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Future (Eren Jaeger X Reader)
Eren wakes to the warm sunlight across his face, the wind blowing over him, and the sensation of soft fingers running through his messy hair. If he can come up with a word to sum up this experience, it would be paradise. He’s almost sure it’s a dream, especially when he manages to slowly open his eyes and sees you staring down at him. The sun has outlined your features, giving your appearance in its entirety an angelic glow. In fact, he almost wants to insist that his dream has transcended beyond to give him a little glimpse of what heaven looks like. At least, until your once curious expression is replaced with a sarcastic smir
Surprise Kiss | Tooru Oikawa x Reader
    Spending the day at the beach with your brother and his volleyball team was far from being your ideal plan for a quiet Monday, but you ultimately gave in when Iwaizumi insisted for you to get out of the house. Without the encouragement of your brother, you would’ve probably spent the whole day in your house, not really doing anything in particular.    Since it was a Monday, you didn’t expect many other people besides the volleyball team and yourself to show up at the beach. Without those extra distractions, you found yourself actually looking forward to being able to relax in the sand with your book in hand. You would be far
guarded: oikawa tooru
The most beloved male in Aoba Johsai, sought out by the entire female population. They were all so desperate for his love and a lucky few were able to gain it. However, his love for volleyball strained his relationships. He couldn't understand these girls. They vied for his love which he gave. He gave them many things - gifts, food, attention - yet when he asked for one thing, understanding, Oikawa was left in the dust. "You're too obsessed on volleyball, you don't spend enough time with me so I'm breaking up with you" They're all the same, he thinks, I don't need anyone but my team. He hardens his heart, maintaining volleyball as his num
e x p l o d e | oikawa tooru
Is it possible to die from an exploding heart? This was originally your idea. You wanted to have a small get together with your volley boys in celebration of their completion of their summer training camp. Being the manager for Seijoh’s volleyball team, you knew how hard they worked day in and day out – if any team deserved a little party, it would be them.   But of course, anything associated with the boys is everything but little or small. Thanks to Oikawa, it seemed that nearly half the female population at Seijoh managed to squeeze themselves into your family’s home. It was a little much for you, but what could you do?
More Than Friends (Makoto x reader)
Fandom: Free! Reader-insert: Neutral Pairing: Makoto Tachibana x reader Genre: Romance Warning: None Word Count: 437        “Um, (y/n)-chan?” Makoto called your name as he stared at the waves crashing on the beach.        “Yes?” You asked as your eyes roamed around the beach, looking for small crabs.        “How long have we been friends?”        You gazed up at him, amused by the question and hummed. “We’ve been friends since I can remember. But, to be precise, we’ve been friends for…” You trailed off as you thought.        “Sixteen years,” you both said
The Aquarium (Makoto x reader)
Fandom: Free! Reader-insert: Neutral Pairing: Makoto Tachibana x reader Genre: Romance Warnings: None Word Count: 364        “So adorable,” Makoto mumbled under his breath as he watched you staring at the pretty fish swimming around the ginormous vivarium. He swore he was falling further in love with your the more he stared.        Your huge, curious orbs glimmered with excitement as you were enthralled by the lovely sea creatures.        “Did you say something?” You queried, turning to the side to stare at the olive-brown haired man.        He shook his head, covering his mouth with his fist as he chuckled lig
Papa!FrancexLittle!Daughter!Reader: Staying Up
   "Where are you going?" A little voice asked as Francis Bonnefoy was getting ready to make a quick run to the store. He turned around in surprise, for it was late at night and his little daughter, (Name), was supposed to be in bed.     "Oh, (Name)," the blue eyed Frenchman said, bending down to her as she rubbed her eyes. "You're supposed to be asleep."     "I heard you get up," (Name) replied with a yawn. "So? Where are you going?"     "Ton pére has to run to the store really fast," Francis replied, his voice laced with a French accent his daughter started to pick up on lately.   
Wedding Bells: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Wedding Bells You pace the floor of the small room, the only sound being the clicks of your heels on the hardwood floor and the soft swooshing of the fabric of your white dress.  You step in front of the mirror once again to check your appearance.  Just like the other 63 times you’ve checked in the past hour, you look absolutely perfect.  Your makeup and hair have been artistically done to enhance your already natural beauty.  The beautiful wedding dress hugs to your curves in ways that you know will drive your soon to be husband absolutely insane, while still maintaining the elegance of a beautiful bride. The whit
Tadashi Hamada x Blind!Reader: Light in the Dark
Pitch black. That was what the world was like to you. Everyone would say what a beautiful day it is and that they love the way the flowers would look in spring and the trees during fall, but that didn’t mean anything to you. Since you were a toddler, you lost had lost your vision slowly thanks to a condition called glaucoma, which is a disease that creates a high pressure in your eyes, damaging your optic nerves slowly until you can’t see anymore. Your parents didn’t realize about the disease that was taking your vision slowly until it was too late. They hated that they didn’t realize sooner or had the money to give yo
Hiro Hamada X Paralyzed!Reader: Fix You
~Warning: This reader insert contains a, yet every obvious if you have seen the trailers, spoiler for the movie: Big Hero Six. It is a small spoiler and it will most likely not affect your movie experience, since it was said in all the trailers almost, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you want, you may skip to where there is the first time skip indicated by the Baymax's You have been warned.~ (•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(•-•)(̶
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Thanks for the watch! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Never Leave Your Side (Eren Jaeger x Reader)
‘To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re a titan.’
You took step forward.
The town lay in ruins; glass shattered, wood splintered, and blood littering the ground. The sky was dark, the sun covered by the monster before you.
‘The one who made this mess...the one who murdered these people...it couldn’t have been you.’
The titan before you let out a deafening roar, baring its teeth at you, its green eyes glowering with a deep sense of hatred.
‘To me, it doesn’t matter if humanity hates you.’
You took another step forward.
You stiffened as the titan’s hand barely missed you. His hand crashed into the house behind you and flying debris rained down around you.
You paid it no mind.
‘No matter what, I can’t think of you any other way.
I can’t bring myself to leave you.
You’re always laughing.
You’re always strong.
You’ve always had a clear goal in mind.
You can’t tell me it was all a lie.

If you enjoy AOT reader inserts, feel free to check out my series below! :)
My Ice Heart is Your's (Levi x Reader) ~Part 1~
“Commander.” Your cold, monotonous voice broke the silence, “what are your orders?”
Erwin didn’t reply for a moment as he surveyed the scene before them.
“Pursue them at once” he said finally, pulling his hood over his head and taking off with his ODM gear.
You quickly followed suit, motioning for the two in your squad to follow. You narrowed your eyes in the direction of the three you pursued. A seemingly enthusiastic red-haired girl, a handsome blond-haired man, and a stranger with black hair that you couldn’t identify from the back. Without warning, the two in the rear split in opposite directions. You tilted your head to the side and your squad split it pursuit of them. You flew close to Erwin, not letting the raven-haired man out of your sight.
“Commander, it seems that they are rather experienced with using the ODM gear” you said “wherever could they have learned such a thing?”
“For now, focus on captur
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