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Oreo Craze [SSBBW, SSBHM, XWG]
It was a sunny day at the Metropolis city park where people gathered in a crowd surrounding JLA members Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter who were standing and was accompanied by a huge stack of industrial-sized boxes. The onlookers were of course baffled and wondering what kind of peculiar thing the heroes were about to do. Eventually the crowd's chatter was interrupted as their attention aimed to someone with a megahorn with an announcement. “Good day everyone. We're from the Girl Scouts Foundation and are honored to have esteemed members from the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter hosting this gathering for a small fundraiser going to various charities. So sit tight and enjoy, thank you!"
The star-spangled Amazon was seated in a chair while J'onn holding a huge box that contained America's favorite cookie that was the legendary Oreo and the green alien's personal addiction. The Martian digged his hand into the box and grabbed however ma
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Mature content
12 Angels on The Farm [SSBHM, SSBBW, Squashing] :iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 3 0
Aliens Like Bacon Cheeseburgers With Lime Soda
Chi-Chi slowly rolled off the couch and onto the floor with her eyes barely opened. She screamed when she hit the hard wooden floor and impacted the burger cardboard cartons. She shoved the garbage away from her and stood up while rubbing the sleep from her eyes. The housewife grumbled angrily while looking around her once pristine living room, now cluttered with previously used packages and food wrappers. A greasy smell vaguely consisted of cooked bacon and ranch permeated the place that it would probably take forever to get rid of.
The disgruntled woman stretched and heard a knock at the door. It made her body jerked in a… negative reaction. The same familiar knock she dreaded every morning. Chi-Chi felt her teeth grinding against each other while trudging carefully through the trash that reached well over her ankles. The door continued to knock a few more times before the woman finally reached her destination. She slowly opened it, not wanting to come face to face with the unw
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Bliss [SSBHM]
The clock ticked at midnight, and Stella didn't know why she was still on her phone for the last hour instead of sleeping. Looking at the date made her cringe a little, it was Valentine's Day. Now she remembered why she was so busy binge watching shows, so she could forget the fact that her Valentine plans with her husband were canceled because of an emergency at work. Sure, getting over it was easy but when you had to reschedule a romantic date with your spouse four times already, one might understand the frustration. With that said, Stella put her phone down and went to sleep, trying to dream of something distracting.
It was only thirty minutes into V-Day and the black-haired woman flashed her eyes open. Stella couldn't sleep. So instead she went downstairs, grabbed a bag of snacks and sparkling water, and turned on Netflix.
After watching more television for another two hours, Stella switched it off and sat on the couch nonchalant with her mind deep in thought. Great, a few hours in
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The Androiquins
♦️ Overview ♦️
The Androiquins are a fabricated warlike race of androids and gynoids designed with a general/children’s entertainment aesthetic and paraphernalia which are clowns, jesters, ragdolls, dolls (both handmade and fashion), mimes, and stage magicians. They are a people of strength and playfulness, and forge themselves under a self-made society.The material they are made out of is a space metal that can be flexible and bend more easily, along with powerfully made cybernetics. They typically appear morbidly obese, fat, curvy, or chubby with a healthy dose of muscle.
🎲 Purpose 🎲
The Androiquins are a race build for warfare by their creators the Trojans who were commissioned by intergalactic leaders. Despite their peaceful nature, the Trojans are not without their weapons so the androids were born. The Androiquins are made or “handcrafted” with the necessary skills and artillery for all kinds of warfare except nuclear. T
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 7 8
A Cat Weighed By Two Stones [SSBHM/XWG]
Beerus was standing over the balcony overlooking the ballroom where plenty of people were dancing wildly across the marble floors. Many from all over were dancing, singing, and chanting various victory melodies while drinking or frolicking in the confetti. The Z Fighters were also present as they too participated in the festivities. Everyone was taking part in the worldwide celebration of the Z Fighters and Crystal Gems defeating an alien menace who wanted to conquer Earth but was hindered by the adopted aliens and the brave humans who carried arms. And there was Beerus himself, the dangerous god of destruction of the 7th Universe. He also helped in the struggle but he decided to give a fair fight and not swat the alien overlord's forces like flies. Why Beerus made such an uncharacteristic decision as he wouldn't get involved in the affairs of mortals on any side, no one could say. However, one can assume Beerus was just “bored”, more so than usual, or m
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An Old Friend [SSBHM]
Janet screamed in frustration after her car somehow grew a conscious and stopped in the road while driving. This was not good. She had a family gathering to attend for Christmas, and had her cousins’ kids presents loaded in the trunk. To add insult to the wound snow was falling down which was the early signs of a nasty blizzard heading its way and the house was only an hour away. Janet was really hoping to get there before it even snowed, she had bad past driving experiences with blizzards….
She hopped out of her car, took out a blue tarp to cover it, and ran with her purse and phone while the snow began to grow heavier. Looks like the blizzard was coming earlier than anticipated. Using her former track feet, the middle-aged woman ran as fast as she could down the road. Janet was just hoping to God there was a house nearby because the snow was suddenly getting heavier by the minute. After running straight for six or seven minutes, a pillar of smoke sprouted from the tr
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Androiquins! - A.B.F.P. [Stuffing]
When the Androiquins arrived to Earth five years prior, people didn't know what to expect from these strange toy-like visitors from the stars other than being extremely confused in their presence. However, those first impressions were muddled further when children obviously approved of the clownish robots with welcoming arms as they literally reminded them of their most cherished possessions. It became even more perplexing after they revealed to be artificial war machines created by interstellar peoples currently unknown. Nonetheless, Earthlings couldn’t decide whether they should feel safe… or something else no one could explain. Regardless of what humans might think, the clowns reassured them that they designated Earth as a recreational resort for the high-profile android and gynoid units such as generals, admirals, the viceroys, and very powerful soldiers.
The Androiquins made no efforts making their collective presence known within the microcosms and macrocosms of human
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Season's Squashings [SSBBW/SSBHM]
Christmas was not the same without Malcolm. Renee and him broke up, although peacefully, back in August where things were not working out between them and both admitted that they were too much into each other’s business. But the best thing during those five years was celebrating Christmas together as Malcolm had so much passion for it, along with Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Boy, those were the days, but since they weren’t dating anymore, it understandably made Renee not get into the spirit. At least the blonde woman was still able to decorate her house with decorations including the tree, stockings above the fireplace, and a holly wreath attached to her front door.
Renee could have gone to her family’s home back in Florida where it was warmer, but she just didn’t have it in her to go for any reason. Or, she could have attended a friend's party or hang out at the skating rink. The woman realized that she didn't do much today, other than binge-watch Hallm
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The fall leaves take flight 
Dancing in the crisp, cool air
Then the leaves fall down.
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 3 0
Snow melts in the sun,
Flowers bloom in gentle warmth,
The birds chant in song.
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 4 0
Call of The Sea
The sea stirring slow,
As I weep in its waters,
It beckons to me.
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 2 1
Before Dinner [SSBHMs, SSBBW]
The young woman clenched her teeth while feeling the first signs of water heating up in the cauldron. The room she was in mostly dark, lit by candles, garnished in Halloween decorations and a few opened windows letting in the occasional autumnal breeze. All she could hear was the fire flickering underneath the massive pot and the occasional call of a crow or owl from the distance outside. The poor lass lost her sense of time and place as she stopped figuring out how long it was or where she was exactly. With the warm water rising slowly, the woman’s heart only continued to beat faster, dreading at what was to become of her soon. Then her face blanched when heavy footsteps from the hallway were heard followed by low whispers.
The sounds of armor jolting broke the silence as three figures entered the room quietly as possible but that could hardly be done with them in their… current state. The woman couldn’t hold back the tears. Then she felt something squishy and soft p
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Lard: Story 1 (SSBBW)
A decade of research all surmised into one tank. The huge canister designed to support an organic vessel of artificial origins until the being within would wake up and live on its own. Two scientists entered the lab where their colleague was typing over a monitor that governed and controlled the tank.
One of them said, “Dr. Stroud wants a final report on Soldier Blanc. He wants to have the project move into Phase 3 soon.”
“The monitor says her vital signs are at maximum for independent movement.”
“And what about the physical training from Phase 2?”
“Acceptable, sir. The test subject showed adequate combat prowess after undergoing the above-average American military regimen, given her the necessary skills and tactics. Even though, most of it's rather rudimentary at best.”
The scientist waved his hand, "There’s no rush Logan. The prototypes are fresh and Phase 3 will serve its purpose in showing the results first-hand to tell us what
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The Trick-or-Treaters [SSBHM, Squashing]
[Vanessa, me and you father are staying late at work, don't forget to leave the candy out for the treaters before Halloween, at MIDNIGHT. October 31, midnight. GET IT?]

The girl barely stirred at the text notification ring from her phone on the dresser as she slept like a rock. Her parents counted on her to get the goods while they were at work. Vanessa never realized she forgot the candy while scrambling at the Halloween shop for a costume and completely ignoring the grocery store afterwards. She ended up rushing home because of the homework load she needed to complete before Halloween so she wouldn't worry about it for Monday. Yet, the reason for not doing the homework earlier was because the idiots who ran her extracurricular activities in untimely ways…. So after doing her academic duties and goof off on her Playstation 4, she went to bed as if everything was normal. And never did she caught on the nagging feeling she was forgetting something vitally important
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 13 2
Beerus's Deadly Maze [DBS/SSBHM]
So there she was, a three-time gold medal swimmer by the name Venus who fearlessly attended a huge sports event called Extreme Waterworks. A water-oriented competition that featured every related sport, recreational or competitive. Venus got through the event effortlessly because she was just that good beyond just swimming Olympic pools. So far, the young woman had won first place in every single water sport category known to man such as surfing, water scooters, sail racing, windsurfing, you name it.
Then, there was the final challenge. Venus was aware of the obstacles and its difficulty but no one before this very moment told her the objective so she was about to go in completely blind without expectation. All cameras were set on her as she was standing in front of a pair of two large doors to a huge indoor pool stadium where the challenge was supposed take place. The door opened and she went in. Upon entering the place, the announcer was ready to describe the final challenge Venus ha
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Fat Emblem: Tanya by Revivedracer209
Mature content
Fat Emblem: Tanya :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 7 0
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Neo UHW II 5 :iconaerial-rave:Aerial-Rave 2 0
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For the first time in weight gain fiction and fanfiction history, a plot idea concerning the Twilight series has been made.

For starters, some of you who even cares to remember that series of borderline drivel that was called "romance" must be thinking, "Mars, the world doesn't deserve your insanity, please cease and desist for all that is sacred.".

Yes, you are right. But let me rebut this. Fanfiction gives us writers the beautiful ability to improve (or in this case, REDEEM) the original source material into something better. I know Bella's and Edward's relationship was screwed up at the beginning. Bella wasn't even a freaking character throughout the series. Hell, I preferred Jacob's friendship with her, because the romance was just.... No.

And on the other hand, I know most readers probably don't even care to see this particular fandom in this niche of literature. I get it. But I'm willing to give it a try, so help us God.

So. First time Twilight WG fanfic may, or may not become a thing. We'll just have to wait and see.



Soo I've bee seeing this thing around so, join me on Curious Cat.
Okay, so I watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time recently and I was genuinely blown away about how... chill and relaxing it was, and that's not something I encounter in movies or cartoons these days, or at least not on Totoro's level.

Makes me more confident in exploring childhood related things in a real way when that time comes.
... I kinda find it surprisingly hard to be one of the few aces in the FA community on here. Don't have anyone to talk to or relate to really. Gets lonely.

Probably another reason for I keep to the sidelines
PSA: There is a myth story out there of Thor having to wear a wedding dress to get his hammer back. 

The ending afterward was fucking awesome. 

I need to write this some day.
Alright, here comes the Most Unpopular Opinion of the Millennium: BHM Ice King from Adventure Time sounds interesting.
Calling all mythology fans! By curiosity, what kind of pantheon you personally want to me to write a member from?
Okay, here are two other species for fat anthros that I don't see at all.

One: Fat Frogs. Tubby Toads. Where the freak are they? Only saw one pic of the former!

Two: To a lesser extent, the fishies, other than the rare sharks or fanart character.
Ok. Massive history tidbit I learned today:…

This... is really surprising.
Ok, in the anthro side of things, why the F is there a huge drought of thick primates or monkeys?
Small Achievement: Written my first nonbinary character in a weight gain story. Not a big deal, but we do need more of this in our line work. Desperately.

Did you read Captain Underpants as a kid? 

16 deviants said Yes.
10 deviants said No.


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Girl. Hobbyist. Part Geek. Silly.

An expansion author who has a creative imagination just as big as the characters (sometimes) she writes. So that means she can write fantasy, science fiction, horror or even the classic weight gain or fat story as long as the idea is of exceptional interest. These days I strive to write more than what's acceptable into the realms of mass appeal.

Personal WG Writing Quote: I don't need my WG stories to be about chicks or guys getting fat, getting fatter, or just be fat, they just need be about fat people and their story to be told regardless what's it about.

Personal WG Writing Quote #2: As an asexual, I don't need to write for sexual gratification, I just like writing obese characters or people who really like food.

Personal Quote: Learning can be fun. You should remember that!

Personal Writing Quote: Seeing what characters can do is more important than how they are simply created.


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