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O-Girl in her dark uniform

By lowerbase
the uber adorable superclueless superheroine from
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© 2014 - 2021 lowerbase
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Buxiana's avatar powerful.
too22202's avatar
Very, very cool. She kinda reminds me of a muscular, busty Jessica Biel; which is a very good thing! :D
zhengguoguangxi's avatar
if u can make her grow into giantess~!
bryte-rockx's avatar
This girl has such an awesome look to her :D Her pose and expression make her seem amazingly strong and, she looks great with those curves muscles and veins she's showing off :O
Knight3000's avatar
Awesome lingerie
Dru1076's avatar
Great job, mate! Love what you did with this. Discovering this has really made my day. :thanks: :clap:
Dru1076's avatar
Mind? I would positively LOVE that, mate. :thumbsup:
lowerbase's avatar
My pleasure! Mind if I make a couple more? I'm trying to figure out how to make arcs of energy dancing over her skin...
Michelangeli's avatar
Wow, I had no idea that you like O-Girl also this much. Incredible artwork, I really love it! Especially seeing her in a less restraining form.
lowerbase's avatar
love her, such a nice girl
Michelangeli's avatar
And she is proably as powerful as a your girl with all nine Asturian Artifacts!
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