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my cutie business card

my new business card.yippeee!
i use a lot of different character - about 35 characters, so there's 35 version of my card :D
hahaha, it looks like collection card more than business card :flirty:

here i show you 5 of them :heart:
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Nice work, Thanks for sharing.
Also Find Free PSD Business Card Templates Renewed and Exclusive At:
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heyyy you're featured on [link] x))
lovely design! I would ask you for a card everytime we met if I were about to hire you :D
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I am in love with them!
May I ask the size? Thanks :)
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great work! luv 'em
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lucu bangetsss! niat niat hehehe :flirty:
they look awesome !!!

Great work
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These are so wonderful.
Your work makes me drool.
So colorful, and fun.
You are crazy talented!
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Haha, I'd love to collect these! :D
Wonderful style you've got! :giggle:
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very colourful and cute;) check out my gallery too [link]
cute is an understatement---freaking ADORABLE and fun...LOVE IT LOVE IT!
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its very attractive and yea, its a collection card~
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hahah yes yes, i'd like to make it as a collection card pack too :yum:
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ur cruelly creative~*+
making people addicts to ur designs~*~
wahahaha great job~*+*+
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lucu bu
mau satu dong
jd terinspirasi.pgn bikin jg
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yay.. gimme 1.. heheh :)
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saya punya yang bintaang :D
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hahaha, waktu yang presentasi porto yaaa
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WOW! Those are simply gorgeous!! How much do you charge for designing business cards like those?? I love them!! =D
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keren bgt melll..
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ahahhahahahaahha, belom dicetak, baru juga diprint dikit
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mau mau aku mauuu huhuhuhuww
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