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Why the ostrich bleeds
I have overshared
:iconneonxaos:neonxaos 5 4
country's distance
there is a simplicity to feelings without faces,
the voice carries a weight
that touch cannot match.
syllables seek truth
like tepid fingers,
hungry for the soft skin of another soul.
you see,
there is a loneliness that plagues me
like my mother's cancer.
it seeks me in my silent moments,
the times where i am alone
with the devil that has tried to take me
since i was 3 years old.
it seeks to silence my breaths and absolve me into the stillness of early morning light.
but you,
faceless voice behind the neon glow,
keep me grounded
and my breathing humming soft
with the morning news
from a country's distance.
:iconalleyana:Alleyana 3 2
ghost mountains
we stood
at the edge of our local ocean,
the mountains in the distance
faint ghosts,
telling us the secrets of our mother
and holding memories
in the hollows of the cliffs.
caves of feeling
seeking our hearts
like a trespass song.
it was here, at 5 years old
i first felt the spirit of my self.
where i fell in tune with the insides
that hide within
our insides,
transparent and full of existence
beyond what our bones can hold.
and when i held your hand,
we existed in a moment of time
that matter could not touch.
and i knew then
that if i were ever to need you again
i need only to reach for you.
:iconalleyana:Alleyana 9 1
cannibal snowflakes
watching madmen (and)
eating fresh kills
in the dark
picking the carcass apart
my hands
halves of a euphemism
the raw start of symbolism
hearts unharmed
are poems
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 36 32
all in
sometimes you fill my head
so (full) I can
feel you there
the progress of a constant
a dream made tangible
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 43 22
july 14th (1:58 am)
add a hundred miles
for every year
between us
find the day
when I can say
that's your best smile
maybe time's just a compass
(and an arrow's accomplice)
and all it's accomplished
is pointing
the way
for a while
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 38 31
things that go bump in the night
absence makes the heart a monster.
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 108 51
somewhere on bird island by YouInventedMe somewhere on bird island :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 46 17
meanwhile, stateside
heat in the darkness
your pulse in your fingertips
thoughts of distant skin
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 30 22
completely engaged
a dream, eyes open;
everything again is new.
an echoed, "I do."
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 32 19
Me without you.
Consider this; I have the phone to my ear
and my mother is crying because her sister is dead
and I am not really there.
I say things like, 'oh mother, I am, and I love you'
but I do not. I struggle
with things like this.
I am not writing a poem about my mother
or my aunt with a tumour in her head,
it grows even bigger
inside her coffin.
Outside my lungs, it's suffocating.
This tumour is you.
It's inside of my mouth now and I choke
thinking of howyoudontneedme
when I should be thinking of things like
how much my family do.
My mother, she does not understand
how sad her little girl
really is.
:iconinmyroom:inmyroom 6 6
your hands inside my chest
Last night, I fell asleep notonyou
or even near you at all.
You made jokes about your singledom
and your double bed,
I let my hair down and smiled
until you had to get out.
:iconinmyroom:inmyroom 6 4


So, after five glorious and inspiring years of being involved in the dA community, the time has finally come for me to bid my farewells and sail into some distant sunset. Although my years on here has been nothing short of incredible, I think it's time for me to move onto pastures new and try something different in an attempt to crack into this crazy industry of ours.

Although I'm saying goodbye, it's only a partial goodbye. There is far too much talent on this site for me to go completely, so I will still be around to check up on the magic that you guys are making, but I won't be posting any of my own work on here anymore.

If you do want to keep up to date with my writing, then check out my Twitter or my blog.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the comments, favs and support throughout the years. Words cannot express how much I appreciate it.




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