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Current Residence: a room with a view
Favourite genre of music: something i can DANCE to
Skin of choice: pale, occasionally oily, mostly chapped- mine

Favourite Games
pretending to be someone im not in the hopes of becoming that person
Favourite Gaming Platform
the escarpment
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barre, marley, leather slippers, leotards, pointy sticks, string, computer
Other Interests
people, knitting, God, dancing, boys
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I miss him. Its pretty simple.  I haven't seen him in a few months and I miss him.  I haven't heard his voice for a while either, because hearing a recording of it doesn't count. And I laid down to go to sleep because I thought I was tired but then he entered into my mind and I realized how much I missed him and I got this feeling of butterflies in my stomach.  It's accompanied by an ache in my heart.  And when I recognize this ache, the butterflies get worse and I wonder if they aren't really just me feeling sick or something. But that single tear that leaked out when I thought about the last time we talked... it tells me that the butterf
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I have changed alot over the past few months.  Why?  Because I have met my soulmate.  And he just happens to be gay. I spoke to starbucks about it, asking if he thought that it was possible to have more than one soulmate of a particular sex (because genderwise Gumby is more female than male.  albeit not completely.  and in a way, although i can be uber girly, i am a bit masculine at times.  which explains why we fit).  i cant remember starbucks' answer. The point is that Gumby has changed me.  I am doing and saying and thinking things I never would have done before.  Some changes are good, a few are bad. Other changes that have occured are
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I am back at school, sigh.  Not that I don't like school, I do.  I just am not ready for another crazy semester.  Anyways, I will post some more pics I took over the break laterz.  Night night.
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Lubbock Sketch Club

Meets every Saturday at 7:00 PM at Freebirds in the shopping center across from the mall behind Hooters.

Show up, eat a burrito, draw. It is lots of fun.
you know, i wonder what psychiatrist used to weigh one's amount of "crazy." If you simply see the world in a different way, and the psych fails to understand that point of view- does it make you crazy? Because then I am fucked up the ass in crazy- I don't think anyone understand me. i don't know. but i would like to see that movie- it looks like one of the pivitol points in a persons acting career where they can actually to do serious if they wanted, like Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine and Jamie Fox in Ray. Besides, I love that british women in nanny mcfee. :} I love you poupee face.
i will. and btw, i love you too.
hang in there poupee.
i will. and btw, i love you too.
hang in there babette.
aww welcome to da i hope you like it around here *hugs* i like cs lewis too :D hmm *hands you a box of chocolate, several girlie movies with beautiful men in them, a box of kleenex and a teddy bear* thats the best i can do :( i know it sucks right now, but someone will come along i promise! i know how you feel :( a month ago this adorable guy came and found me and it shocked the hell out of me. ^_^ yours will find you when you arent expecting it :D i'm a redhead too! yay for redheads we have the best haircolor and we can do something get into trouble and say its cause i'ma redhead adn that immediately makes it okay! XD