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Anti-Boy by lovetrouble123 Anti-Boy :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 Fire Magic-Aaron by lovetrouble123 Fire Magic-Aaron :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 oodles of doodles by lovetrouble123 oodles of doodles :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 2 0 So...I May Have An Obsession...With Danny Phantom  by lovetrouble123 So...I May Have An Obsession...With Danny Phantom :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 OH ITS YA BOI HB by lovetrouble123 OH ITS YA BOI HB :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 my children(OCs) by lovetrouble123 my children(OCs) :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 1 0 Destroy Something Perfect by lovetrouble123 Destroy Something Perfect :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 MCR Welcome To The Black Parade X Tom(Eddsworld) by lovetrouble123 MCR Welcome To The Black Parade X Tom(Eddsworld) :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 Coco-FairyTail(sketch) by lovetrouble123 Coco-FairyTail(sketch) :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 FlowerFell Frisk(REDRAW) by lovetrouble123 FlowerFell Frisk(REDRAW) :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 1 0 Dan In The Dinosaur Onesie by lovetrouble123 Dan In The Dinosaur Onesie :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 1 0 Tom Sketch-EddsWorld by lovetrouble123 Tom Sketch-EddsWorld :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 1 0 Merry Christmas-Yandere Simulator by lovetrouble123 Merry Christmas-Yandere Simulator :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 The Soul Of Fear-GlitchTale by lovetrouble123 The Soul Of Fear-GlitchTale :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 Flowefell And Rosetale by lovetrouble123 Flowefell And Rosetale :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 0 0 Circus Monster by lovetrouble123 Circus Monster :iconlovetrouble123:lovetrouble123 1 0


you stupid potato by milieus you stupid potato :iconmilieus:milieus 469 86
warmth | danny phantom x halfa! reader
Hey guys! This is the second story I've written so far. Please let me know what you guys think in the comments so I can build myself up to become the best writer I can be! Thanks for reading! Have a nice day/night :)
Danny Fenton can name a million things he loves about you.
One of his favorites is the fact that you're a walking furnace.
You were halfa who just so happened to be pyrokinetic. Danny wondered how someone so cute could put fear in the hearts of his enemies. Probably because of your ability to spontaneously burst into flames when in your ghost form. This was when Danny had to kick his extreme self-control into a high gear.
You see, poor little Fenton had ice powers. Ice powers = never being able to be warm again (or so he thought). With his ice abilities, Danny grew used to the cold; it didn't bother him as much as it used to. H
:icongirl-almightyy:girl-almightyy 185 24
When You Fall [Natsu Dragneel]
Trigger Warning: Suicide Attempt
Please read only if you feel comfortable enough.

When you fall....
 "I'll catch you, (Name)!" The pink-haired boy exclaimed, giving you a grin. It was always a kind, charming grin. You loved it so much. Though you and him were only little kids at the time, you held the promise deep in your heart. On your desk in your apartment were letters to everyone you knew and cared for. The only one missing a letter, was Natsu. You wanted to tell him in person, but things didn't go as planned.
  He turned around, his smile growing bigger when he saw it was you. "Hey, (Name)! What's up?" He always sounded so optimistic, you wondered how he could smile. You sucked in a deep breath, an d looked at him in the eye. "Natsu, I-"
 "Natsu! Hurry!" Lucy called, Erza, Happy, and Gray at her side. Natsu nodded to Lucy and looked back at you, "Sorry about that, (Name)! We're going to go check out some of the shops today. You wanna come w
:iconakieri:AkiEri 420 81
Danny Phantom - MY STYLE by DannyPhantomAddict Danny Phantom - MY STYLE :icondannyphantomaddict:DannyPhantomAddict 853 77 Selfie by nini-2004 Selfie :iconnini-2004:nini-2004 172 8 Tords by idates Tords :iconidates:idates 226 2 WATCH OUT by Louminouz WATCH OUT :iconlouminouz:Louminouz 229 66 Time Pass by nini-2004 Time Pass :iconnini-2004:nini-2004 230 8 Guns sure are heavy by Einnord Guns sure are heavy :iconeinnord:Einnord 232 6 Tord (eddsworld) Redraw by SupDudee Tord (eddsworld) Redraw :iconsupdudee:SupDudee 509 43 Guns for hands by Atillur Guns for hands :iconatillur:Atillur 301 40 ''Born For Greatness'' by XxLorena-The-BunnyxX ''Born For Greatness'' :iconxxlorena-the-bunnyxx:XxLorena-The-BunnyxX 377 51 All Mistakes Have A Reason by Einnocked All Mistakes Have A Reason :iconeinnocked:Einnocked 244 15 The Realness In This Is Too Much by Einnocked The Realness In This Is Too Much :iconeinnocked:Einnocked 285 45 Cuphead x Mugwoman-Gift by 7greenTears Cuphead x Mugwoman-Gift :icon7greentears:7greenTears 108 14 Cuphead: Singin' A Tone by PsySon Cuphead: Singin' A Tone :iconpsyson:PsySon 146 16


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So I tried uploading the sketch but for some reason I’d didn’t upload? I ended up watching Jacks-Detroit:Become Human-series in less than 2 days. All I must say is-I LOVE THAT GAME and I love Conner
Fire Magic-Aaron
Yo what up homeslices? My life has been h*ll recently but ya know...whatever. Actually scratch that my FAMILIES life has been! My mom fractured her foot and my grandma got surgery on Monday and my friend didn’t wanna be my friend anymore(as they still text me). Anyways,here’s a Aaron sketch:p
oodles of doodles
yo what up homeslices(ugh why am cringe?)im gonna try to post more on here bc...yeaXD. anyways how is your life? that’s great/sad to here! so let me catch u up on my life! dad can’t pay for house must move with brother has anxiety attack and “friend”calms down-go to race track,fun-go see DnP...idk if it was fun i yet to go-P!ATD...boi can’t wait:)I get yelled at for drawing “guns”even tho their either old or for my OCs or Tord. still draw anyways>:3-friend sees,friend leave-depression(not anymore don’t worry)-fanfic end,reply to comments-play Cuphead-draw some more-go camping and almost dies-drove threw rainbow-YEET THATS MY LIFE SO FAR!
So...I May Have An Obsession...With Danny Phantom
The title says it all...plz help meXDi know there’s not many episodes but I started it on Saturday(5/5/18) at 3AM and am now half way done with Season 2. Again send help
I FINALLY colored HB(Noah/Heartbreaker),i got his skin color a little off sadly hes supposed to have tan skin not brownish golden tan color,that was my mistake tho. HB is part of my OC family which,No Name OC and Jay Snipper. he is my child so please treat him with respect:)|||BACK STORY:Noah had a older brother who was in prison when he was small,there was an explosion and his family died(mom dad and his dog Na'tasha)so he was sent to his abusive grandparents house. He found his 1st friend when he was 14,and lost half of his face saving Alana(his BFF and crush) he then soon cheated on alot of girls and earned the name Heartbreaker. FUNFACT hes Norwegian 


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I can’t draw worth sh*t... it hello anyways:)im just a single mother(jk)to my children(OCs)so plz leave me and my kids alone(plz stay I need friends)


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