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tawogpd2gtamusicfan's avatar
R.I.P. Stefan Karl

You'll always be number 1... :'(
Chickie456's avatar
100% perfect XD
Swaggie--Vortex's avatar
I have a feeling Chickie456 shall LOVE this one..
Sid2hip207AJ's avatar
Yes.. Just yes..
StepOnMeAndYouDie's avatar
LMFAO!!!!:lelele: :lelele: :lelele: :lelele: :lelele: :lelele: :lelele: :lelele: :lelele: 
CandySteph's avatar
this inspires me.
Nathalorial's avatar
OMFG, that's HILARIOUS!! :rofl:
So, you decided to go with Rosie-colors for the clothes, not Robbie-colors.
teacuplady's avatar
WOW... just WOW!!!
JamieTigre's avatar
:rofl: FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!
arien-the-maia's avatar
The eyes are my absolute favorite part. Crying out the pain hidden in his soul.

UndeadPrincess's avatar
This is too adorable- it somehow suits Robbie so much
decemberdreams's avatar
ha! that's so great! I absolutely love his eyes and the way you colored his rosey cheeks. The anatomy is really great too.
artRETARDED's avatar
You actually colored it just as I imagined. it's awesome! I like it. It was very good without the color, but you know me...I love it a lot more with color! Great jobbbb!
scatthegaycat's avatar
ARGH ! wanna take him home with me !
BethMcBeth's avatar
ROFL! XD! This is great! Love Robbie's look so strong! XD!

fadedsg's avatar
i love the colors, especially the redness and the lusciousness of his lips. i'm really glad you color it, the sketch was really awesome, but add the colors and the amazingness is just off the roof. ("off the roof" haha sorry, i'm bad with expressions) :D
MysteriousPinkLemons's avatar
Oh my gawrsh. Fantastical. The coloring did wonders.

His über soulful eyes are kinda trippin me out...
dawnkeystyle's avatar
omg I freaking love it
LadyKeane's avatar
IS BOOFUL! :D You did the texture of the skin really well. The colour really brought it to life!
chipmunkcrazy's avatar
u made it more awesome!
love the colors! :D
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