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Cbookmark9 Copy by Lovespoon Cbookmark9 Copy :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 5 0 Her Exotic Billionaire's Cruise small by Lovespoon Her Exotic Billionaire's Cruise small :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 1 0 Free Ebook Giveaway2 by Lovespoon Free Ebook Giveaway2 :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 1 0
Six-Shooter Bride
Western Romance Fiction Short Story
© Copyright Cupideros, Saturday, August 29, 2015
3,404 Words
When Kate Beckett and retired Bounty Hunter, Gordon Drago, move to Utah and decided to married nine months later things began to unravel their plans to live peacefully as ranch hands.
Wednesday, June 08, 1872
Iron County
Burnt Water, Utah
First Protestant Church
"Do you Kate Beckett take Gordon Drago as your lawful husband, to cherish and obey, in sickness and health, till deaths do you part?" Reverend Zachariah Henny said, reading from his black worn Bible on the small podium.
"I do," Kate replied, never taking her eyes off Gordon Drago, her square faced, square jaw, and handsome bounty hunter husband-to-be.
All of the town's sixty people remained quiet, quiet as stars in the invisible night sky of midafternoon.  
Reverend Zachariah Henny cleared his throat, "And do you Gordon Drago take Kate Beckett, as your lawful wife, to c
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Patriarchy Sex cover lulusmaller by Lovespoon Patriarchy Sex cover lulusmaller :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 0 0 Three Lies and Love by Lovespoon Three Lies and Love :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 0 0
Mature content
Desert Witch Lover :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 0 1
Mature content
Counseling Heaven Twattal :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 0 2
The Date
Fuyu and Natsu
Could not agree when to
Meet for barley tea.
:iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 2 5
The Lemonade Girl
The Lemonade Girl
© Lovespoon, 05.01.2011
There was once a Lemonade Girl, blonde as the sun could be.
And her attitude and view strange as the witty Yeti.
One day, at breakfast, to her parents she complained.
"Where are all the other lovely brilliant colors?"
Her parents pointed out the red the flower vase contained
They lifted the sky blue cereal bowls for review.
Their hands caressed the soft green table cloth.
And then they nodded at Dali's melting clock.
"I see those, purple, black, white, and even golden-stew broth.
Surely I must be blind, blind as the eye can see."
This same Lemonade Girl dyed her hair hot pink.
And off skipping rope, she went down the quiet street.
But soon enough something was wrong and she grew depressed.
"Why I need more space.  I'm a world class athlete."
Another girl came roller skating down the tree-lined path.
"In the Mohave Desert, you can fit one hundred streets like these."
"Oh I should want much more space than that.
I'm afraid today I'
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Farewell Delight
Farewell Delight
© Lovespoon, 04.29.2011
Farewell delight you fascinating vanguard
Vainglory voyeur; sheath sound of laziness.
You watch but do not do.  Notorious novelty,
Flashlight of the absurd, apothecary illusion
Of productivity.
Fallout farout from my tree.
:iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 1 0
The Girl Who Knows Books
The Girl Who Knows Books
© Lovespoon, 04.23.2011, 9:31 am
(A Prose Poem for Hersoftestsoul on
There was a girl who knew her books, who knew them better than the pages, book printed ink and dancing characters and space-matador quiet rages.  Such a girl is the romantic terror of boys and men alike.  For she'll soon discover females can think and reason, use insight and hindsight to ignite, fight back for their Goddess birthright.  She reads Ayn Rand and understands every strand, every dash, every plan, every comma, thought held before two more are added to complete.  This girl knows her many, many books better than a corkscrew knows corks of wine.
She knew her books, and every nook; she knew them better than a prom queen knows guys and girls in her yearbook.  The lie, conceit, spam and bluff, she knew like blood flows aware of human hearts.  Male or female, she writes about both, of course her experience pro
:iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 7 25
A Little Bit of You
A Little Bit of You
(c) Lovespoon and Dragon-Fly-To-Me April 09, 2011
His Verse
Her tie-dyed shirt a living rainbow.
Her head-band belt full of studs.
Her long skirt full of spinning ruffles,
Lifting blowing in the summer breeze.
Her Verse
Jimmy Hendrix's sweet notes drifting along
People swaying to his psychedelic song.
Women and men sleeping under the stars
Long hair, bell bottom jeans, driving vans instead of cars.
Chorus  (His)
And I had just a little bit of you.
You had just a little bit of me.
We were magic we were glue.
We felt the universe, had a clue.
Chorus (Hers)
We are livin' a perfect day
the free and easy way,
leading to a perfect night
just you
and me
under bright starlight.
His Verse
Until money, life and duty called.
I back driving cross country hauls.
You, a fashion week, New York doll.
We had big plans to have it all.
Her Verse
Broadway's lights are bright and cold.
They can blind a simple country girl's soul.
On lonely nights, I wonder where you've been;
:iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 4 25
Stickam Files I
(A study in characterization and description)
1/12/2008 3:33 PM
YellowBird Room.
YellowBird's bedroom showed an earth covered bedspread, and pillows which looked like soft pet rocks, rich and colored like fertile farmland, upturned and ready for seed.  I couldn't help noticing the ornate bed frame.  Black rods curled by the finest romantic blacksmith in loops and swirls fitting for a giant rose.  The ends of the frame moved from lower on the sides to the crescendo large loops in the bed frame center.  And I imagined YellowBird, with her narrow-intense eyes and lazy eyebrows squinting in ecstasy as her boyfriend pressed himself into her sex again and again increasing her delight and bringing forth several unwanted sighs of passion from her narrow lips.  Of course, YellowBird, would deny she is a hopeless romantic.  All those who so desperately want something in this world, learn, after age five, to sh
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SoHo Beach by Lovespoon SoHo Beach :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 0 2 Tunnel of Love by Lovespoon Tunnel of Love :iconlovespoon:Lovespoon 0 12

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Courage in the Indefinite
The ghosts of your life
touch my eyes
with worded apparitions
lifting the fog of death
from my senses;
Reaching inside my soul
and grasping the core
of my beliefs,
my beatitudes,
the heat of my body-
Bringing the best
of myself to the surface
striving to dissect
each syllable
each phrase written
with the blood of your past
Trying to piece together
an answer,
vainly seeking to make sense
of your slam-
Knocking the breath from my lungs
with an antifreeze cocktail
of desperation…
Scalding the lining of my esophagus
with vinegar precision
burning a path of need
through my bloodstream
touching the very tips of my veins
setting my nerves on a pleasurable fire.
I can’t get enough of this…
The scourging inner flame
sand papering every barrier
searching for the Truth
behind the pain,
behind the empty nights
with vodka bottles and ink
so precisely depicting the moments
of you
that frantically engulf my thoughts.
Drawing me like a lamb
to the alter-
like flocks toward sl
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Democracy :iconclaudiacasanova:ClaudiaCasanova 2 10
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by Nelleke

This is much better. 1. Still good vision. Something more is suggested here and it comes from the book. 2. Originality. I still like th...

by Nelleke

I'll try to help. We have open book, writing feather and jar of ink placed outside on the ground along a path. 1) Vision. Great concept...

We see a colorful multifaceted giant crystal sure to bring in lots of powerful chi energy. 1. Originality. I've never seen a crystal th...

Mirabeau style corset in black worsted wool with white mesh bust ruffles and halter strap. Busk front closure, back laced. Pencil skirt...


Update 11.21.2016 

Hi Everyone!

Busy writing new works and busy on my tumblr.



Update 05.18.2016 

Hi Everyone! 

Writing and ghostwriting.  New books and story:……
If you purchase my books direct from I get 80% of the profits then. You can purchase from other places, but I get a three dollars at...…

Three Lies and Love
Ah, Love we can’t do without it,
Ah, We don’t know how to keep it!
By Cupideros • Price: $10.97 at paperback
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If you purchase my books direct from I get 80% of the profits then. You...


Update 03.26.2016 

Hi Everyone!  Happy 2016

I've been away writing and ghostwriting.…

Cupideros Feminist Chronicle Series:………


Update 11.06.2014

Hi Everyone!

I'm still working on my epic novel at my website, ghost writing, and I've returned to my astrology business

I wrote a great article: Why Astrology?  What can it do for you?…

I'm offering several services at affordable prices, methods and ways boost your creative skills using astrology timing.

Happy Holidays everyone!



08.21.2014  10:08 am  EST

Busy writing novel.  Yup. 
Final version of new short story on love "He Trusts me" is posted here:…

New Contemporary erotica short stories vol 1 is available.  New stories you haven't read on my website.…

For tweens, teens, anyone really complete trilogy of Anna and the Mesmerizing Circus is available.…



Update 06.11.2014

New prose and poetry written since last update:



Wrote a new poem. 

Life's Greatest Gift
(c) by Cupideros 04.25.14  1:58 am EST

To be unsure is life's greatest free gift,
For you will drive to gain the goal,
Obtain, obvert the block, the stumbling trial
And find life worth each stony mile.

Paint on your face curve lines, a happy smile.

Update 04.05. 2014

Busy writing novel. 
Wrote new poem.  Why Poetry Matters? 2014…

Busy fiddling with tumblr.


Update 03.21.2014

Hi All,

Been busy writing novel. 

Nine Films Women and Girls should Watch to Understand the World of Men

Busy with


Things are going well for me.  Just very busy Ghostwriting Novels, short stories and working on my WIP Novel.

I've got some interesting things at my blogspot at:

There is a 14% off sale at  My site is:…

Keep creating great art all!

Update 08.13.2013
Been busy ghost writing romantic, erotica, erotic and romantic-erotica short stories.  I ghost wrote two novels so far, too.

 One where  I am listed as the author, since it was my idea, but another person owns all the copyrights.  Check it out.…



Update 05.23.13
New Short Story:…

Update 02.14.13

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies

Update 01.21.13

Posted new chapter to Passion for Tinnon Novel for those following it.…
Update 12.18.12
Posted second new chapter to Passion for Tinnon Novel for those following it.…

Posted new erotica short story on my website…

Posted new audiobook on a short story of mine on…

Other audiobooks posted there. Check them out.

Wrote new introduction to Chapter 11 of my online Novel Passion for Tinnon for those following that. I posted a version on…

* For writers and Poets you may like my Writers and Poets playlist…

* For anyone bored or need something to do check out  my playlist: Learning Can be Fun:…

If you've ever wondered about interpreting poetry
or just appreciating it more watch this Youtube video:…

Still Drinking hot Tea or boiling a cup of water before I drink  :)
Update 09.02.12
New audio poem on my page:…

Also new audio erotic short stories on

Still Drinking Tea  :)

Writing.  Reading writings of others.
Update 08.16.12!

My Crowdfunding Link:

Update 08.14.12

Wrote new erotic short story for my Kindle Account::
Cost.  $0.99
Title: The Vigor and Valor of Jolen  

Updated Fiction Writing Course Lesson 01.  
Read to find out what fiction is and what fiction is not.
Brief for extremely informative and helpful to writers and artists.  Read under "Write What You Know or Are Interested in."…


Update 05.05.12
Put some new works out on Kindle.  Search under Cupideros  or Anna and the Mesmerizing Circus.

Still writing novel.  Still drinking hot tea or boiled water.

Update 03.26.12
New Erotic and Erotica Ebook uploaded…

Excerpt from the book on my website here:…

I'm still drinking hot tea or boiled hot water or hot coffee  :)
Update 03.14.12  
*  If you're following my Passion for Tinon Novel, you'll find an additional stories here:……

I'm still drinking hot tea or boiled hot water or hot coffee  :)
Old Post below:
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You can put up your donation pool even if you're not a premium subscriber!

For some reason groups don't /can't have a donation pool widget thingy.  :shrug: go figure??

*New Writing Prompts on my website:…

*  If you're following my Passion for Tinon Novel, you'll find an additional story here:…

*  One last note:  My entry into the I Love Contest…

Update 11.05.11  My entry into Micro Award 2012 Contest  and also my latest Flash Fiction…

Update 11.04.11   My Entry into Lulu's 2011 Flash Fiction Contest…

While away, I have been:

Reading Complete works of Chekov.
Reading Complete works of O Henry.
Reading Short Story Collections of Japanese Women Writers.
Reading Complete works of H. P. Lovecraft

I might delete this if I figure out how to reedit my previous journal entry.  :)
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Lovespoon (Structural Writer)
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Fiction and poetry writer. My website:

I find art enjoyable and relaxing. I like most mediums of art.

Yahoo IM:
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Audio Poem:…
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My Amazon Store: amazon/author/cupideros

Current Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll, Indie Rock, Classical, Mozart
Favourite photographer: Suze Randall of
Favourite style of art: Judy Chicago, Paula Rego, Impressionist
Operating System: Windows W10
Wallpaper of choice: Pretty and nude girls
Favourite cartoon character: hmmmmm anime, Word Girl
Personal Quote: I'm an astrologer and mystic



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