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like a soul without a mind, in a body without a heart.

i'm missing every part.
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never stop drawing robbie please
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still one of my favorite pictures up here..
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:icongoodgodplz: This is..... I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS. You accually gave Robbie an EMOTIONAL side. And I'm not even gonna talk about how damn terrific the shading is! >U
grace94's avatar
I.. have nothing to SAY!!!!!
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The colors and lighting look so gorgeous, what a beautiful picture of Robbie... :) I really like your style of drawing him, you totally capture his wonderfully feminine essence :XD:
decemberdreams's avatar
the background colors are so dreamy and you achieved such great lighting. i'm jealous.
Edithy's avatar
God I want to hug him.
This is epic.
clucksamile's avatar
it's beautiful, although I have to admit this guy gave me nightmares which isn't good since the first time i saw this show I was about 16, you made me feel sorry for him though :aww: your use of colour is amazing, creates a lot of atmosphere, just beautiful :)
Jukesette's avatar
I love the angle of Robbie's face. BEAUTIFULLY done, as usual. :D
BethMcBeth's avatar
Awwww!! So deep!

gwendolyn1983's avatar
That is absolutely gorgeous!! Very beautiful!! And the fact that I've loved Robbie for two years now makes me all the more drawn and attracted to this particular picture! :3
fadedsg's avatar
aww, so epic in drama and sadness and yet, there's happiness in there somewhere <--- forgive me i'm crazy. i love your drawings of robbie. you're the bridge that drawn me to lazytown and its citizens. :D
jocund-slumber's avatar
OMG, you almost made me cry :tears:

Robbie does have a real soul... poor guy, it must be horrible to get all your ideas thrawted... :(
Leighferickson's avatar
:heart: the colors and everything, its just so amazing! so dramatic and beautiful :)
piratesandtobyfan's avatar
agh! its so beautiful! it makes my heart hurt! :heart:

the colours really do wonders for this. drawing = amazing, then the added colours = bjdsbcvdsbcjkdbcvh! :iconohnoesplz:
LadyKeane's avatar
O_O Damn, I'm speechless. You've given Robbie real soul. And technique-wise it's brilliant too, that gorgeous lighting. Wow. Frickin' wow. :+favlove:

and now i just want to hug him til he pops =P
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You already know how beautiful I think this picture is.
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