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Swing You Sinners

just a few of the many crazy characters from one of the greatest cartoon shorts of all time: Swing You Sinners! if you have never seen it, you should go watch it right now!!!

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You sinners drop everything,

Let the harmony ring

Up to Heaven and sing:

Swing you sinners!

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Brother you shure gonna get your face LIFTED!
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That's one of my favorite cartons of all time, maybe even my most favorite.
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lets not forget that guy that was used in cagney's idle animation.
[EMOTE] Cagney Carnation 
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Where you want your body sent?
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Body? Huh! There ain't gonna be no body! 
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(Cue weird creature parade)
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I don't steal no mo'!
I don't shoot no mo\!
I don't chase no mo'!
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Best 1930s cartoon ever!
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That was REALLY creepy Ghost 
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Fantastic Work Indeed! :D
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This is AWESOME!!!!
I love this cartoon. (kinda reminds me of SURE LOCKED HOMES, or WOOS WHOOPEE! with it's bizarre stuff!)
You did a FABULOUS job!
Love the shadow ghost!
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That’s my favourite Talkartoon! What a wonderful compilation of those creepy beings... The self-rubbing frog was the most hilarious part!
I managed to decipher and transcribe all the lyrics, however, there are some illegible moments; I wonder if someone got them right? (Question marks.)
? We’re gonna rise you,
Ya needed it.
(? You get to / Too scared) haul your bones away.
Brothers and sisters,
Come on get hot.
We’ll amputate your bottom, yo?
And tie your bones in a knot.
You can’t take any excuse,
? Oh, you’ve spoiled your roots / Ballroom coiled you loose?
And we’ll take up the noose?
Swing you sinners!
We’ll make your chicken elope?
You’re at the end of your rope,
So just give up a hope,
Swing you sinners!
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I've transcribed ALL of lines..... They're not easy to make out all the time, but I am pretty sure this is exactly what they're saying.

Good-night, this is your Visit from us, You'll Never learn to get away.
(Oh no! Oh yes!)

You'll never rob another hen-house

You've sinned, and now you must ordain!
(Oh no! Oh yes!)

We've come to pulverize you Brother, (Ya needed it)  And Scatter all your bones away.

(Chickens you used to steal!) (I don't steal no more!)
(Craps* you used to shoot!) (I don't shoot no more!)    
(Girls you used to chase!) (I don't chase no more!)

Gettin' Ready, Brother.
Your... Time... Has.... Come!

Stand up you sinner! We've got you at last!
You can't get away, there's no time to pray, your finish is gonna be fast!

Brothers and sisters, Come get hot.
We'll amputate your Vo-De-Do** and tie your bones in a knot

(Brother you sure gonna get your face lifted!)
(And a permanent shave!) (Nyah ha ha ha!)

(Where you want your body sent?)
(Body?! Huh! Ain't gonna be NO body!) (Nyah ha ha ha!)

You can't make any excuse,
Oh you've spoiled your roots.
Still we've picked up the noose, Swing you sinners!

We'll make your chickens Elope***
You're at the end of your rope
So just give up all hope, Swing you sinners!

We'll stretch you like a giraffe,
Maybe cut you in half,
just to give us a laugh, Swing you sinners! (Wow!)

* Craps is a dice game
**"Vo-de-do" was actually part of the lyrics to the ORIGINAL song.... which was SING you sinners!
*** Yes, really. It actually is "Chickens elope"!

I've always loved  the dark, deranged animation of '20s and '30s cartoons..... This one in particularly it's dixieland jazz soundtrack was always a favorite of mine..... I've even taught myself to play the soundtrack on an organ!
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One of my personal favorite cartoons ever made!!!!
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I love that cartoon
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