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Beyond the clouds that laid softly on top of the trees, that is surrounded by an area of peace, in all four of the countries there was a place that could make any dark, cold creature feel joyful just by the sight of this place. A place called Lupna. It was a clear bright land, covered in white puff, that protect and guarded the civilization of Cuulings, a type of person/creature born with the power of flight and an intelligence that has never been heard of. The white rich aroma of soft damp clouds weren't used for land to walk upon, but an object, a tool, to build a civilization. Clouds turn to houses, buildings, beds, clothes, cradles to hold the young, and pins to keep the Argo Beasts in and secure.

A peaceful land (country) unable to be touched and marked by chaos and war. Lupna's intelligence was greater than any creatures and more powerful than any. Lupna was like code unable to be broken. As more and more found out about Lupna's power the more and more it created everlasting codes. Lupna was a land containing more beauty than the everlasting shine of heaven and more new than a newborn’s eyes that have been lit up by the world. If a person or creature followed the never ending rivers, from the highest peak of Lupna’s mountain, over the edge, that looks down upon the foggy clear trees with the most greenest healthiest leafs seen, you can see the shimmers of the rarest pink and yellows combined within the blue ocean sky.
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March 17, 2015


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