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what is your favorite lyric? what is your favorite song? what is your favorite genre of music? who is your favorite band? who is your favorite singer? why is music so important to you?
and scream MUSIC IS FOREVER!
:thumb93750873: Heart by frodon

Music Is My Boyfriend by DaXXe Music Is My Girlfriend by DaXXe I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate:thumb85028482: Music Is Life by Wearwolfaa:thumb114507454: Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner music is art by OlegVRK Music in my heart by Pushok-12:thumb112195866:

i love stamps. they have to exist everywhere.

violin by 0o0o0 Musical Taste by armene therapy by sameoddstory Street music 2 by Daremi sing your heart out, kid by rtkluge Mark Abre - image 2 by Stillman-images Guitar by Filidea Natural Music by sexties Me And My Violin by bagzmax21 Dirty Rock 'n' Roll by jazzylemonade Hop On Pop by jazzylemonade Tercet by jazzylemonade No-One's Getting Younger (Simon Binks 1987-2014) by jazzylemonade yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaAAAAAHHHHHH by jazzylemonade Strangers In Poloroids by jazzylemonade Like a Whisper in Winter by jazzylemonade:thumb51575142: music is my boyfriend by Chibasenka See through music by Julie-de-Waroquier Same old songs by krmenxa:thumb55936620: sinking into music by peachjuice Vomit The Music by ElifKarakoc my favorite baby by YAYforPOPCORN:thumb50342764: Music in You by dsco Killer Song by muratsuyur Z feat the mighty cat hat II by c1p0 by TangoCancion Listen by avivi Just Listen by shutterbug13 Turn It Up by ParenthesisX listen by monis Me and my guitar by mrsomebody:thumb102154103: Listen by Andross01:thumb129356031: music by michaljedraszko can't stop the music by thrillspill music on, world off. by sophiaazhou DJ-2 by buzillo:thumb72097453::thumb55674396::thumb124835304: You Shook Me All Night Long by jazzylemonade:thumb85113986: magick by hollyjools

Mature Content

Music by razoomanet

Mature Content

I love music by NoDate

Mature Content

Soul Music 2 by Templas

Mature Content

Janina - Music for my ears by JaninaN

Mature Content

Embrace the Music by Lordcorleon

Mature Content

Music is the Key... by Karo-Katha

Mature Content

Music by chenvv
:thumb104423399: Hey hey, I wanna be a rockstar by Ilojleen

Mature Content

Passion -- Music by Saphyra

Mature Content

Behind the Music by cosfrog

Mature Content

Broken Violin by jennipenny

Mature Content

Midnight Sonata by sifu
:thumb108259027::thumb79642371: play the classic music by lidlshmidl:thumb144750375: Kuambil gitar.... by cocobi-lens Music Hayk2 by Grinch7:thumb117611910: Feel The Music by Templas:thumb120441453::thumb140649200: Slovak workers - Svacko by hellmet:thumb43755226: music. by AnonymousNymph feel the music by photoflake:thumb105584250: music forest by Chibasenka Music Was My First Love by Dray-sen Music is my love by Wacia:thumb105588407::thumb120197893: music in sky by Chibasenka listen to music by Without-Anesthetic Music sweet Music by SilverEagle21 music by wizuu music passion by marcinsrodek Listen to the music 2 by Pasparici D I S C O Music by LuGiais wait by yellowish Vinil heads by TheGoo-GooButterfly music by deadcityradio Music of city by LonelyPierot Burning for music by Ciril hear the music II by aNdikapatRya:thumb105316785: music put me to sleep by candyxcloud Music was my first love by xemotearzx Music .. sweet dream by milka-bulle my life revolves around music by jsouzaprimo Don't stop the music by hatefamous MuSiC by kokardawkropki:thumb144263678::thumb63723807: Music by firarifunda music by devianterika music. by shiny-diamond Music : Heart by javertime Without the Music I by trackchick:thumb79263737::thumb69213046: Portrait of a Guitarist by SoRealMacroRemi Melody by peekaboo39:thumb109008753: I love Music by Widyantara The piano by I-am-F more music by llnanooll:thumb30289141: music in she by MotyPest Feeling The Music 3 by slm0smy:thumb144128859: to listen wind by brusnika-girl Sotiris 7 by M-word Chicken Music by Teeslpscreations my music by SweetShading Melody, a portrait by jesiel inconsistent by mh2enough my own beat by OneWaleTwoLegs:thumb33146554: the warmth... by Nihal82's ike the sound of music by DailyRoxyTool music. by oliv93:thumb67827512: Music by DigitalMassacre Music is my boyfriend by kova27 last summer music by Lucem Music inside of me by krmenxa Lovely Music by PhotoYoung Badem music video IX by mehmeturgut Silent Music by JacobEliana Rain is Music... by OdysseyTheory:thumb115522760: Write me a love song. by retropolice Happy face by HyenArts silence is killing me by SNo0p:thumb67545560::thumb60992043: guitar one by po-sol-ona IndieBoy by Lucem:thumb103330607::thumb92166480::thumb61269942: music is my hot hot sex. by tylko:thumb79177348: Eat, Drink and Breath Music by musiclostlove Planet Music by cerbenkoc Rock and Roll Stars by jazzylemonade shine music7 by yd84:thumb118921888::thumb120787555: don't stop the music by dancingperfect Music Equals Love by lilyamidthorns26 No Droogies by ashleyalexandraphoto Sound of Music. by orital91 Write me a song II by GoldenSands addicted to music by general-joy:thumb75216343::thumb78219561: Cheers by jazzylemonade:thumb85018513::thumb80051087: MUSIC CAN SAVE YOU by Faeolan Vintage melody by epack Music world wide. by tigaricufiltru:thumb58016873: Lxxx Yxx Sx Mxxx by momomilk:thumb121953690: Bon Jovi by red-vervet:thumb142185240: Music by SuperSzajs:thumb69756506::thumb82597085:It Ended On An Oily Stage by jazzylemonadeMusic gets the best of me by TeoMyselfThe sound of music by Heleneee:thumb95992313::thumb70713835:Music by OkonstenListen... by JeanFan:thumb85922493:music - life by lince-rock:thumb57701533:Music unplugged by BavenmarkSheet Music by CitrusfruktYou are the music in me. by dae-mon1:thumb120527509:marked by music by amanda-johnsonPlease don't stop the music by and monotony. by marshmallow-piesWhere the music is... by WakenTheDead:thumb143708145:feel the melody by monstermagnetEat Your Melodies by raemarshallmusic of the nature by F-red:thumb118619984::thumb130576791::thumb41110146::thumb112548176:Bring In the Noise by deludeddestinyRoar session 2 by v-trayalShuichi- Feel the Music by twinfoolsMusic is our life by FujimiyaRanTraveling Music by fallenrosemediamusic is everywhere by MaryOnCarillonmusic by SelinacatI love Music by seventiesMusic by rmayani:thumb119650854::thumb68996404:Disco for life by ShoGoesBangMusic box by KatrinaStrangershamble music by huntingforwitches:thumb65123233::thumb144131976:The Rythm Of Life by assica:thumb113342630::thumb52979725:Music 2 by Free-Dragonflymusic by sickimaginationPianist by neon-lilithMUSIC AT HOME by cetroboMusic Therapy by wekster2507Music by nikolagavric:thumb63476823:Cat Music by esoticoMusic by diamondfinderMusic teddybear by Holly2007Music is by lunchboxith:thumb109677115:Play... by ael00Street Music by DavidVogtCan you hear the music? by StephAndAlexMusic mends the soul by xJ0R13xmusic is our life by misYUMusic by sakiryildirimMusic . by peel-slowly-and-seedon't stop The Music 3 by MihaEla-Cojocariuall we need is by sweet-reality-xoM u s i c LOVER by gapgirlP. 01 by ygksmpodcasts that affect by fade-out:thumb143467708:cold morning by kreskaamusic is my life by julkusiowa:thumb23399616::thumb122087969:Music is Life by MrJackTorranceAutumn music by EredelMusic by 3-2-1-AgniMusic Sheet. by SouksterMusic Man by bassqeeMusic Is Life by PicturePerfectLoveMusic melody by PopsygirlStreet-Music 1 by blackandecker:thumb122972710::thumb124804240:Underground Music Scene by jazzylemonadeMusic Oozing Sex and Passion by jazzylemonadeDo You Like Rock Music? by jazzylemonadeMusic by AlexMassacreFirst Steps Into Music by 11-AMsecret window. by lovebitesocietyfeel the music by thelittlemiraA suspended time... by sextiesthe crowd II by PatrickWallyMusic by PoisonGirl-stsNowhere man ... by graphistolage:thumb75813234:Can't break the silence by tomislav-mozeMorning Sonata by IMustBeDeadmusic is my Saviour by hip-possiblebackground music by ahcecha:thumb134085432::thumb133972627::thumb115519631::thumb123442658::thumb81328934::thumb111105008::thumb144880100::thumb144461108::thumb144687104::thumb142365256::thumb144792906::thumb109200135::thumb121510153::thumb49588605::thumb59332355::thumb109361684::thumb87385861::thumb51307903::thumb83524508::thumb134992809::thumb140026805::thumb129720273::thumb136758371::thumb127525350::thumb106123005::thumb78016285::thumb63230034::thumb59480195::thumb82851227::thumb117676253::thumb113096802::thumb114008080::thumb115450634::thumb34431939::thumb114639817::thumb130096696::thumb115875537::thumb71635184::thumb101351808::thumb127961482::thumb85671765::thumb103994952::thumb72677083::thumb113230420::thumb109699009::thumb104694165::thumb77839427::thumb145144973::thumb145091999::thumb142567310::thumb144286633::thumb142561450::thumb69009732::thumb112077866::thumb58107042::thumb86020404::thumb102255905::thumb110600209::thumb111911408::thumb72177166::thumb49488999::thumb85458761::thumb86428996::thumb49929729::thumb78821476::thumb145272422::thumb144546472::thumb144416988::thumb143602971::thumb32509803::thumb86460113::thumb56148958::thumb38100333::thumb94302562::thumb31434616::thumb13800515::thumb84692144::thumb21929576::thumb19098502::thumb145061726::thumb142015470::thumb131655174::thumb112068190::thumb78688223::thumb29809578::thumb75350239::thumb67279714::thumb33857742::thumb135508433::thumb138171168::thumb143668769::thumb145281227::thumb145065169::thumb145109319::thumb143838904::thumb142717831::thumb142833150::thumb126344760::thumb25274095::thumb109477171::thumb41504893::thumb112909631::thumb112195246::thumb106789778::thumb62906076::thumb128485721:

music is my therapy.


you say music is life. so i hope music won't ever die.


extreme for music lovers.


i would wear music.


i never knew music could be created by hands like this till now.


ouch! but music is worth the pain.


i sing to the lyrics, i dance to the beat, and i listen to music every chance i get.


i like them. so what?


don't you just love concerts?


yummy! music is delicious.


music is love.


listen and watch. it's that simple.


whether you like pop, rap, hip hop, alternative, rock, metal, country, Latino, r&b, etc. they are all beautiful music.


i love my ipod but i hate it when i have to recharge it.

:thumb143255759: do you too? i think music won't change the world but anything is possible. most likely, music can either save or change our lives.

:thumb144769209::thumb66738702: and before i forget...

...DANCE YOUR HEART OUT!:thumb145091758::thumb144669508::thumb115922849::thumb102516518::thumb130614816::thumb50799833::thumb142904402::thumb50428508::thumb97657780::thumb61771936::thumb127531239:

i dance when there is no one in the room.

:thumb96732585: THE END!!!

P.S. check out this deviantart user just in case ya haven't come
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