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Destiny by loves-kell Destiny :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 beautifulgirlinahorribleworld. by loves-kell beautifulgirlinahorribleworld. :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 intensity in ten cities by loves-kell intensity in ten cities :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 ASL by loves-kell ASL :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 1 0 all i ever wanted, was love. by loves-kell all i ever wanted, was love. :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 1 looking for love by loves-kell looking for love :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 2 5 yahhh trick by loves-kell yahhh trick :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0
Why let fate decide what is wrong or right,
When we kno what is right all along.
let's make this last forever baby
-Kelly Alba
:iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0
The Memory Of A Hero by loves-kell The Memory Of A Hero :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 The Mausoleum by loves-kell The Mausoleum :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 The Golden Gate Bridge by loves-kell The Golden Gate Bridge :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 Budda by loves-kell Budda :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 wth by loves-kell wth :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 pretty by loves-kell pretty :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0 my Escape by loves-kell my Escape :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 1 0 The Dark Cell Of Alcatraz by loves-kell The Dark Cell Of Alcatraz :iconloves-kell:loves-kell 0 0


ISMFOF:: Matt Mihana by Kinbarri ISMFOF:: Matt Mihana :iconkinbarri:Kinbarri 24 17 DuG 'I loves u' by AhDundecided DuG 'I loves u' :iconahdundecided:AhDundecided 3 2 SKRATCH - pixiv meme - Reggie by theCHAMBA SKRATCH - pixiv meme - Reggie :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 2,331 217 from the inside by 00ALiNa00 from the inside :icon00alina00:00ALiNa00 108 91 upward motion by LoveLz upward motion :iconlovelz:LoveLz 2 0 The Kiss by liquidtheoryinc The Kiss :iconliquidtheoryinc:liquidtheoryinc 3,938 693
Love is up
Love is down
Love is going through
When you want to go round
"Love is never having to say you're sorry"
But you say it anyway
Love is all those secret smiles
When there's nothing more to say
Love is having scars on your feet
From wearing the shoes they bought you
Love is listening to 'I love you's
And knowing every word is true
Love is writing silly poems
Exactly like this
And love is not actually knowing
Exactly what love is
:iconlove-that-kid:love-that-kid 317 43
Some crave it
Some love it
Some hate it
Some need it
Others abuse it
Others use it
Others are obsessive to a point
Some aren't
It's a word that can mean so much
It's a word that can mean so little
It's a word some don't understand
It's a word that some simply dismiss
It's just a four letter word
But some people fear it so much
It's nothing to be scared of
But others aren't sure
It's simply
:iconjindevilkazama:JinDevilKazama 172 40
True Love
I lay here..
I can't Sleep..
I think of you..
I wish you were here..
I need you..
I need you now..
I cry..
I cry for you..
If I could only touch you..
Just for a moment..
The whole world would stop around us..
The troubles would disapear..
Then maybe..
Just maybe.. I could sleep.
But I lay here,
Unable to..
I need you..
My one true love..
:iconthegreatyogi:TheGreatYogi 699 101
True Love
True Love is not something that can be defined in a sentence. It is as strapping as much as it is unconditional, comforting as it is reassuring, powerful as it is everlasting, and anything but superficial. It is simply wonderful. Supposedly, the best things in life are free; if only that were true. True Love takes sacrifice, persistence, and patience… caring and endurance… most of all, acceptance. To want the best for someone, to be there when you are needed, and to give anything towards what you believe in takes all. It is not true when it is not genuine. I say this to all women and men. To truly love is to give your heart, your spirit, and your soul into what you believe to be worth what it takes to make the pain worth the pleasure. True Love is above and beyond measure. True Love is genuine. True Love is divine. True Love is yours and True Love is mine.
:iconacacin:acacin 725 212
Eyes close.
Knees go weak.
Stomachs flip.
Lips quiver as they touch.
Hands intertwine.
Names are gasped.
Hair is tugged.
Clothes discarded.
:iconboorawr:booRAWR 207 44
Love can be kind, but it can be cruel
It can mess with your mind
And make you feel like a fool.
It can break your heart
And make you cry.
And there will be times
You want to die.
Love can make you do some crazy things
One moment you'll find yourself
Standing out on a limb.
Losing your balance
Only to find
No one is around to catch you
As you fall from behind.
Love can be evil. Love can be wrong
Love is not always simple
But it's always strong.
How it controls you
Is a question indeed
Because there are times I feel like
I will never be free.
Love can be prison. Love can be blind
How it messes you up
And takes over your mind.
Until you can't think of anyone else
It's their smile you see
Their happiness you feel
How it drives you crazy
How you wish it wasn't real.
Love can be silly. Love can be cute
It can make you giggle
Sound like a flute.
Melodious and peaceful
As it dances on your heart
Makes you giddy
Right from the start.
Love can be everything or nothing at all
It can be a slow smi
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 459 231
i will love you forever
I Will Love You Forever
I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way that we touch.
I love your warm smile
and your kind, thoughtful way,
the joy that you bring
to my life every day.
I love you today
as I have from the start,
and I'll love you forever
with all of my heart
When I'm with you,
eternity is a step away;
my love continues to grow,
with each passing day.
This treasure of love,
I cherish within my soul,
how much I love you,
you'll never really know.
You bring a joy to my heart,
I've never felt before,
with each touch of your heart,
I love you more and more.
Whenever we say goodbye,
whenever we part,
know I hold you dearly,
deep inside my heart.
So these seven words,
I pray you hold true,
"Forever and Always,
I will Love You."
:iconblondeskickass:blondeskickass 2,002 251
Love is you.
Love is me.
Love is something you can't see.
Love is nice.
Love is sweet.
Love will sweep you off your feet.
Love is soft.
Love is best.
You can feel love in your chest.
Love is great.
Love is kind.
Love is always on my mind.
Love is special.
Love you chearish.
My love for you will never parish.
:icongraveyardprincess789:graveyardprincess789 1,150 183
Love Poems
Do you love me?
Or do you not?
you told me once, but i forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true, so I can say that I love you.
Of all the guys I've ever met, you're the one, I won't forget.
And if I die before you do, I go to heaven and wait for you.
From the moment I saw you i knew this was true
So damn beautiful my eyes fixated on you.
I wanted to hug you, hold you so tight,
I wanted to tell you this feels so right.
Now i have a voice, my feelings out loud,
A smile on my face so happy and proud.
A girl with a dream and a dream come true,
A girl who has found the one, the one is you!
When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you,
When I first met you i was afraid to kiss you,
When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you,
and now that i love you i am afraid to loose you.
Love is like a river, or maybe a deep blue sea.
Love flows on forever, always and endlessly.
Love is something special, something you can't touch or see.
Love is amazing, this thing I feel for you and you for me.
:iconxbabsx:xBaBsx 1,597 301
The only thing I want is to be in love with you
to spend a lifetime just watching your mouth
speaking the words that captivate me
I only want to forget the world
forget everything I've ever known
The only thing I want is to be in love with you
to watch each day pass by like seconds
on a clock that never runs
I want to find myself in you
to become what I have longed for
you are my inspiration
though it seems
you're much
too much
I don't deserve it
I only want to feel your touch
the touch of an angel that guides me home when I am lost
and gives me love when I feel that I am hated
You are my guardian angel
You are my angel for life
perfect in every way
don't ever change
I love you...
I will always love you
:iconshae2003:shae2003 977 188



United States
dis is me. yup

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Rap
Favourite cartoon character: Peter! from family guy
Personal Quote: PLZ look at mah gallery ;)
Hey everyone!
im back again and ive missed you all very much
ive been working and doing music but  have made time to go online when i can.
i am now writing stuff about my life called allmyfriends
check it out!
xx <3
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  • Watching: amazing sights
  • Drinking: coke


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