code was still there, and areas like the shop still have old dA and havent been recoded yet - so im keeping my fingers crossed in hope they'll be staying ;;

But I do agree that it felt like we were tossed into a big unfinished product and they expected us not to complain. Eclipse is buggy,,,, like a lot,,,, but I've also seen some improvement and hints to some features returning sneakily (like searches now allowing paged view instead of endless scrolling, so there's hope it can be added to other parts eventually)-

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Yeah the javascript of whatever for the submission options is always a glaring white, no matter the theme. It's obnoxious and annoying. :S

My productivity has really taken a hit because of Eclipse. I'm kind of bouncing back now, but I no longer have any real interest in DeviantArt like before. The only reasons I'm still planning to stick around is because dA is still useful as an 'archive' for all my art in one place, and keep whatever followers remain up to date on my commission openings.

Otherwise I'm really not vibing with it at all. :S Then again, I can't really use it for anything else. The site gives me headaches if I'm on it for too long.

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god yeah, same here... i was using it as an archive too but now it's like... is it worth it? could i not get this service somewhere more accessible? i get most of my commissions from twitter now, so i don't really worry so much about keeping commissions open here...

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I feel you. They took out Stash Writer, and made it almost impossible to upload writing as plain text--it's PDFs or bust, and the way this site handles PDFs is ugly, squashing it all on the screen, and garish, the original document inevitably clashing with the new site's aesthetic. Not a big fan

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ugh, they took out stash writer? i didn't use it myself, but i can't understand why they'd remove it... especially considering writing is an art, too... another tally on the inaccessibility chart, i guess. augh

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