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MxlsxMotU: Masters of the Mixelverse - Card #1 by ZootyCutie MxlsxMotU: Masters of the Mixelverse - Card #1 :iconzootycutie:ZootyCutie 46 14 Mxls - OCs: Scne Screne by LovelyTeng13 Mxls - OCs: Scne Screne :iconlovelyteng13:LovelyTeng13 1 0 BUTTZILLA by kjay747-400 BUTTZILLA :iconkjay747-400:kjay747-400 67 13 Gamebotz:Trapped by alex20191 Gamebotz:Trapped :iconalex20191:alex20191 2 0 MxlsXTRON - Series 2 by worldofcaitlyn MxlsXTRON - Series 2 :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 15 2
My Mixels OCs Attiopolis Names
Series 19 OCs
Policitude - Phil Hayes
Arreslyand - Daran Norris
Jailli - Chris Cox
Angela - Tara Strong
Angelina - Cree Summer
Anghost - Seth MacFarlane
Gamode - Tom Kenny
Gamy - Jeff Bennett
Kingame - J.K. Simmons
Series 20 OCs
Ringbell - Matthew McConaughey
Watergency - Seth MacFarlane
Attwater - Jeff Bennett
Talentow - Tom Kenny
Singalent - Jeff Bennett
Creatimagic - Matthew McConaughey
Gemypes - Jeff Bennett
Gemolonge - Daran Norris
Gemeapon - Tom Kenny
Series 21 OCs
Dr.Carey - Jess Harnell
Nurse Aida - Sussane Blakeslee
Hospi - Peter Jason
Evola - Scarlett Johansson
Evolutime - Seth MacFarlane
Evohumal - Matthew McConaughey
Gex and
:iconlovelyteng13:LovelyTeng13 1 0
.:Krader and Teslo:. by Monika-Akimasa .:Krader and Teslo:. :iconmonika-akimasa:Monika-Akimasa 11 11 RQ - Jacob Navin III in ONAF by PogorikiFan10
Mature content
RQ - Jacob Navin III in ONAF :iconpogorikifan10:PogorikiFan10 6 0
Mixels - HHoM Characters
Characters for the Mixels fanmade Halloween special, Happy Haunts of Mixopolis...
The kids that are in charge of Haunted Mixoplolis Manor (a haunted house attraction in Mixopolis):
Saki (OC) - Gothic Victorian vampire
[*costume description: Fake vampire fangs with fake blood, white powder on his face that made it look paler, a red heart marking, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, a black Victorian coat, a white dress shirt a dark red vest, a red ascot tie, a red band around his waist under the coat, a red sash, white gloves, black shorts, white leggings, dark red boots, a ruby brooch in the shape of a heart on the right side of his chest, a black and red vampire cape and dark red vampire wings]
Sakura the 2nd/S2 (OC) - Ghost girl
[*costume description: White body paint, black eyeliner, heart marking, lipstick and eyeshadow, white dyed hair, a long-sleeved floor-length white dress, white gloves, a ghostly hooded cape and white glow-in-the-dark powder
:iconpogorikifan10:PogorikiFan10 5 11
Mixels - Happy Haunts of Mixopolis (Fanmade)
It's Halloween in Mixopolis. This story is filled with candy, cubits, fear, color, music, mixing, fright, terror, monsters, ghosts, Nixels and scary stories that include parodies and spoofs of the most famous horror movies, books, stories, games and shows, as well as some creepypastas and some Halloween movies and specials, with special guests including the voice of Scott Cawthon.
The title "Happy Haunts of Mixopolis" is a reference to The Haunted Mansion. (Ever heard of the song, Grim Grinning Ghosts?)
The theme song for the opening sequence in this show will be the Mixels theme mixed with the instrumental versions of these songs: "Flumpty's Jam" and "Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat" by Will Ryans (DAGames), "Grim Grinning Ghosts" form The Haunted Mansion, The Haunted Mansion waltz theme, "Come Little Children" by Katethegreat19, "Once Upon a December" from Don Bluth's Anastasia, the waltz version of WoodenToaster's "Rainbow Factory", the Small World Clocktower boss
:iconpogorikifan10:PogorikiFan10 5 2
Flextajinx fanchild by barbaracatelyn Flextajinx fanchild :iconbarbaracatelyn:barbaracatelyn 4 0 Mxls - Centuries page 18 by worldofcaitlyn Mxls - Centuries page 18 :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 12 1 Not creative title by Ninhawesome10 Not creative title :iconninhawesome10:Ninhawesome10 20 2 [FANART] Mxls - Kids Club Selfie by ZoomTorch20 [FANART] Mxls - Kids Club Selfie :iconzoomtorch20:ZoomTorch20 85 32 The Series Is Complete! by Elbeno62 The Series Is Complete! :iconelbeno62:Elbeno62 10 2
My Favourites Part Mixels! And others



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LovelyTeng's Profile Picture
Trisha Jane
Artist | Student | Literature
I'm Trisha Jane A. Postrado
I have many Mixels OC and Future Mixels
My Mixels OCs are endless or end series
My Future Mixels are my favorite characters is Joff, Diren, Grittin, Phall, and Chirl.

1. Joff
Jeff Bennett's Four Main Mixels.
Leader of Future Mixels, he's smart, music, shy, and friendly.

2. Diren
Daran Norris' Four Main Mixels.
Trick of Special, he's singer, music mixer, playful, race, and special.

3. Grittin
Griffin Burns' Three Main Mixels.
Biggest Fan of Science, he best friends: Joff and Diren, he's reader, fun, and good of talking.

4. Phall
Phil Hayes' Two Main Mixels.
Secondary Leader of Future Mixels, he best friends MCPD: Diren and Chirl, and one side friend: Joff but he scared at Phall and later bring come Joff not scared at Phall bring his friend, my episode Joff bring friend with Phall by "Future Mixels Song Together". He's missions of police and space of stars.

5. Chirl
Chris Cox's Three Main Mixels
Secondary Co-Leader of Future Mixels, he's nervous, time on clock, and built.

6. Tumy
Tom Kenny's Seven Main Mixels.
Co-Leader of Future Mixels, he's most popular the Future Mixels, smart, and kind of special.

7. Dreve
Dave Fennoy's Four Main Mixels.
President of Future Mixels, he's helping, dancing, and very happy.

8. Pitor
Peter Jason's Four Main Mixels.
Helper of Future Mixels, he's mood and best friends: Joff, Chirl, and Dreve.

9. Ridger
Rodger Bumpass' Two Main Mixels.
Teacher of Future Mixels, he's smart and brain with people.

10. Onlla
One Voice Cast's Seven Main Mixels.
Co-Teacher of Future, she's talent, and more kind of thing.

11. Unkniwa
No or Various Voice Cast's Eight Main Mixels.
Joyful of Future Mixels, she best friends: Onlla and Joff, she's music, cute, and smart.

12. Dovit
David P. Smith's Three Main Mixels.
Created Story of Future Mixels, he's funny and crazy.

13. Juss
Jess Harnell's Six Main Mixels.
Co-Created of Future Mixels, he's joyful, smart, and shy.

14. Frod
Fred Tatasciore's Two Main Mixels.
Mood of Sleepy, he's mood and boring of sleep.

15. Phol
Phil LaMarr's Three Main Mixels.
Smart of Special, he's smart, strong, and sad.

16. Bally
Billy West's Three Main Mixels.
Sadly of Future Mixels, he's sad, joy, and forgetting.

17. Bampir
Bumper Robinson's Three Main Mixels.
Joy of Future Mixels, he's joyful, playful, and dance.

18. Muttie
Maddie Taylor's Two Main Mixels
Co-Creative of Future Mixels, she's creative and lovely hug.

19. Corlos
Carlos Alazraqui's Two Main Mixels.
Creative of Future Mixels, he's joyful with hand and magic with trick.

20. Sleve
Steve Blum's Four Main Mixels.
Phall's Twin Brother, friends are Diren, Grittin, and Joff, he joke and moody.

21. Richald
Richard Horvitz's Two Main Mixels.
He very opposite two mix personality, he cousin is Joff, he smart and angry.

22. Grell
Gregg Bissonette's Two Main Mixels.
News of Future Mixels, he's friends are Joff and Tumy. He news of thing.

Future Mixels are Hybrids Mixels. The episodes and songs are you and me.

Future Mixels Other
1. Tooti is Joff's Girlfriend.
2. Teff is Jeff Bennett's Two Other Mixels
And More Other Future Mixels

My Mixsona
Tripolica Jaila is MCPD Mixsona
Tiketz's Girlfriend, Kuffs' and Busto's Cousin.

My Color Switch Mixels is game my phone on Google Play.

Main Characters
24 Game Mode Mixels
15 Endless Mode Mixels

Main Leader
Chottenge is Future Leader of Game Mode Mixels.

Cloppic is Future Leader of Endless Mode Mixels.

Golo Mode is father Color Switch Mixels, he leader of Game Mode Mixels, Eranell Mola's Husband.

Eranell Mola is mother Color Switch Mixels, she leader of Endless Mode Mixels, Golo Modo's Wife.

Other Characters
A. Color Glasses Scientists
1. Purlla
Leader of Color Glasses Scientists and Color Change Team, she six arm and magic four color. She nice, shy, and smart. Yittaw's Girlfriend, Ligth Bloe's Brother, Fasctia's Best Friend and Sister.

2. Yittaw
Scientists of Investor, he use remote and kind of investing, he kind and smart. Purlla's Boyfriend, Light Bloe's Best Friend and Brother, Fasctia's Sister.

3. Ligth Bloe
Co-Scientist of Color Glasses Scientists, he one leg with roller skate, and hands are kind of things, he greatly and smart. Purlla's Sister, Yittaw's Best Friend and Brother, Fasctia's Boyfriend.

4. Fasctia
Co-Inventor Color Glasses Scientists, she four arms and two legs with flying, she best of scientific, helpful, joyful, and smart. Purlla's Best Friend and Sister, Yittaw's Sister, Ligth Bloe's Girlfrind.

Good News is...
New Three Future Mixels are Sleve, Richald, and Grell.

Daran Norris and Me are November Birthday, For me November 30!

Bad news is...
Account is can't verify my account because too hard.

I'm live Philippines, but talk English, Mom YouTube is Me of Talk, and make My Future Mixels Hybrids OCs Series Show is I'll make this, but can't verify because too hard, help me!

My Mixels OCs Series are make journal but not write because can't verify my account help me and how verify and messages?

My Favourite Mixels
1. Dribbal is main characters my fanfiction and voice by Jeff Bennett.
2. Tiketz is pretty scary with date by Kuffs because he young 4 years ago in Young Tiketz, he science, singer, and trick!

3. Snoof is main characters by Dribbal, he great friends are Dribbal, Tiketz, Spugg, and Waka!

4. Kuffs is date with Gendarmia (ZootyCutie's OC) because he so funnier than Tiketz's fear of date.

5. Gendarmia is Fear of Darkness Church, her uncle and friends are Dark Priests (by PogorikiFan10). She main protagonist in my make this story "The Dark Priests MCPD".
The Mixopoils Mall Peoples are Gendarmia's Past with her Uncle and Tiketz, Joystiq (ZootyCutie's OC) Great friend in Mixopoils Mall.

6. Gurggle is Dribbal's Great Friend, he so happy with Dribbal but without him, Gurggle just think with Dribbal's Special and Memorial Song.

My Favorite Mixels because Mixels Voice Casts are Great!

My Favourite Voice Cast of Mixels

Tom Kenny
Jeff Bennett
Daran Norris
Griffin Burns
Cree Summer
Phil Hayes


No journal entries yet.

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