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Set and Lizbeth.WIP
*It's been a long time since I did any digital painting.  The ancient Egyptian mythology and history is always inspiring as you never know what is going to happen when you dive back into writing.  Working on a full-length Graphic Novel of my ancient Egyptian gargoyles, gods and goddesses.  Reading lots of different Urban Fantasy novels and mythology does help you a lot.  Set may be a god of evil, but there's a lot more to him, than you'd realize.*

The ancient Egyptian god of evil, chaos, darkness, foreigners, and the Lord of Thunder saves a little girl from a horrible house fire.  Set keeps an eye on Lizbeth as she grows up, and becomes a friend who is trusted when everyone else avoids him in the Netherworld and in the Afterlife.  Those scars are from a battle with a gargoyle warrior who was a champion as well as a vassal to both Horus and Anubis.  Set is sometimes rude, while Lizbeth has known Set long enough to understand what he means.  I wanted Set to be a rather formidable ancient Egyptian god.  (I'm working on inking out the graphite sketch of this WIP.)- =) 
The Love of Set - Sketch
*This has been simmering around my head for a long time now - Memphis and the ancient Egyptian god of evil, arid desert landscapes, chaos, and the Lord of Thunder, Set sometimes work together, and sometimes not.  It's been awhile since I've explored the many adventures of the 7 ancient Egyptian mummified gargoyles and humans.  There's an impressive stone statue of Set at the Cairo Museum's entrance along with Horus and Neith where a young modern-day Egyptian woman who works at the museum.*

Something happens to cause this young woman to flee for her life, and run into the dangers of the more arid desert landscapes.  This young woman's co-workers ask Memphis to look into it, and the formidable leader of the Thebes Clan asks for extra help from his friends among the powerful ancient Egyptian gods, and goddesses.  Much to Memphis's shock and wariness: Set offers to keep an eye-out for this very scared young Egyptian woman who is raised among those Egyptian Jackal gargoyles.  Set finds her all alone in the sand dunes.  Lizbeth and Set quickly find that being within a really large oasis with truly powerful fertility and magic spells over the last 4,000 years  leads to romance between a really powerful ancient Egyptian god with a young human woman. =)     
Venus and Memphis - POTS.Sketch
*I've been super busy with getting my Solo Art Exhibit ready to go since September through October.  All of my paintings and shadow boxes with a beach-theme are already on display in a small lobby-turned art gallery for the Burbank Art Association.  Will let you know that I'm keeping busy, and am venturing into finally writing DOWN ALL OF THE EXCITING TALES about my ancient Egyptian gargoyle clans to turn into a full-length Graphic Novel. This is a chance to share the stories and artwork that have been simmering inside my head for a long time; I'm doing all of the writing and art. :nod:  I rediscovered a deep passion for writing down my stories when I was in 7th Grade in 1998, so the cartoon shows of "Gargoyles" and "Mummies Alive!" had a huge positive impact on me to this day.*

         Lady Venus, a rather lovely noblewoman from Rome did not expect to come face-to-face with a truly feral young ancient Egyptian gargoyle hybrid warrior, Memphis who was the brand-new leader of the mysterious Thebes Clan.  He was a total Barbarian compared to the Roman ways and customs.  Memphis gave Venus a confident smile with a hint of arrogance.  This was the first time for both of them to relax without being overheard by normal ancient Egyptian humans.  Venus who had become a source of danger for being a foreign human maiden who wanted freedom to pursue an education far away from Rome.  The human and gargoyle clan members of the Thebes Clan had faced persecution and discrimination within the royal capital city of Memphis in ancient Egypt for their needing each other as friends and as a large family.  Venus stared at just how formidable Memphis was as his dusky bronze skin, sepia spheres and that wild unkept mane of raven hair reached below a firm rear from years of desert living.  Things will happen when you are alone with a pretty wild ancient Egyptian gargoyle Alpha Sire of the Thebes Clan.  Memphis shall risk everything that he is to just defeat the ancient Roman invaders, but at what price is to be paid, by Osiris?

I'm rewriting the "Origin" story about Memphis before he's Reborn, and things could change depending on how things go.  Special thanks to daddysir-kun for his input, and encouragement for this exciting journey. =D     
Tafner and Annie - Colored
*It's been a while since I last drew anything "Gargoyles"- related.  I've also became really inspired to write the stories about my ancient Egyptian gargoyle clans, and turn it into a full-length Graphic Novel.  Tafner is another gargoyle warrior who becomes competition for Memphis, who leads the pretty small Thebes Clan at the moment.  The young Chinese-American woman, Annie is Memphis's best friend all-of-a-sudden finds romance in the deserts when danger appears from the criminal element within the city of Cairo, Egypt.  Annie isn't too fond of Horus, who assists Memphis in his quest to protect both of the Natural, and the Supernatural Worlds.*

Tafner carefully observed this rather lovely human maiden from the land of China.  Memphis appeared aloof as he had returned back from business by the leader of a gargoyle clan.  Annie and Memphis have been in love for awhile, yet the romance begins to be set into a burning flame of deep passion and desire for each other due to the seriousness of Horus who is busy giving rather important information in visions and dreams to his Champion.  Memphis grins a little as he snuzzles the long raven mane of Annie.  A first kiss is stolen from Annie who is pretty confused by Memphis showing renewed interest in her.  The young Black Asp Cobra gargoyle warrior, Tafner challenges Memphis in a battle of 3 rounds to win a mate: the most beautiful Annie from the Southwest in the States.  Who will win?

Hope that you will enjoy these 2! =D 

Spell - Graphite
*One of those really OLD characters that just happened to pop themselves into a vast collection of stories about the adventures of my 7 ancient Egyptian gargoyle clans.  It's been on the back-burner since 1998, and it's about time to create new artwork as well as tales.  Ancient Egyptian mythology is one of my favorites to tap into for Inspiration for both the really deep passion of mine to create art and storytelling. ^U^*

I wanted to draw both of these 2 as children first, and then as young adults.  Dixie lost both of her parents when she was just 6-years-old, while her older brother, Thomas at 13-years-old became super protective of his little sister.  Until news of their parents' unexplained deaths reached Memphis, the mysterious leader of a small group of gargoyles before he even found the Thebes Clan with his friend, Imhotep via the radio on the local news reports in modern-day Cairo, Egypt.  These are 2 super scared American kids from the Deep South of the USA, who are pretty frightened and alone.  Seeing mummified gargoyles were not apart of this family trip for an entire month.  These 2 pretty brave kids, Dixie and her big brother, Thomas do end up becoming adopted into life among a small gargoyle group that goes by the name of the Thebes Clan.  Imhotep and the rather lovely Golden Leopard Sphinx gargoyle warrior-maiden, Emerald decide to take in Thomas as well as a pretty young Dixie who were also raising a young ancient Egyptian boy-Prince, Nefer with a grey hound mummified puppy.  Memphis has 2 twin sons of his own. Kids will squabble.  There's another young woman, Annie who's from China that Memphis is super close friends with in this small clan.  The 4 boys and Dixie LOVE it when the adults have to do Story Time!! :aww:

A girl will become a beautiful young woman and a protective young prince will become a formidable Pharaoh of the human half of the Thebes Clan (Memphis leads the gargoyle half of the Thebes Clan.  Teamwork is just as important to both of these fine desert-bred warriors).  Dixie has gone onto to pursue a degree in History, but she has always considered Egypt as home compared to the States.  She can track beings from the Supernatural world of ancient Egyptian mythology and its Afterlife.  All of a sudden, a small team of ancient Egyptian gargoyle warriors and a rather handsome young man in a Winged Scarab Ra form amulet arrives to protect Dixie from harm.  Memphis states that: "If you bring someone home with you from a battle, they are under your protection".  Dixie and Pharaoh Nefer have been childhood sweethearts for a long time now.  These 2 know that there's a deep passion for each other, but think it's best to renew their close friendship first before beginning to fall head-over-tail for each other.  The tall young man, Nefer is a very honorable, just as well as a highly-skilled Second-Level Magi just like his Teacher who is also a really close friend, Memphis.

Hope that you'll enjoy these 2, uddelhexe-chan and to my other artist friends who are fans of the "Mummies Alive!" cartoon show. :nod:    


Vivianne Bowman
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Current Residence: Southern California & a real dreamer. =D
Favourite genre of music: Celtic & movie soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Manga style
Operating System: (Zzzzzzz)- ;p
Shell of choice: Cowrie seashell
Skin of choice: My own.
Favourite cartoon character: Yue, Sessho-Maru, Kagome, Koga, Ranma, Akane, Sae, Michael, Hotohori, Miaka, & others!
Personal Quote: We have to work together as ONE!
Hi there, everyone.

I just wanted to let all of you know that I'll be leaving on a really fun Painting Trip up to Northern California high up to the mountains of Bishop, CA.  Will be nice to explore more of this area!  I drove past Bishop on another up to Northern California up to the area of Mono Lake, which is another really cool place to visit.  Shall be leaving next week on Monday, June 25 Tuesday, June 26 (Painting Day up at the Bristlecone Pine trees up on White Mountain. These trees are super twisted and short. All of you know that I love history, hiking, fairy tales, and nature. I prepped a small 1' x 2' canvas to paint.), Wednesday, June 27 (Paint Day #2 around Bishop, CA of the local architecture or at where we're staying), and Thursday, June 28 will be a really long drive back home!

3 artist gal friends of mine, and I are going to be staying in the area of Big Pine, CA which I'm super duper excited about. The 4 of us will be painting the beautiful nature, and some easy hiking.

I'll be taking lots of photos!

Vivianne aka Lovely Lady Gray



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