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|| Rules will be updated as needed and/or necessary. ||

:bulletblue: Three TOTAL deviations in an any folder. Your three deviations may go into any three folders you wish. (They do not have to all go into the same 3 folders.)

:bulletblue: Mature content IS allowed, but please remember to put up warnings.

:bulletblue: Feel free to add submissions - especially others' - to the FAVOURITES, even on days when you are not submitting something to the gallery.

Any questions, feel free to message or note me (KaiyaHaato) with your inquiries. =D

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Christmas Poem: Christmas Greeting -Christmas by CliveBlake Christmas Poem: Christmas Greeting -Christmas :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 17 12 Christmas Poem -Wisdom In Triplicate -Humorous by CliveBlake Christmas Poem -Wisdom In Triplicate -Humorous :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 8 21 Charlotte Dymond iPhone iPad App  -Cornish Poem by CliveBlake Charlotte Dymond iPhone iPad App -Cornish Poem :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 1 0
How Video Game Characters Developed from 2D to 3D
            How Video Game Characters Developed from 2D to 3D
In this assignment, I am going to discuss how video game characters have developed from 2D to 3D. I’m going to use examples such as iconic mascots such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Furthermore, I’m going to discuss about the key elements of development from 2D to 3D that they go through, the colours, their shapes, the pixels and their movements. Some of the video game characters such as Mario, Pac-Man, Kirby, Link and Sonic the Hedgehog have gone through all the stages of development from concept artwork right up to 3D character designs of themselves.
In Super Mario Bros. and within the official artwork of Super Mario Bros., the colours of Mario’s clothing were reversed. When Super Mario Bros. 2 is released, the colours were fixed, despite the fact that the front cover of the game still depicts him wearing red overalls. In the Super Smash Bros
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 8 185
Sea, Sun and Sickness Deleted Scene
                    Sea, Sun and Sickness Deleted Scene
Once induction and lifeguard training were finally over and done with, Dragon Shores is open to the public. Hence the name of the beach, it is a tropical resort and a vacation spot for anthropomorphic dragons to kick back, relax and let their troubles wash away with the tide. Everyone is taking it easy except for the lifeguard team which consists of the following members: Spyro, Smokey, Daniel and Stanley. Hopefully, the squad will expand and the amount of employees will multiply.  
All over the coast, there are countless clusters of dragons and magical creatures wandering around, minding their own business even as they were being occupied with their activities such as surfing, building sandcastles, collecting seashells, swimming, taking photographs, mingling with the tourists and each other and so forth. Additionally, there is sand as far as the eye can see. Surf is up during
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 5 281
Fanfiction Progression Meme by xFlowerstarx Fanfiction Progression Meme :iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 3 0
Had Crash Bandicoot finally made his return?!?
I know this news may be old news but I just knew about it today 'cause I don't usually follow's official Facebook page. First, Rosalina being confirmed as an unlockable character in Super Mario 3D World and now this! :omg: :omfg: :wow: :jawdrop: :faint: :wtf: O-M-G, this is absolutely the best news I've heard all day and a terrific way to celebrate my birthday early! :) :D :meow: :dummy: :w00t: :iconmeowdummyplz: :iconhappymeowplz: :iconfuckyeahplz: :excited: However, I'd better not keep my hopes up high just in case this turns out to be false and I won't be hugely be disappointed. I certainly hope that this is true. [I've got my fingers crossed.] [Pray] I just gotta keep my fingers crossed. [I've got my fingers crossed.] Even though I'm not officially a Crash Bandicoot fan, I'm extremely excited about this anyway due to the fact that he is a part of my childhood besides Mario, Kirby and old-school Spyro. [Happy cry (Tears of joy)] If the news turns out to be true, this is definitely the best excuse to buy
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 3 65
End of Year Show Proposal
                           End of Year Show Proposal
My Idea
My idea is to create a variety of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artwork since 2013 marks the 15th anniversary of The Powerpuff Girls, which is one of Craig McCracken’s masterpieces on Cartoon Network. Most importantly, it first aired on Cartoon Network on the 18th November 1998 and the cartoon sadly ended on the 25th March 2005.
My Timeline
I don’t have much of a timeline yet.
What I’ll Include
I’m intending to do a combination of 2D and 3D things such as a Celebratory Character in 3D which could be a Powerpuff Girl version of myself, a 2D memorabilia which contains a book mark, calendar and a magazine cover. They will feature drawings of the heroines: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. If I had enough time, I might include sketches of the other characters.
Why I Am Doing It?
The reason I’m doing it is it’s my way o
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 1 10
Bio: Mayor Fiona of Rainbow
Name: Fiona
Nickname: Flower☆
Birth Date: 24th November
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Personality: Kind-hearted, diligent, stubborn, close-minded, easily provoked, quiet, shy, sensitive, childish, picky
Likes: Parties, nightclubs, music and songs (mainly songs and music from 90’s, classic rock and pop and her favourite girl bands and singers), Autumn, rainbows, girlish things, video games, cartoons (mainly from the oldies and pre-2009), sweets, chicken (which is her most favourite food), karaoke
Aversions: Dogs (her secretary, Isabelle, is an exception), change, trying out something new, new things, any of the citizens moving away, adjusting to different things, screamo or any hideous type of rock, bullies, being picked on, writer’s block, artist’s block, mainstream songs and music, loneliness, mainstream cartoons, anime, ugly things, Summer, hot weather, hot temperatures
Favourite K.K. Slider songs/music: K.K. Technopop, Bubblegum K.
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 6 381
Work In Progress Screenshot - Burn by xFlowerstarx Work In Progress Screenshot - Burn :iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 2 70
Spyro Analysis
NOTE: I no longer stand by these views. I now prefer the games from the "The Legend of Spyro" trilogy. The person I've done an art trade with here has basically goaded me into giving a positive view on the classic Spyro games.
Spyro Video Game Analysis
What more can be said about Spyro the Dragon? It's one of the most memorable video game franchises of all time and it's certainly the pinnacle of video game nostalgia. Today, we're gonna take a look at Spyro and everything about the games.
Origin: Spyro was concieved at the time the Playstation housed no kid friendly video games. Universal Interactive President Mark Cerny gave developer Insomniac Games the challenge to create a 3D game with interactive enemy AI. The original concept for the character Spyro was concieved by art directer Craig Stitz.
Gameplay: Each of the games had basic gameplay, you can breathe fire breath, you can charge and you can glide. Other abilities you can use are Hover, Superfly, Superflam
:iconchanneleven:Channeleven 16 52
HanaChuchus is nothing but a motherfucking asshole
Beware the criminal that is HanaChuchus. That jackass is nothing but a Sonic fantard who spams poor, innocent Anti-Sonic fans just 'cause they don't have the same opinion as her. Well, news flash! Not everyone likes Sonic and the world doesn't revolve around her. She can't expect everyone to have the same opinion as her and the world doesn't work like that. Everybody has different opinions and we're all entitled to our own opinions, except for a certain douchebag. Guess what? I don't give a fuck about your opinions and you can just keep your crappy opinions to yourself. I don't care if I hurt your feelings as long as I can see you breaking down crying in misery or wallowing in pain or agony. Besides, picking on you is what I do best! :evillaugh: I bet you like Justin Beiber and One Direction, not to mention you kiss your mum's and dad's feet to get them to be on your side. Nobody needs to hold your hand all the time, dumbass! You obviously won't do well in life if you keep having
:iconinfernoflamer:InfernoFlamer 2 14
Ding Dong, the bitch is dead... uh... gone!
Looks like that motherfucker, HanaChuchus, vamoosed as soon as she got the message. Yep, she has definitely felt my burn and my wrath! Hopefully, this will be the last of her. :fingerscrossed: It seems that my work here is done... or is it? I'll be constantly stalking her shitty profile to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Ha, you should be sorry and you WILL be sorry! :evillaugh:
But unless that jackass decides to come back, me and the upcoming flamers will be waiting for her spamming and flaming her when she least expects it. :plotting: We'll be back unless another bastard decides to rear his or her plug-ugly head.
This is the price you pay for being an inconsiderate, selfish and immature cunt! Muhahahahaha, revenge is so sweet... :evillaugh:
Oh, and :iconxSun-Starx:, thank you so much for backing me up and for your wisdom. :thanks: :hug: :tighthug: :cuddle: :glomp:
Man, aren't I deliciously evil or what?
:iconinfernoflamer:InfernoFlamer 2 0
Animal Crossing - New Leaf One-shot WIP Screenshot by xFlowerstarx Animal Crossing - New Leaf One-shot WIP Screenshot :iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 11 63
In the vast, starry universe there rests the Comet Observatory, floating in the space atmosphere. Princess Rosalina is with Polari, her trusted advisor and Mario. He was talking with the head of the observatory. A gigantic detailed map of outer space was there, showing the stars Mario collected so far.  
“I’m off to get another Power Star, princess. Hopefully, it will be enough to restore power to this place.” He told her.
“I wish you luck, Mario. May the stars shine on you! Be careful out there, the universe can be dangerous sometimes.” Rosalina warned, waving her wand left and right. Magic was emitted from the golden star of the silver rod. “Farewell, Mario.”
The red-clad plumber nodded and he ran off, leaving the watcher of the cosmos and the dark brown Luma alone. Moments later, an orange Launch Star catapult the plucky plumber to a distant galaxy.
“Yahoo!” He yelled with enthusiasm
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 16 82
Always Be Together
                                Always Be Together
By the time, Baron Dante and his subordinates seized control of Gobbo Valley and cast a powerful, dark spell on the creatures, turning the ducks, ladybirds, lizards, fishes, mountain goats and the rest to merciless monsters whilst the baddies made short work of the Gobbos, stashing them in smash boxes and locking them up in unbreakable cages (so if he had the desire to taunt, pick on someone or laugh at someone’s expense, any of the fuzz balls will be victims), Croc and Beany the Bird fled to a secluded place that is far-off in the Gobbo Archipelago.
They took shelter on an unknown, unidentified isle but unlike the other islets, it didn’t contain much greenery and other things such as sand, a rough, earthy ground etc. that anyone can spot. All it possesses is a tall, towering tree and a floor that hardly boasts any space. Staying here is like being exiled from their homeland but due to the circumstances that ensued at Fores
:iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 11 174


To start with, from now on this is going to be the Affiliates page. Mainly, I will update this page with information on our affiliates – such as contests or prompts they may be holding. Of course, along with basic information, I will provide links to either the group, the blog where you can find more information in, or both.

If you are a member of one of our affiliates and realize (before I) that there is a contest or prompt of some sort, please notify me and I will update this page as soon as possible. ^_^

                                               :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletblack:

A note from :iconjochannon: :aww:


I am a publisher, and I've got a scheme whereby I can pay writers for their works, but not charge readers to read them; basically I'm planning to make my money from advertising. The problem is that I estimate I will need at least 1,000 readers subscribed to my free mailing list.

So I'm going to various literature groups and asking folks to tell their members about this. If you want to know more, my journal has most of the details:…
More Journal Entries










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