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Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
Starting - Progress bar - Starting by xXNightcallerXx
Sketching - Progress bar - Sketching by xXNightcallerXx
Lining - Progress bar - Lining by xXNightcallerXx
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Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

I hate you
I love you
I hate that
I love you

Created by Spiceferret

Name: Moona Star
Age: (not telling)
Hobby: Animator and Anime Artist
Favorite Games: Undertale, Cuphead, Octodad, TattleTail, Doki Doki Literature Club

Wierd stuff that i have/like: Blueberry Expanision, Sans Fangirl, Easily depressed, Sailor Mouth

Creator of: Forgotten, Wings, Untold Origins, Wings, Awaytale

<a…>My Youtube


Great.. it’s the last day of school and my stomach just says: hey, let’s fuck up lovies system today and now I’m on my period. Everyone’s gonna be happy but I’m the only miserable one because of CRAMPS
Today my budgie Victor died. 😭
Dad and Melissa are at a Metallica concert so I’m here looking at spongebob memes
Hey Everyone! I'm playing Monster Madness: Grave Danger and I am at the Graveyard. I went to Larry Tools and saw that there was a power up called "conscience" and I don't know what it does. If you play the game, what does it do???

embedded_item1551645580274 by lovie5678
Just now i was looking at fionas art and dad sneaks up on me. Wtf Dad?!? I was minding my own damn business. Also its my mom's weekend
Everybody listen up! I'm about to turn 14 on January 13 and I am really excited about it! Please make something for me! :iconcjc728: :iconmisspurrfect8: :iconnightmarecake4268: :iconrickacrystalstar:
Happy 2019,folks! This year has gotten a rough start: cold sores. Oh my god, aren't I miserable right now?
My dad thinks my edgy art style is anime XD

it isnt. Its deeply based on sleepykinq's art style
My arm hurts because of my pitbull Judus
isn't it bad that everytime i eat a marshmallow, i moan?
jeasus please get me out of this school
I just now realized that Deviantart is an art version of Reddit XD
If I had the Infinity Gauntlet, I would use it to destroy Damarion, my all time bully of 2018. Otherwords, I would use it for good, Not like Thanos.
This is the last straw today. It was Kion's Birthday and everyone wanted to go outside but i didn't. Later, Damarion ripped up Fiona's drawing and I was on the computer until Damarion tried to force shut down it. Me and Damarion had a fight and it ended with my tittie getting slammed on the table.
so blueflection force chokes blue. how come that's never been done in an mmd animation before



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I didn't know this was gonna happen...I'm embarrassed to say that I was a true blue sphere of disaster. Steve went up the pipe and we traveled to the Inventing Room by candy boat. I gotta say the boat design reminded me of Viking Folklore for some particular reason. Now, Mr Hattington stops by a huge machine with a big red lever on the side. He gives the lever a pull and suddenly, the machine made noises so loud I thought I was gonna jump out of my invisible skin. The noises came to a stop when a Mickey Mouse like hand reached out for me and opened its palm, revealing the little disaster: the 3 course gum. "You mean that's it?" Tommy scoffs. "What a waste of such good ingredients!" God, Tommy was either sarcastic or a robot with no amusement. I picked up the gum and played with it in my glove. All I heard was: "It sounds wierd." The Devil gagged. He is such a satanic hot dog weiner. "Sounds like my kind of gum." I say and insert the gum in my mouth. "I'd rather you didn't do that.." Mr Hattington had drops of sweat on his blocky head. "I think there are side effects." The kind hearted Bendy piped up. I swear I'm gonna smooch him. He's just so cute! "I'll be careful!" I smiled at Hatty and Bendy. Then I started chewing. For a second the flavor was ordinary, then the unusual first flavor popped in, making me beam with excitement. "How is it bro?" Papyrus asked me. I looked at him with bright stars in my eyes. "It's amazing! It's tomato soup! It's so good!" I was so excited that I clenched my fists. Then, another flavor exploded in. "Oh god! Roast beef with baked potato, crispy skin and butter!" The stars in my eyes grew brighter. One, final flavor kicked in and it was marvellous. "Oh my GOD! Blueberry pie and ice cream!!! It's the best pie you've ever tasted!" Then, It happens. My stomach starts to act up. My smile dissapears. I put my glove on my stomach. Then something that tastes like barf and blueberries enter my cheeks. I make a muffled gasp as I puke the substance out of my system. I cover my mouth with my other glove and cough the substance out. I felt better. But when I pull my glove away from my mouth, the barf on it was a purple color, not the usual green color. I look down at my feet and see the same color on the floor. It looked as if someone splattered paint by accident. "Sans are you okay?!?" Papyrus looked at me, confused. I look back at him with a weak smile. As I looked at him, he jumped back, startled. I was now confused as I looked at all of the scared faces on the contestants and adults. I heard all their questions as they were staring right at me. Devil was wondering what was happening to my nose, as for King Dice, he said it was turning blue. Blue? Me? That was impossible. "Sans? Your whole nose has gone purple." Papyrus was the most freaked out. "What do you mean?" I replied, feeling quite uncomfortable. Then, my brother held up a mirror. I saw it all. My face was turning blue. I jumped back, almost into Bendy. They all backed away from me. I looked at my arm. The blue was spreading all the way from my nose, to my feet, even my gloves were changing color. What was happening to me?!? My stomach emits a wierd gurgling noise, as if it was a hot tub. Then, I feel something push out. My stomach. It was swelling up. It just felt so wrong! My butt blew up almost making me fall over. As I regain my balance, I looked at my butt. It was so huge! Then I felt a breeze of cool air through my legs. I looked down and saw my girly underwear. I did not sleep with Chara. It just felt uncomfortable walking around in boxers all day so I choose that pair. It was the wrong choice. Devil and Tommy laughed at me. I started to blush. I was about to threaten Devil and Tommy but my cheeks swelled up, making me loose my ability to talk. I grew and grew, rounder and bigger until I was about 11 feet tall. All you could see was my scarf, my shirt, my belly and my stained blue panties. I was humiliated.


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