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Evil Plan Fanart
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Published: March 3, 2009
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WOO! Finally! I've been wanting to do EP fanart for MONTHS, but everytime I drew up a sketch, it looked terrible!

And I dont color any of my stuff I think is bad. But I'm proud of this one. :D

Okay, Evil Plan is a webcomic, my personal favorite webcomic, which you can check over here! > [link] Done by :iconthaliathetiger:

The superhero finally appeared so now I'm ultra excited about whats happening next!

Also, that brown headed figure above Amazing man (The guy in bright red and yellow) is supposed to be William, I wasnt sure of William's color scheme so I guessed. One big thing I noticed about the way :iconthaliathetiger: being totally different from me, is her characters are very colorful. Mine are like.... the opposite. :/ In a good way, it was fun using bright colors for once...!

I probally enjoyed coloring Amazing man the most out of everyone.... just because he's so bright!!

Watch out, Tal. A. Kinesis is gonna take over da world! :3
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Whoa, these characters look awesome in your style.
This comic is great. :3
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Poohbearlover42Student Filmographer
Wow. That is amazingly and epically made of just...grade A win! I don't see a single thing I don't like in this, and that's saying something! Great job!
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Dude this looks really good. n_n I like the superhero dude -gigglesnorts-
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Ooohhh! Looks like I have to resume reading it now. :3

Awesome pic as always!
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ChibiSilverWingsProfessional Artisan Crafter
OMG AWESOME. I'm kinda in love with group pictures that pose people so neat and seriously this is one giant piece of AWESOMEEEEE! Thank you for drawing it! You really got Alexis excited hehe she woke me up all gleeful and poking her laptop in my face hehe.
Loverofpiggies's avatar
haha she told me that!!! >D >D

Neato, you two are roommates? I had no idea! :0
ChibiSilverWings's avatar
ChibiSilverWingsProfessional Artisan Crafter
Heheh yes we are! So actually if you're ever in need of conveying a message to her and she's not around, I'm sure to see her within a few hours XD
Loverofpiggies's avatar
Coolness! Then I'll make sure to ask you!

Btw, what are your icons from? Its driving me crazy! XD I'm always going "Who is that? They look snazzy"
ChibiSilverWings's avatar
ChibiSilverWingsProfessional Artisan Crafter
It's actually a bit of a joke. It's from a strange animated version of Jekyll and Hyde. Mine is Utterson and hers is Henry ^-^ hopefully soon I'm going to animate some pixel art of Lemon and Lime dancing.
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Oblivious-RainStudent General Artist
<3 Fantastic! It's really interesting to see them all in your style.
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FrodseHobbyist Artist
woah >DDD Maybe I should check out that comic sometime :3 Seems pretty cool.

I love the way you did this X'D it's just AWSOME! :D
Loverofpiggies's avatar
Dude its M-azing! My favorite webcomic of all time! :D
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AlexisRoyceProfessional General Artist

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the brushes you've used for your shading and highlight; they make all the colors look so clear. And if I'm not mistaken, I can see touches of Megan's style in the shines on their hair. ^_^

The composition is nothing short of stunning. The characters around the back frame Kinny so well, I see the logo in the back, and the transition from warm to cool colors helps to reinforce the feeling of Kinny's effect on everyone else. And, of course, his coat on the bottom just fills me with total joy. The black is just such a perfect choice; not only does it look great, but if you'd gone with white or gay, it would have caught the eye instead of acting as a frame. The way the white of his coat falls into shading (but still with highlights!) is so dynamic and excellent.

Best for last, the lineart...gah, where to begin?! Your lines are thin, but still so fluid and clear. Everyone's got a bit of intensity in their eyes, but none so much as Kinesis, who just looks like he's having the time of his life; savoring the moment to the fullest. And everyone is just so fully aware of his current state. Even Lime's freaked out, which is quite a task to accomplish, but I think she'd definitely take a few steps back if she saw Kinny making that face. Lime looks adorable next to her. :heart: Kevin (wheee, I think this is my first time using his real name online) keeps drawing my eye again and again, his pose is so fantastic, you can see his mental process so clearly through it, as he goes "Waitaminute- evil?!" William is the only one that doesn't look at least a little anxious, which really fits (and he's making a racket in my head now, going "Can I dye my hair that brown? Huh? Huh? Everyone knows I'm not Amazingman now! Puhleeeeezze? I like it better...*whine whine whine*"). And I've like the way you drew Alice every time I've seen you draw her; you giver her a bit of intensity, which I think makes her stronger.

And of course, the choice to use a real photograph of the world brings out all the other bright colors in the piece, and fits so well, which is so hard to do when combining drawn art and photography.

All in all, I just can't stop finding things that are amazingly right with this piece. I get that glowy feeling of honor looking at it, feeling wholly outclassed and amazingly impressed. It means so much to me that you would not only do fanart for Evil Plan, but that you'd put so much time and effort into it. Thank you so, so much. :D
Loverofpiggies's avatar
WOW.... I was so not expecting such a long reply...!

YOu dont know how good this comment made me feel today... I had a horrible day and this was perfect to come back to.

I'm happy I hit your characters pretty well, I wasnt sure if I would!

And I wanted to work hard on fanart for you, because I wanted to show how much I love Evil Plan. Though in no way do I want you to feel outclassed! XD

Yeah I had a feeling it was blonde, right? I was almost certain it was blonde, but something told me to go with brown, so I did. :D
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AlexisRoyceProfessional General Artist
I like to talk about the things that I enjoy, and I like to talk about exactly why I like them. ^_^ I also always want to show my appreciation; this picture is wonderful, and I wanted to show you not only how much I enjoyed it, but that I can understand the scope of the work that went into making it.

And don't worry. I used to get all despairing when I felt outclassed. Now, I get inspired. *Grins*

William's a blond, yes, but I wasn't kidding. He's making such a fuss about wanting to dye it now. And he hasn't made his last appearance (Hahahahahaha...ahhh...far from it...), so perhaps he'll get to change his look.
Loverofpiggies's avatar
OH EM GEE THEN HE'S TOTALLY COMING BACK IN FOR SOMETHING HUGE. (Which I was sort of figuring, but now I have a hint of proof!)

You dont know how excited to make me to want to see new pages! >x<
AlexisRoyce's avatar
AlexisRoyceProfessional General Artist
Yeah, it's pretty easy to tell that he's going to come back in at some point. Either that, or I introduced a random character, vitally tied up in Kinesis' past, just to never use him again. :XD:

Speaking of pages, I have to finish a couple and send them to Megan tonight, or my task master (~ChibiSilverWings) is gonna flay me. XD
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Btw, just throwing this out there, if you ever need help with coloring pages, I can totally alter my coloring style and help you guys. :3
AlexisRoyce's avatar
AlexisRoyceProfessional General Artist
Thank you so much! Perhaps that could be really fun for a side story. :excited:
Loverofpiggies's avatar
coolio!! XD!

I just wanted you to know incase you ever needed any help.
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man, this is pretty awesome ^^ I love it.
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OMG!!!! I love how you drew 'em! XD :heart: WOW! :+fav: =ThaliatheTiger will love it for sure!!!!
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