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Here is a gift frome me ~ [MMD x Persona 5]

Character  ArsèneLocation  Velvet Room
Oh wow 
Since I started to watch let's plays about Persona 5, I've wanted to make a fanart of my favorite Persona, Arsène. I'm so happy of the result ! *cries in baguette*
I love contrasts and playing with lights. So I can understand that some people don't like the render. But I personaly love it

Velvet room and Arsène by : Atlus, Sega and so-on ; ported to XPS by Xelandis
Ported to MMD by me (Lovely Rosselia)

I don't know if one day I will make packs of Persona's stuff, but heh, from know, I won't, or maybe for just some friends.
If people ask me to do it, I will upload my ports. Tbh I'm kinda scared about it. The MMD Comunity is starting to being toxic. So yeah. I'll see it.

Anyway, I hope you like it ! ^^ 
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Is there a download for this? I really need one....

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I've ported this myself.
But I can release it ^^
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Please do, all the ones I've seen are broken. I understand if you don't want to but I would really appreciate it!!

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I will do that today