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APH: Obliged by sketchadoodle09 APH: Obliged :iconsketchadoodle09:sketchadoodle09 70 34 Sketch: I shall return by choco-java Sketch: I shall return :iconchoco-java:choco-java 155 87 Was i just... by BlackDreams0912 Was i just... :iconblackdreams0912:BlackDreams0912 35 7
Papa!France x Louisiana!Reader part 9
Spain's house was huge. Huge and filled with gold, food, and music. The carpets and walls were a rich red and the furniture made of expensive polished wood.
"Don't worry, chica." Spain said with a cheerful smile. "We will have a great time during your stay."
Louisiana felt her heart hurt at the thought of being away from her Papa, but at least she had her ditzy uncle to make the stay more cheerful.
"Here, let's go see your room." Spain grinned. He took her small hand and led her up the stairs. He opened a door, allowing her inside first.
Louisiana looked around the room.
"Do you like?" Spain asked.
Louisiana smiled. "Oui, it is very nice, oncle Espagne. Merci. »
Spain gave an overjoyed smile. « Oh ! I got these for you! »
Spain ran over to a chest and picked up several dolls, bringing them over to her.  Louisiana gasped, her (color) eyes shining in wonder. "They are beautiful! Merci, merci!" She wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Di nada, chica." He chuckled, patting her back. "Yo
:icongerold-the-koala:Gerold-the-Koala 132 61
Papa!France x Louisiana!Reader part 8
Louisiana held her Papa's hand as they made their way through the night. France could feel his heart ache as they walked through the dark forest. He had already lost one baby, he could not stand to lose another. But in a way he was still losing her.
But at least she'd be safe from England.
They arrived at the rendezvous point, a small moon-lit meadow. A figure was on a horse on the other side, awaiting them. France swallowed the lump in his throat as he led his ange to her future.
"Hola amigo." Spain's voice greeted softly. His green eyes shone brightly in the moon light.
France's face conformed to a broken smile. "Bonjour, mon ami. Thank you for doing this."
Spain nodded. "We need to get moving. My men have already spotted England not far from here."
France sighed and bent down to Louisiana, taking one of her small hands into his.
"What's going on Papa?" She asked in a whisper.
France took in a shaky breath, attempting to stay strong in front of his territory. "You…you're going to liv
:icongerold-the-koala:Gerold-the-Koala 72 40
Papa!France x Louisiana!Reader part 7
France opened the bedroom door ever so slightly. His two little darlings were already asleep in bed, their chests moving in a rhythmic pattern of up and down. A small smile cracked his weary face.
It had been a week since England's…"visit", and France had been nearly ripping his hair out in fear. Not for himself, of course, but for the two sleeping angels in their bedroom. It had gotten to the point where France nearly had an anxiety attack every time they went out into the garden to play.
He knew that England would be coming for them soon, but what was worse is that… he didn't know if he could stop him from taking them. England had more resources. Money. Power.
France leaned against the door way giving a heavy sigh.
"What am I to do with you two?" He whispered. He looked up to see Canada stirring in his sleep.
"Mrhm…Papa?" Canada whispered, rubbing his eyes groggily.
"Oui, cheri. It's me." France said walking over to the bed.
Canada yawned and looked up at him. "Can I have a glass of
:icongerold-the-koala:Gerold-the-Koala 60 60
Russia x Child!Reader
"Mr. Russia! Mr. Russia! Mr. Russia!" You called repeatedly as a small child, running around your brother, Toris,'s legs. You were a feisty little 5 year old, and Toris – the country of Lithuania, though you didn't know it. You knew that Mr. Russia had something to do with Russia, and that is all you were able to force out of Toris.
"Mr. Russia!! Mr. Russia!! Mr. Russia!" You chanted again, Toris failing at catching you. Your _______ colored pigtails slapped teasingly at his legs as you ran. You wanted to see the man, even if he was sleeping.
"MR. RUSSIA!! MR. RUSSIA!! MR. RUSSIA!!" A thought hit you, and you ran to his room, then yelled, "Господин, проснись! Пожалуйста, проснись!! Я хочу играть!" (Sir, wake up! Ple
:iconhetalianweirdo:HetalianWeirdo 394 155
Russia x Reader - Overburdened
    A loud beeping sound filled your ears and you groaned in protest. You cracked open one eye and tried to turn around to glare at the alarm clock on your side, however, a tight grip around your waist tightened even more as Ivan made a noise of discontentment.
    "Turn off the alarm clock подсолнечник, before I break it." Your Russian husband said, nuzzling his large nose on your head.
    "I can't. You're holding me too tightly." You muttered in return. Ivan sighed and one arm disappeared as he reached for something under his pillow. He pulled out his pipe and reached over your body, smashing the alarm clock.
    "Problem solved." He yawned and returned the pipe beneath his pillow. He then closed his eyes again and pulled you closer.
    "Not again. Ivan, how many alarm clocks has that been this month?" You sighed. You managed to pry Ivan's arm off of
:iconfrozencrystalrose:FrozenCrystalRose 520 82
Demise part 1 by ExelionStar Demise part 1 :iconexelionstar:ExelionStar 149 39 APH: Knock-Out the Aftermath by red-jello04 APH: Knock-Out the Aftermath :iconred-jello04:red-jello04 250 158 [Contest Entrie] APH - Spain by VIV-I [Contest Entrie] APH - Spain :iconviv-i:VIV-I 681 171 Hetalia - Spain Character CD by VIV-I Hetalia - Spain Character CD :iconviv-i:VIV-I 792 101 Spain by chez-eh Spain :iconchez-eh:chez-eh 850 76 Traje De Luces by baepsaeya Traje De Luces :iconbaepsaeya:baepsaeya 6 0 HEROOO by garvella HEROOO :icongarvella:garvella 556 46 WANTED Dead or Alive by Hokorippen WANTED Dead or Alive :iconhokorippen:Hokorippen 361 98



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