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Hundreds of children yelling, screaming.
Horrified wails that deafen you.
The fear is tangible,
So thick you can’t breathe,
The shame of a thousand souls.
And then, midst the howling,
A faint cry of hope,
A baby that has not yet fallen.
A child that hasn’t been tainted,
And the evil seems to be gone.
Then a cry from the child.
His voice joins the torment.
Screaming.  All hope is gone.

You Laugh

When I hear your lovely laugh,
And gaze in your beautiful eyes,
I long to feel the warmth of your touch,
And light your face with a smile.
I make a joke, you laugh, you smile.
My heart is filled with joy.
The color in your velvet cheeks
Paints my heart with love.
But my heart overflows,
As you laugh and laugh.
My heart breaks, and the love
Runs down my cheeks
Into my trembling hands.
And you laugh.


A smile, a wink,
A giggle, a laugh,
Then you glare me down,
Cut my heart in half.
The tears cannot clean
The cut that you made.
The sorrow can't fill
The hole in my soul.
The comfort of friends,
And forgiveness from you.
Once I have that,
I can live again.


Shadows flicker in the sunlight,
Branches flow in the breeze.
The air is cool, the wind, refreshing.
Birds are swooping through the air,
Sounds of laughter echo,
And the insects are constantly buzzing,
Filling the air with a noisy peace.
A calming, enjoyable sound.
Children are playing, clouds are dancing
In an empty blue ballroom of sky.
And all of this is God’s creation,
Who else could inspire such awe?
© 2004 - 2020 lovernotafighter
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AbsarokaJoHobbyist Digital Artist
Powerfull imagry
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Love these,more plz
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Puppycat0107Student General Artist
You should enter in the Better Future Program poetry contest! betterfutureprogram.weebly.com…
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thegraveyardcowboyProfessional Writer
I like the arrangement of space and stanzas.
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River-of-NightHobbyist Writer
I LOVE it! You create a world - paint a picture with words. It's amazing.
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LongswordSamuraiHobbyist Writer
I love your way with words. Draws the reader in and paints a distinctive picture with each line. Awesome work. :) 
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THATS SO AWESOME U SHOULD READ SOME OF MY POETRY SOME TIME I THINK WE WOULD GET ALONG!........sorry for yellling...* shyly hides behind a random dog*......
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SilvanaGailHobbyist Traditional Artist
This comment confuses me... I like the poem too though!
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beautiful use of description 
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TalesFromMyCellHobbyist Photographer
I like this, it has good imagery.  It's very poetic.
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I just like to write poetry.  I write when I am motivated by some event or holiday or family, etc.  It is my way of expressing my feelings.  
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Thru-the-Lens101Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice read
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ashton246Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's almost like a song
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StompychuHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work. I like how you composed and put them together.
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ultimatic2Student Artist
My feels...
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Viidith22Hobbyist Writer
I love this! It seems like a mix of some of my own poems, which makes it so compelling!
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DarkPulseGirlHobbyist General Artist
So lovely, beautiful poem
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Thorns-And-Roses General Artist
I think it's amazing. You're expressing the emotions and feeling so deeply....
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wordsofdeath General Artist
Hmm.... don't take this offensively, please, but to be truly honest with you, the beginning sounds like you're trying much too hard to create fear in the poem so it's like you're szhoving it down the reader's throat.... try relaxing it a little, perhaps?
And also.... may I ask how old you are? Because depending on your age Icould either consider this wonderful writing for your age or.... well, not so brilliant (sorry) although, don't get me wrong. I do like your writing. It just seems a bit.... juvenile.... and not very original.... but for say.... a teen, it wouldn't be so bad. It could be considered good then. But otherwise.... mediocre at the least. Again, sorry. Don't take offence, and Igreatly encourage you to keep writing! :)
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baterypowerHobbyist Writer
amazing poetry
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DragonGenisisHobbyist Writer
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TheInkheartHobbyist Writer
This is so amazingly good! :heart:
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MossfernStudent Writer
I think that what you said was very crude Person-A-B. I think it's a beautiful poem and very well written. I write poetry myself, so I know that something like this would be extremely hard and would need a lot of talent. Well done!:)
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