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How Mpreg works:(In My Head)-theory!!

Oh Lord,What Have I done O_O

Okay, so this is how Mpregnancy works In my head, It's more complicated than it Looks but Lets get Down to Business anyway.
before i get started might I add this is a theory, hint the title.
if you don't like this type of stuff might i suggest you click back. or click the little
this is no place to spread your hate, stop trying to make other people feel bad about things they like
it's wrong and makes you look like an asshole.thanks.

Knowing your Parts

Ovary: As you Might Know,a normal Woman has Two Ovaries,In this case a Male who is able to carry a Fetus only has one Ovary, so they can't reproduce as Much or as Fast as women Since males don't have Periods anyway The egg Will always be fertilized and if one disintegrates a new one will quickly take it's place

Oviduct:Transmits the egg from the ovary to the uterus

Body Cavity:When the Fetus Grows,The uterus will Expand and so will the Body Cavity

Symphysis Pubis:The Midine cartilaginous Joint,uniting the superior Rami of the left and the right Pubic bones, Since he is Male,his is above the Penis.
In Normal Adults it can be roughly Moved 2mm and with 1 Degree rotation,This Increases around the time of Childbirth.

During Delivery,Hormones such as Relaxin remodel this Ligamentous capsule allowing the pelvic bones to become more flexible.

Urinary Bladder:It serves as the temporary storage of urine, If the Baby kicks into that your in a boat load of trouble.

Vas Deferens: is a narrow, muscular tube that connects the testicles (where sperm is produced) to the urethra. During ejaculation, the sperm flows out of the testicles, through the vas deferens, and into the tube (urethra) that leads outside the body through the penis.
Several glands, such as the prostate gland, add fluid to the sperm along the way.

Penis: It has 2 functions. The male urethra runs through the penis, thus allowing males to urinate. The second function is to have sexual intercourse to allow women (or in This Case another Male) to become pregnant, or just for pleasure.

Uterus: The womb,receives, retains and nourishes a fertilized ovum,protects and nurtures the embryo and fetus prior to birth, and contracts to help deliver the baby at birth, (In my head The Seme's penis will never enter this sacred Vagina)

Rectum: Mostly for fecal matter,Mostly for Sexual Contact.

Cervix:The ending of the Vagina,and The beginning of the Uterus.

Anus: Same thing a Rectum,But is the opening.

Male Vagina: I say this because, no Birth will ever be more Difficult or more Painful (Sorry Ladies,ass baby alert) Than this one.
In order for the Fetus to get out it will have to move through the vagina, Contractions will have to Break the wall Open once more and the Babies Head will have to Move towards and Out of the anus Causing the Rectum more Pain. Uke's are stronger Than what you think.
After The Baby is born The rectum wall will sense No more pain and will send special cells to Heal the opening Towards the Vagina Opening to the Rectum and will Break when sex happens Again.(all that Healing for nothing)

Extra Stuff:

When a Uke loses his Virginity, His Rectum wall is so sensitive it will break open a Little opening at the end of the wall which Leads right towards his Vagina, The seme's Penis will never hit the right angel to Go inside The vagina so don't worry for Awkward sex(Unless you want to.) This the whole New meaning of Virgin Blood.

If Lucky enough, When Climax happens Inside the Rectum, when sperm oozes out, it can make it's way through the Vagina opening, But not all the time Because when The cut is still Fresh, The Cells protecting the wall will Kill all the sperm, sometimes this wont happen so it's a "Win" "Lose" Situation.

Health and Development:Fetus and Mother

1 Month:
2 Month:
3 Month:
4 Month:
5 Month:
6 Month:
7 Month:

if you want The child to Have full growth Period,You will Have to Go with C-section To retrieve Fetus,It will be to Big to Make it's way Through Male torso

8 Month:
9 Month:

So I hope This explains some Things, I will be working one more so see you Later :)

Edit:to the one arguing with me about the fact he wouldn't be able to carry the child because the organs would get in the, must i say in regular pregnancy(involving a woman) her organs get pushed out of the way so the baby can grow properly so in a way i this theory the male body would be able to do this too
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I know this deviation is old, but I'm considering writing an m-preg fanfic and I find this deviation very intriguing. My two main characters are shapeshifters and, therefore, are capable of engaging in a behaviour engaged in by flatworms, called "penis fencing." Basically, either one of them can impregnate the other. I would imagine, then, that in my fic, male shapeshifters' reproductive systems look like this.

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There should be a name for the male vagina.
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lol funny and interesting. I favorited. 
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It is a very good theory. It would not be consider an ass baby because the empty space between the anus and the scrotum is where the vagina would be located. It is in the same place for a woman minus the scrotum being in the way. Just during birth the penis & the scrotum would have to be moved up and be held there for x amount of time.
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Male pregnancy is not real.
CoasterOnCrack's avatar
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*cough* that comment is 2 years old so *cough cough* Also, Sherlock*
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Lol no shiat i knew that so just got bored
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Yeah. This is actually my old account that for some reason I still get notified for? I don't know deviantart is weird.
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Well weird people are sometimes cool guess <,> well this is the internet its weird, and i see i guess
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certainly a very interesting theory...
4everAnimefan's avatar
Very good theory but... how would the male feeds off the baby?
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It's really sad that no one realizes that there are two rings in the anus. The sphincter Internal and external. IF a baby were to even come out from there, the males Anus would be torn apart and would no longer function properly...Meaning shit would literally falling from your ass all the time you have to go poo....

I realize this isn't meant to be a ligit thing but if you're trying to say that this could happen, it couldn't. A male sea horse has a pouch of which carries females eggs and it fertlizes from inside of him. In no way does he use his rear where poop comes from..And only poop.

You also said he gets no period, every thing has a period...Or else the vaginal wall (which would never be clean seeing how shit would be in it and the male would die from serious infection) would stay filthy and most likely rot due to no inner lining or anything keeping it functional. Also, the male would get extremely  constipated by how the baby would crush his anus wall outwards and would loose bladder control.

So in all honesty, the theory is very flawed and if anyone in a fanfic attempts to make this romantic...Eh..It's honestly just dreadful and most likely painful...No one could live from that...All those infections, the loss of control over poop and pee...Erugh... 
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I know this is from a long time ago, but.. why are you projecting reality to fiction?

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Pretty sound theory.
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I like how you used the word "Ligamentous". I don't know why but I like it.
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I love how some of the people in the comments below are taking this so seriously.
very interesting. anymore pictures of this?
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wow i really like this idea, good work!
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As a theroy all the components are relatively solid, you seem to have done your research on regular human reproduction and used that as a base. The only issues I have with the theroy are as follows.  Why would the uke have all these components in the first place,  one could put it down to genetic mutations but its a bit of a stretch relative to the rest of the logic used here. The other concerns the males lack of periods, im sure your aware that a females uterus bulids up a layer of sponge like tissue over the course of a month in order to house the fertalised egg and this tissue is shed if fertilisation does not occur, in order for the egg to grow safely there must be tge tissue tgere to support it and as you say the uke has no period this means one of 2 things either he has no sponge tissue layer and the egg is held in place by some other method or he does have the tissue and does not shed it which can cause problems such as certain infections and overall fertility issues. Im probably just over thinking this but mpreg to me has been something that i find fascinating in both a stort and scientific way and I love seeing different people's takes on it.
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I do not see the rest of the pictures.
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