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Edit this again Meme Imvu



Decided to do the edit this again imvu meme, and I used Crescents screenie because it is the only old saved one I could find; also because it was my favorite screenie to edit lol.

Original edit sold to KruelKonscience

Really proud of how it has come out so far :3 this is a wip; so it is not finished yet. I will update this when it is finished, so here I am comparing the wips old and new.

Screenie is small because I do not want to re upload it to my photobucket because it is not my screenie.

Editted using Gimp & Photoshop

Started using those photoshop basic brushes ( nto default they are actually called basic but look the same as default, me thinks)

They are really good to us :)


the imvu meme is made by Multigasm,try it yourself and see what you can do with an old screenie

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I was so caught off guard when I saw my screenie XD Nice work :'D