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The beautiful mess

my facebook photography page .[link]
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Absolutely amazing on the color and texture.
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hey nice diggs Giggle 
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Beautiful urban exploration shot! I've been meaning to get involved with some urbex photography myself!
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Sweet... What's with the steel garters sticking out of the floor though?
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This looks at lot like the interior of the house of a friend of mine just before it was torn down. She had rented it out as the interior set for a truly awful horror movie. The film made no money, but she got paid up front. (No fool she!)
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very nice! I like that theme!
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Looks a lot like the room The Rolling stones used for Their "Beggars Banquet" shoot.
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I think your photo belongs to the urbex category > [link]
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I love this picture
The circle over the fireplace makes the image perfect for me. Great shot.
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You've done it again. Amazing it!
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May I use this for a photomanipulation? :D
took me ages to see the silhouette. well done :)
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so many things happen in this scene. From top corner to the down corner everything. And i'm quite impressed with the detail.
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Wonderful details!
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i want to sit in that chair. and sleep. and sleep. and sleep...
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I can almost see a 'Before the mess' version of this room
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That is stunning. What was it like to stand in the room? Does this house have a story to it?
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