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On this Episode: The Kryptonian Showgirl - p3

By lowerbase
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© 2014 - 2021 lowerbase
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Sarge395's avatar
The attention to detail is what really smashes this one out of the park.  The fingernail polish, the swirling frost at the base of the last image, the toe nail polish, the sexy shoes gently coming down beside him, and her sexy eyes glowing before his hand is flash fried.  

lowerbase's avatar
I'm having ideas for the next panel with her, I mean, it is unfinished business after all
Sarge395's avatar
Augoose seems to have gone on hiatus for a while.  Wish I could contact him/her.  Loved his stories and your interpretations of them.
lowerbase's avatar
it happens, I think it is like crops, there will more wet seasons
j1a2c3k4's avatar
In these I love:
- her hands on hips pose
- her poses in all three frames where she's sat on the car, and particularly the one where she's looking back
- the close up of her in the final frame

It's great work, and thanks for posting it
lowerbase's avatar
Hey, only now I saw your comments! It is really nice when people say what they like in it... most times people only say what they don't like

I guess I was inspired doing these, I don't even look again at it to not pressure me
J2001's avatar
I love your work!
Superbreath's avatar
More superbreath please, maybe blowing a hurricane also
GTSReviewer's avatar
Showgirl gonna go on a rampage?
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