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Many people begin to run by me
Another after
Flashing lights beam across
My reflecting grey eyes
Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red
The sirens scream into my fragile ears
The sound circles around me
Each siren with a new tone
I do not what is happening to me.
Where am I?
I can't remember. I was driving with a couple
Of friends back home…Was I?
No. I don't remember…anything.
Do I have a name?
 "Sir…Hello?! Can I get some help here?!NOW!"
A blurred face appeared in front of me.
The voices grew louder and louder.
More blurred images came and went.
"He-he-llo." My voice.
I spoke.
A croaked sound, faint but noticeable.
My lips burned and dry.
I begin to feel my body again.
Legs slowly moved.
Arms begin to crawl forward.
Head tilted.
But this brought pain.
An insane, inflaming pain spreading across me.
My eyes began to see the world again.
Police cars, Fire trucks, Ambulances.
I lifted my eyes up toward the darkness above me.
Trapped…more like caged.
A chunk of metal crush
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Open the Soul
Open your eyes
Open your one hearted mind
Open you soul
Letting all pain out of your gushing veins
Release your inner thoughts
The thoughts that nobody can hear or even bother to care about
Release your suicide notes you had written in times of hatred
Notes that were covered in your bloody tears of terror
The pain of death recovering in your head
Trying to say no to death but wanting to end it all
Release the scars created inside
The butchering of your heart and body
The black holes ripped inside your soul
Creating the missing parts you need to survive in life
Letting go when the soul is gone and giving up on life
Knowing that if you created these cursing holes in side me
Why bother to stay and around take more bullets…
Tell the world before you go that…
Life is not a real place to you anymore
That hell is rising and creating a hated monster inside
The caged and torched soul I have
Deeply disappearing every time you shoot me
I know if I disappear that you wont care
Or even bo
:iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 3
Noda .GIF? by lovlyninja39 Noda .GIF? :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 12 4
The Bully Note
  I shall forget life as it is
I am being punished for NOTHING
But being myself and BREATHING
I live my life only knowing that
Walking out my house doors
Is walking out into HELL
I am beaten and bruised from school
They cut my soul piece by piece
Just to make me SUFFER
Why don't I cut my soul and heart
In one whole so the misery
   I try to forget your sins
Your hell risen SELF
Kill my heart, mind, SOUL!
   You forgot my pleads
And mercy cries I sent you
Ignoring my EXISTENTS
Until you strike against me
And torch my heart
Sending words of flame
Into my veins and rushing to
My heart and mind
   You try and control me
Take over me and kill
So I guess you won
Because I'm letting go
  Even though I'm gone
You didn't even bother to look up
To the one you
:iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 5
Bluebonnet 2 by lovlyninja39 Bluebonnet 2 :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 0 Bluebonnet by lovlyninja39 Bluebonnet :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 0
Why am I here
Why am I here...
The blood never stops running down my beaten face. You have torched my heart with flames like bullets! You killed my inside with your bloody words as knives carve in my heart splitting me. You watched and laugh at me with an Devil's smile across your face horned face. I see scratches from head to arms, blood rushing out of them. I can't escape this never ending hell. You bring me back every time I get away.I have a split second to get air until I'm chained backed. You are GOD and I am your slave. Your whip me and stand there and take it I never bother to attack because I know I won't wake the next time I do. I found my self trapped in this underworld. I see blood running down my face as I try to get up but can't. You carved your words on my heart the pain of them never goes away. You killed,murdered me in your own world where I mean nothing but pity. My self caving in, tears of blood run down my pail face. Trying to come out of this misery. Why?Why have you done this t
:iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 5
The catch by lovlyninja39 The catch :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 0 Doggy face by lovlyninja39 Doggy face :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 0 Puppy Eyes by lovlyninja39 Puppy Eyes :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 4 5
Winter Words
  Hot chocolate
Warm feelings inside you
   Marshmallows on top 1,2,3 or more
Drink it in winter and Christmas
    Around a fire place with friends and family
YUM!  Hot chocolate in the winter
    Or Christmas a favorite drink indeed! ^^
Merry Christmas
Loud and fun
   Joy and all
For everyone to hear
   Simple yet meaningful
Saying near winter time
    Signing in songs
This saying as meanings
     To everyone in many ways
Merry Christmas
Ice Rink
Cold and loud
   Fun and joyful
Kids and parents all together
     Either learning to skate or
Or just having fun
      The ice rink open all year
For everyone to enjoy!
Snow or no snow
   Heat or cold
Winter brings family
    Family together
For everyone to enjoy
:iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 0
Halloween Words
Candy Corn
Yum and sweet
Hard but good
Orange and white
Halloween Snack
A simple saying
Fills kids with joy
Candy to bring
To dress up with friends
Halloween is here so…
Haunted House
Spook and scream
Run and jump
Scary faces and noises
Blood and goo
Come from behind cracked doors
Looking for light out a door
It's here run out the doo-
A costume
Or candy
Little kids dressing up
Or just having fun
Halloween is…
spirit and joy
Fun and friends
All the things we love about
Halloween in a simple
:iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 0
I love to care
  I only love because I care
I say things to protect
I don't hurt
May you some day read this
Because I love you so
And I will always say this
To protect and because
…I love you…
Forever and ever…
Till I die
But even then
I will still remember these
Great memories
We had…
:iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 1 4
Ring of fire by lovlyninja39 Ring of fire :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 3 0 Small life by lovlyninja39 Small life :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 3 0 A life with fire by lovlyninja39 A life with fire :iconlovlyninja39:lovlyninja39 2 0


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I have a huge writers block. BLAH!
I can't think of anything, and when I do it sucks.

and thats all i really had to say-i cant even update a journal entry!


Birthday shout out to my friend
Aaron. Bobble-head :)
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Books I LOVE: The Enemy, The Dead, The Fear.

I love to write :iconwritingplz:

and that is literally all i have to say



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