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chapter 1
The great Iwobutt was still in Celebration after their victory over Inakni when they entered the NJO's room. Jay was sitting on his thrown, counting the Nike Tokens that Iwo's fight had brought in. Sam stood quietly behind him.
“That was a great fight Iwo!” Jay beemed. “We raked in a lot of dough, and solidified the NJO's reign.” Iwo grinned wildly.
“Thank Jay, that means a lot.” Iwo soaked in Jay's praise like the sun. Jay was their hero. Took them out of the loser's pit, and trained them. They owed so much to this man.
Jay stood up from his royal chair and walked over to the creature. “Iwo.” He began. “You've turned into a great fucking fighter man. The best man er... thing I've ever trained but...”
Iwo's face fell. “You're not letting me go, are you sir?”
Jay chuckles and shook his head. “Oh, no no no my dear Ewobutt.”
“Then what is it?”
Jay smirked, putting a hand on their shoulder.
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Anime and chill by LovinoFeliVargas Anime and chill :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 1 0 Ask me by LovinoFeliVargas Ask me :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 3 Realistic Me by LovinoFeliVargas Realistic Me :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 4 8
Between Two Worlds Shot Vers.
There was once a girl named Tori that lived in a small kingdom. For the most part it was a quiet and peaceful. No extreme tragedy. No surprise attack from neighboring kingdoms, not even so much a small epidemic. That was until one day…
“Tori, Tori, Tori!” a young girl’s voice called out. Tori looked up for the book in her hands to see her younger sister dashing towards her. “What is it Terra?” Tori asked. “I wanted to see if Big Sister would read to me.” Tori giggled at Terra’s enthusiasm. “Sure, what would you like to hear?”“I wanna hear the one about the princess and the vampire” Terra squealed. “Again? You’ve heard that story a hundred times already. Why do love it so much?” Terra’s eyes went wide.
“Because Big Sister is the princess in the story.” It was true the princess in the story was named Tori as well. “Just because we have the same name doesn’
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Guraldon by LovinoFeliVargas Guraldon :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 2 8 Jay-Senpai by LovinoFeliVargas Jay-Senpai :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 0 Shizuko by LovinoFeliVargas Shizuko :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 1 0 Kuroko Shipping  Colors by LovinoFeliVargas Kuroko Shipping Colors :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 1 0 Naozumi by LovinoFeliVargas Naozumi :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 1 0 Cat Boy by LovinoFeliVargas Cat Boy :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 0 Takeshi The Demon King by LovinoFeliVargas Takeshi The Demon King :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 6 Shiro by LovinoFeliVargas Shiro :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 0 Tori by LovinoFeliVargas Tori :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 0 Ao Tenshi by LovinoFeliVargas Ao Tenshi :iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 0 0
Hatoful Love Final Part
"Sure sounds fun, plus it's more peaceful than hanging around here."
The two boys went to the lake together, the lights from the street lights made the river shine a dark blue and the white stars showed clearly in the water. The boys stopped and looked down to the clear water enjoying the view.
"It's so calm." Nageki thought. To be honest he didn't only wanna come here to try and confess, but also because it was away from all the noise and crowed of people. It was just a better environment for him to be in.
As Nageki and Ryouta stared out at the lake, Ryouta was trying to think of what to say. It wasn't like the silence between them was uncomfortable; Ryouta just felt like if something needed to be said. Something that he needed to say, but no matter how hard he tried nothing came to mind.
"Ryouta..." Nageki's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.
Ryouta slowly looked at Nageki
"Yeah?" He asked softly
"I...I" Nageki stuttered but how would he do this?!
How do you say you like someone
:iconlovinofelivargas:LovinoFeliVargas 3 8



As many of you may have seen... I'm not on here... like ever anymore. For that I am sorry, got busy with shit, and kinda became addicted to Tumblr... if it matters at all here's my tumblr. You can fallow me if you want. I reblog at lot of anime and hamilton stuff, and once and a while post my own stuff..

Anyway. I hope yall have a good evening/day/morning/ when ever the hell you look at this Heart Heart Love Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] FREE flying hearts Icon Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Love Tards Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
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Eli Vargas
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Heyo lovelies I am LovinoFeliVargas or you can call me Spirit~

I love to write, read and sometimes draw.

My fandoms included:
D Gray Man
Vampire Night
Ouran High School Host Club
Ghost Hunt
Attack on Titan

Alright see you darlings laters :3


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