Kuroo x Reader x Tsukishima: Stocking Stuffers

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To your right stood Nekoma's 3rd year volleyball captain twirling a colourful packet of pencils in his hand. Kuroo had his usual uniform on along with the Nekoma red jacket and his ever-present bed head hair. To your left was the tall, snarky 1st year middle blocker of Karasuno's volleyball team cynically inspecting little toy cars.

Then there was you (number) year student. This year the volleyball club from Nekoma and Karasuno decided to work together to make various items to sell for the season. The profit would go towards paying for volleyball expenses, namely transportation and training camps. You were (on the girls’ volleyball team/the boy's volleyball team manager/a friend who decided to help out) from (Karasuno/Nekoma).

"Fancy meeting you here Tsukki," Kuroo said cooly, almost coyly as well.

"Don't call me that," Tsukishima snapped back. You took in a deep breath. Hopefully this wouldn't elevate, otherwise this could be the longest afternoon of your life.

"Are you ready?" you asked, glancing at the two of them. You were referring to the stocking stuffers you needed to make. Various things lay before you, all of which needed to be bundled up together before being sold.

"Yeah," Kuroo said in a laid back voice, his gaze going to you. Tsukishima merely scoffed, but you took it as confirmation.

"So the plan will be a candy bag, a body product one, along with a toy bag and a school supply themed bag," you explained waiting for some kind of reaction.

"Who would buy any of this?" Tsukishima rhetorically asked looking at the items with visible disdain.

"You better hope someone buys it or you'll be walking to tournaments," Kuroo taunted. You grimaced slightly. While you knew his provocation was probably aimed to make Tsukishima work harder you doubted Tsukishima would fall for such a simple tease.

"It's a combination of what's been bought and donated," you added trying to justify the materials you were given.

"There's no point in putting so much work into a club," Tsukishima retorted, brushing off Kuroo's warning.

"Well we have to anyway, so let's get to work!" you exclaimed before things escalated. You all separated into different work stations. Tsukishima resentfully worked on the toy bags, Kuroo made the school supply bundles and you made the candy and body product bags.

Tsukishima placed the various little cars, people and so on in a snowflake plastic bag. It appeared as if he was judging each toy, more importantly, whoever purchased them. The toy cars clacked as they were dropped in the bag. Truthfully it was Kageyama and Hinata who bought them, but you were already aware of their rocky relationship and decided Tsukishima didn't need to know every detail.

Kuroo bundled the school supplies quicker than Tsukishima, but without a sense of urgency. He seemed calm and sat relaxed in a chair. Each little bundle consisted of a pencil, led, an eraser and a small notebook. He was the source of the sound of ribbon being knotted and curled. Kuroo was relatively focused, but carefree at the same time.

You continually put together your bags while Tsukishima and Kuroo went back and forth with sharp words. Tsukishima's jabs were blunter where Kuroo's taunts were more subtle. You intervened between the two when tensions rose a bit too much. Even though it was a slightly weird dynamic you enjoyed it. Kuroo provoked Tsukishima, but when it was about volleyball he simultaneously gave advice and Tsukishima's rebuttals were fairly intelligent. This whole conversation was fairly entertaining. You didn't know either very well, but they created an interesting dynamic you wanted to be a part of.
You had just finished questioning both Kuroo and Tsukishima on volleyball, their positions and their general feelings about it. Now you wondered how they felt about their respective teams.

"There are many uselessly hot-blooded people on the Karasuno team," Tsukishima commented, annoyance leaking in his tone.

"Nekoma has a pretty good team, but Lev needs lots more practice especially. In fact so do you Tsukki," Kuroo said giving Tsukishima a smirk.

"I have no intention of spending more time than needed with the likes of Hinata and Kageyama," Tsukishima retorted staring back at Kuroo.

"With such a sour expression you'll never get a girlfriend," Kuroo replied.

"That's none of your business. Besides you're single too," Tsukishima defended. Tsukishima seemed to respect Kuroo's volleyball skills, but he didn't acknowledge Kuroo's skills with girls. You stayed quit, not wanting to get involved with the rather controversial topic.

"(Name)-chan/kun, why don't you give us your opinion?" Kuroo suggested, the two then focusing on you.

"That's not necessary," you replied trying to wriggle yourself away from an awkward situation.

"Why would you want her opinion?" Tsukishima inquired. The way he talked about you rather than to you was slightly insulting. It irked you, but he was technically on your side, therefore you kept your mouth shut.

"See? Saying things like that will keep you single forever Tsukki," Kuroo teased. Tsukishima opened his mouth, but before a single word could be said Kuroo interrupted him. "Don't you agree (Name)-chan/kun?"

You glared at your scheming peer. He was trying to drag you into the argument so there would be a definite victor. However, you had no intentions of taking sides.

"I have no opinion to offer on this subject," you said firmly with silent strength. The room was suddenly silent as the three of you had stopped creating the stocking stuffers. That was until both Tsukishima and Kuroo approached you.

"We need to know (Name)-chan/kun," Kuroo demanded calmly. Tsukishima was silent, but the look in his eye informed you he wanted an answer to. You were starting to feel corned and were backing away. Their distance from you never wavered and you were almost at the door.

"Tsukishima-kun, Kuroo-kun, come on! It's not really important. I'm sure both of you would make great boyfriends," you said still believing in your resolve to stay neutral. Both of them made a face informing you that your answer was not satisfactory.

"Seriously! Just leave me out of th-" Before you could finish your response your foot caught on something you went tumbling down. You hit the hard floor instantly and pain shot through your body.

Your head throbbed and you grimaced. Your back felt slightly sore and your bottom hurt. You had hit your head and now it ached. Blood pounded through your ears and you heard fuzzy voices fretting over you. You looked up, but your vision kept blinking out. You attempted to sit up, but nausea immediately over took you. You held your head in your hands. You focused on your breathing for a while until the pain subsided.

"Are you okay (Name)-chan/kun?" Kuroo asked concerned.

"She/He fell back because she/he was clumsy," Tsukishima scoffed. However, he was hovering over you. He was scrutinizing you at the same time he was checking for injuries. You groaned in response. Your gaze went higher to see Kuroo, Tsukishima, and a mistletoe. You gulped.

"I-I'm fine," you insisted, brushing them off. Kuroo watched you suspiciously as he sensed a scheme. One minute your face was crumpled in pain and the next everything was supposedly okay. His eyes followed your gaze and he smirked.

"You know what this means,~" he said while Tsukishima realized the situation. He scoffed, but didn't move.

"D-do I have to?" you stuttered. They both shot you an amused look which annoyed you. First, you were dragged into their rather pointless argument and now they found your reluctant reactions funny. You had sustained physical injuries because of it, but refused to have your dignity harmed as well. You clenched your fist. You were not a form of entertainment. It was now time for your amusement.

"Fine! I'll do it!" you agreed in a dramatic fashion. Both backed up, slightly startled by your sudden change of mind. You looked for your victim and the blunt blonde landed in your vision. You grabbed Tsukishima's collar roughly, yet the kiss you planted on his cheek was soft. You slowly let go, finally the one with a smirk on your face.

"Why'd you do that idiot?" Tsukishima demanded seemingly pissed off, but nothing could hide the fact that his cheeks were becoming closer to the colour of mistletoe berries.

"It's hardly fair if you only give Tsukki a kiss," Kuroo complained, "We we're both under the mistletoe too." You waltzed up to Kuroo who waited expectantly. You planted a gentle kiss on his cheek, but flicked his forehead simultaneously. His eyes widened surprised.

"Get to work you two!" you commanded walking back to your station, leaving the two slightly stunned. They weren't the only ones with tricks up their sleeves.
This is technically a bit of a universe altercation considering in Japan they are celebrating Christmas like some people do in Canada and America.

For the ever-patient :iconblackstarxsoul: I am sorry for how late this is!
:iconguild-of-readers: Christmas challenge was to write a short story with theme of what you would find in stockings

Criticism, feedback and comments are supremely appreciated :)

Characters and school belong to Furudate Haruichi
Story belongs to me
© 2014 - 2021 LovingLilac
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"We're both under the mistletoe too."
If only I was taller I could make them kiss...
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When she said "It was time for her entertainment" I LEGIT THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA MAKE THEM TWO KISS! >//.//< I was freaking out so hard until I read on lol

But this was a great story!
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I never even thought of that! It'd be hard to force them to do that on the spot, but it would be entertaining.
Thank you!
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*drowns in the pool of adorableness*
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Thank you! Don't drown though ;) 
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You're welcome!!

*cough* already did *cough*
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Oh no! Do you need CPR or assistance if you're choking? ;)
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Oh ho~ these two trash already helped me~ Neko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1] 
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I'm glad that they helped you~ These trash are the best!
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Aww, this was adorable! Thanks for writing it and dedicating it to me, I really enjoyed reading it! I thought you did a great job with the dynamic between Tsukki and Kuroo, and then also adding in Reader-chan. The whole thing was great and cute! Thank you! :D
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You're welcome! I'm glad you liked the story :) I worked hard on the dynamic.
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I can tell :) Thanks again for writing it, it really was amazing :D
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Thank you :D this was a fun challenge I enjoyed writing.
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