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What to do when there’s no one to come home to?
It feels like every time I
walk right through the door I want to say, “Hi. How are you today?
I have lots of things to say.”
But then I realize
We already said our goodbyes
that’s roughly
The miles that it would take
To get to you
Lately it’s been feeling kind of strange
It feels like something’s out of place
Oh I’ll see you soon
See you soon
See you soo-oo-oon
I woke up one bright morning
To find that you were in my dreams
And it was disappointing to know
You weren’t really with me
Oh gee, I need this cup of tea
And time to think of everything
You know I tend
To worry
that’s roughly
The miles that it would take
To get to you
Lately it’s been feeling kind of strange
It feels like something’s out of place
Oh I’ll see you soon
See you soon
See you soo-oo-oon
We’re missing some laughter
In this big old house
You’re missing the we
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 1 1
I am a wanderer
And I have a hundred stories
I could go on forever
Do you have one for me?
Oh, when I’m awake I like to sing songs
For people’s hearts
And when I am sleeping I like to dream
With sea and stars
So every day meets my embrace
I want to go to places
Smile at the new faces
And I just
Want to become free, yes
Don’t you forget me when
Everything goes by-y-y
Sometimes I have to say goodbye
But I still remember why
I’ll look up towards the sky, to the sky
The world meets my open hands
Invites me to come and dance
And with bright eyes I will take a chance, take a chance
I always hold on to my wishes
Greet them with my kisses
Never doubt what life gives
And I just want to become free, yes
Don’t you forget me when
Everything goes by-y-y
I want to be all I can be, yes
See all you can see, yes
Everything  goes by-y-y
I have heard something of a little
Bird singing and I wonder
If every time it sung with new feelings
This is our life
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 0
Ginger staccato
Dancing so light
From my heartstrings
You’re plucking
I flutter without flight
For the night is gone
And the sun will rise
I’m where I belong
In your loving eyes
Fingers so fragile
You lace yours with mine
I can hear it
Your heartbeat
It slowly counts time
In my life I’ve found
That if I am true
I will find someone
And I know it’s you
I feel the coldness
Whenever I’m lost
But my mind takes a rest
When you enter my thoughts
Every smile that you give
is healing my soul
This love of ours will live
Even when we grow old
I will remember the words that you say
This is morning
I love you
I’ll love you always
Is it time, my dear?
For the sun to rise?
I’m where I belong
In this place and time
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 1
Honey Crossing -Chapter 7-
Natsuki and Rumi stood next to each other on the crowded train. Rumi was reading a book silently, as she held onto the pole. Natsuki watched, having nothing to do on their trip to school. He wanted to talk to someone. Eventually, he held the top of Rumi’s book, and then lifted it up, tilting his head so that he could see what the title was. Rumi immediately turned her head towards him in reaction.
“Hmm…” Natsuki said, reading the title. He put the book down and put his hand back in his pocket. “I haven’t heard of that before…”
Rumi’s eyes were still on him, a bit narrowed. “Hm. A little rude.”
Natsuki’s eyes grew wide. “H-hah? I-I didn’t know…s-s-sorry…” He was a little intimidated by the girl.
“Oh well.” Rumi said, passively. She seemed to return to her book, but then decided otherwise and put her arm down. She turned to Natsuki.
“Are you bored or something?
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 1 0
Honey Crossing -Chapter 6-
“Okay, this is where you get the card.” Ayane said, leading Natsuki over to a booth.
“If you’re going to ride the train often, then it’s wise to get a card instead of having to pay for a ticket every time.”
It was Saturday, and Ayane had taken Natsuki to learn how to ride the train. Since it was the weekend, they were dressed in casual clothes instead of their school uniforms. Ayane had a thin coat on with a scarf and jeans. Natsuki wore a coat with fur on the hood, unbuttoned to reveal a plaid button down top. The weather was getting colder as they were getting closer to December.
“Go ahead, go ask the guy over there. Just tell him you want to purchase a year-long card.”
“O-okay…” Natsuki was nervous to talk to the man. However, he went up, cleared his throat, and succeeded in buying one. Afterwards he returned to Ayane quickly with light steps. He was proud of himself. Ay
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 0
Honey Crossing -Chapter 5-
“Who’s up for a study session?” Mei asked, as the group walked out of the classroom.
“Can’t, I have lacrosse practice today.” Chiaki told them. “Sorry!”
“I can come.” Ayane said. “Kou?”
Natsuki nodded. “Yeah! I will come too!”
“Great!” Mei said with a smile. “I need it…I’m not sure if I’m ready for the English test next week...”
“Aw, me too!” Chiaki said, disappointed. “Darn…well, maybe another time.” He suggested. Chiaki had to walk the other way by now. “Bye guys!”
“Bye!” They all responded.
The group arrived at the library, and began to take out their notebooks. “Let’s see…” Ayane began to say. “Which part is confusing to you?”
Mei was opening her notebook, pushing an idle book aside in order to do so. Somebody stepped beside her. “That’s mine…
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 0
AHHH CHEMISTRY. by LovelyDearyYou AHHH CHEMISTRY. :iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 1 0 Natsuki Faces by LovelyDearyYou Natsuki Faces :iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 3 0 Ayane and Mei!! by LovelyDearyYou Ayane and Mei!! :iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 2 3
Why can’t you hear me breathing?
I’m still here
I’ve lost a bit of faith just finding out
My fears
But love is love
And hate is hate
It courses through my bones
I’ll never again ask who can save me
I just want to go home
All that silly poetry
‘bout trying to find my wings
I’ve been wasting my time
Committing my crimes
Of ambitions for all the wrong things
But I’m now through with fighting
All the things that will never leave
I’ll start by writing some music
That I can ride to set myself free
How softly can I stay afloat?
It does me wonders to sail on this little sailboat
I sometimes remember
The things that I used to believe
I thought that the roses and daisies
Would make me go crazy
But everything’s part of me
I can sing of the sunrise
Kissing my cheeks
And maybe I’ll be more careful
To stand very tall
And not bruise my knees
And make sure I take care of my soul
I know I have a history
Stumbling to and fro
But if I’m al
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 3
I'm Gonna Live on the Moon
I’m gonna live on the moon where it’s nice and empty
I’m gonna take a rocket ship and bring everyone with me
And we will be happy
Yes, we will be happy
And what a wonderful life we’ll see!
On the moon there can’t be a single war
On the moon you’re not allowed to break anybody’s hearts
We’ll all just start to stray away from the hate
Oh, I’ll love living on the moon
There on the moon you never have to feel all lonely every-
where on the moon you’re loved and always have somebody
to be there when you need them
to care when you need them
It’s such a wonderful life we’ll see!
We can dance with the stars
And play our guitars
We’ll plant apple trees
And sing in the breeze
And we can lie down
On the ground
And listen to the sound
Of our heartbeats
I’m gonna live on the moon where it’s nice and empty
I’m gonna take a rocket ship and bring everyone with me
And we will be happy
Yes, we will be happy
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 2 3
Once I told you, "I don't get you."
And you just smiled gently and said, "I don't get me either."
Now, since I am forever outside of you, I can see who you are. If I wanted to, I could maneuver my way into the why's and the how's, and come so near you without touching. Because I no longer picture you as puzzle pieces and childish hopes. My non-deliberate deliberations of the past do not embrace you anymore. Instead they whisk away and they tell me to look at you the way I should have looked at you.
We were so young then. I get you now.
But I fear that you still cannot find yourself.
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 2 3
APH Philippines: Spain Meets Philippines
February 13th, 1565
Spain discovered the lost young girl once while exploring the lower west side of the Pacific Ocean. It was unusual, he thought, that a child so small was living so independently and in such isolation.
He didn’t hesitate to approach her, though.
“Hola! Hello!” He said, with a smile on his face as he walked towards her.
The girl stared up at him with dark brown eyes. They matched the colour of her hair, falling far below her shoulders in waves. She didn’t say anything.
Spain wasn’t swayed. He blinked for a moment, then polished his prior demeanor. “How are you, little one? Como estas?” He crouched down warmly, hoping to be less intimidating—if that was the reason she would not respond.
The girl’s lips parted slightly. Her gaze at him was largely curious. “Ku…ku..kumusta…po.” She said.
Spain raised his eyebrows. Huh? He thought to himself. She couldn’t pronounce what I said! He
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 1
If I Ruled the World
When I was young I read through a list of writing prompts for a school assignment. One was called, "If I Ruled the World" and the poem listed all the trivial changes one would make if they did rule the world. Of course it was a mere child's fantasy, but I could not imagine why one would do such things when they have so many people to care about and make happy. I believed that if I used that prompt and wrote a poem, it would be very short. I told my mother that if I ruled the world, I'd give it back to God.
When I grew again and went to middle school, I received that same prompt in my sixth grade English class. It had to be written in a certain way--listing a certain amount of whims in each stanza. I could not tell my teacher I would not want to rule the world. So I proceeded to write down those silly desires that were requested of us.
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 0
What It Feels Like Now
“Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda.” She says, with her silly smile.
“What?” He is sitting by her side, legs tucked up close and elbows on his knees.
“Would-Coulda-Shoulda,” She repeats, smile growing bigger. “Shel Silverstein. Ever read it?”
“No.” He replies with defiance, as if telling her it’s not obligatory to have read it.
“Oh, you missed a bit of childhood.” She tells him, playfully.
He gives a sort of huff that represents a laugh. “So what about the Woulda-Coulda…?”
“It’s funny, right? ‘Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda.’ It’s that feeling when you’re like, ‘Man, I should’ve done this instead…I could’ve, would’ve…!’’ She turns her head to him, breaking from her temporary demonstrative acting. “You know?”
“Oh.” He just smiles back, thinking she’s ridiculous.
“Don’t you have those mo
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 0 2
Hello. I am a small and fragile flower who will love anyone and everyone. I often forget where I am going and get very scared and stuck until I bring myself up and fly somewhere else. I pick fights with my mistakes and I never win and they decide to nestle in my heart. I’m never quite sure what makes me happy and what doesn’t. People like to take care of me but sometimes they kidnap me instead, and their thoughts are impressions and their impressions are in my head, and I can’t differentiate what’s real. I don’t understand the inside of me so I pretend it doesn’t matter. I see beauty and I see my own kind of love and it’s mostly nothing to anyone else but me.
:iconlovelydearyyou:LovelyDearyYou 3 2


Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviant
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,813 6,951
The Chance of A Lifetime
Ok, so let me start out by saying that art is my life.
Ever since I learned to draw, when I was about three or four, I think, it was all I wanted to do. I would draw for my friends, my family, my teachers, and even strangers, but, mostly I would draw for myself. I was fascinated by the way I could create something -be it a person, an animal, a vehicle, a place- with my own two hands. I had control over the existence of something for once, and it felt so, so good.
As I grew older, I began to perfect my art, refine it so that whatever I had pictured in my head would flow easily from my brain, through my fingers, and unto the paper. I made my curves curvier, my lines straighter, and my chickenscratch soon became something I was proud of.
As I mentioned above, I liked to draw for people. I was fairly shy as a child so I would use my art as of way of expressing my feelings for another. I drew Santa on Christmas, bunnies and eggs on Easter, balloons and confetti on your birthday, and would e
:iconyan-glow:Yan-Glow 1 2
MiiMii [AT] by Yan-Glow MiiMii [AT] :iconyan-glow:Yan-Glow 5 4 So This Is Love by Yan-Glow So This Is Love :iconyan-glow:Yan-Glow 1 4
Anger surpassed
Then the sun shone hard,
golden, and bright
And an unbidden, smoldering
memory of past summers
in other places
singed my brain
:iconyan-glow:Yan-Glow 1 5
Let Me Be Your Wings by Ryoko-demon Let Me Be Your Wings :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 3,761 302 Jane by Ryoko-demon Jane :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 8,150 559 Thumbelina - Cosplay 3 by TwilightSaphir Thumbelina - Cosplay 3 :icontwilightsaphir:TwilightSaphir 62 24 Thumbelina by VandorWolf Thumbelina :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,128 213 Cornelius and Thumbelina Cosplay by Feeracie Cornelius and Thumbelina Cosplay :iconfeeracie:Feeracie 125 17 Lady and the Tramp by Satsori Lady and the Tramp :iconsatsori:Satsori 465 116 Lady by GameVip Lady :icongamevip:GameVip 24 6 Lady and the tramp by GameVip Lady and the tramp :icongamevip:GameVip 57 6 Like a ... Lady? by GameVip Like a ... Lady? :icongamevip:GameVip 6 4 Howl's Moving Castle - A place for you by darcywilliam Howl's Moving Castle - A place for you :icondarcywilliam:darcywilliam 3,576 212 Legs are required for jumping, dancing, strolling by R2ninjaturtle Legs are required for jumping, dancing, strolling :iconr2ninjaturtle:R2ninjaturtle 107 27



LovelyDearyYou's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, dear ones! You may call me Panda.


Sixteen years old with a childlike heart <3
And a 4"10 Filipino!


I enjoy performing (singing and acting!), playing the piano, and writing! I do make simple drawings, though =w=


I am obsessed with pandas!!
I love all cute things! <3
I also love you!

I don't know what else I can say...I am just a very strange and different person ^-^


Please visit my twin sister, :iconcinnamelon: and my little sister :iconsummerwish94:!! ^-^ Thank you!
So, that's the number of DA stuff I have to go through. I'm not really sure when I ever will. School is pulling me down and keeping me for itself pretty much, so I don't really see myself posting a lot in the future. Which is good and bad, but I mean, I don't mind all too much!
Updates on my life:

School (I'm sure many inferences can be made already!)
Sadness over eating a lot lately (I think it's a side effect of school and it's sometimes unenjoyable symptoms =u= )
Song-writing (My songs have less of a "charming" feel now. I think now they're just weird. Oops.)
Moving (I never knew it was such a tiring process!)

Sooo...I've been writing a story that I may or may not post up here. I have to think about that. But I will give you the title (I feel like I already have, but I don't feel like going back to check =u=" For those that missed it I guess?) 
It's titled, "Matthew Sanderson's Highly Probably Love Calculation."

I have my fingers crossed for this one! I'm so tired now, so I will go sleepy sleep ;u; Good night.


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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.
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WolverineVirgo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Would you like to do a commission with me? i'll draw and you give points? i will draw that ever you want sound fair?
Yan-Glow Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely, where have you been? :( I miss you... And you haven't been on in ages. :iconcraiplz: 

...I'm sorry. I sound like the creepiest person in the world right now, don't I? :iconsweatdropplz:
LovelyDearyYou Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm swamped with schoolwork lately, so I feel like I can't be on this site as much as I used to be.
I miss you too though! No worries, you're not being creepy =u="
You can post on my profile whenever ^O^ I will try my best to respond! How has school been?
Yan-Glow Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you just start your Junior year? I'm not due back in school until the 27th of this month. I'm gonna be a senior! :iconmoeblushplz:

Time to give the freshmen something to cry about... hehehe :icongrinfaceplz:

*ahem* Ahaha, jkjk. But, anyway, glad I'm not being creepy. :iconorzplz: 

I also have the most awesome classes this year! My first semester has (in order) Chorus, Music Appreciation, English 12, Study Hall, POD/Economics, Lunch (Two periods earlier than last year! :iconfangasmingplz: ), Drawing, Geometry, and PE Girls. 
The only things I'm not feeling are the Geometry and the PE. I'm so lazy and unathletic and math is my arch nemesis. :icongwahplz: And then my second semester is nothing but win, in my opinion. (Except that my Geometry class is year round... :iconwthplz: )

At least we're FB friends, so I can usually get updates on how you're doing from there even if you don't write a dA journal (which, I can understand you not having time to do that. To do a detailed journal on here, it takes almost a half an hour.) so I'm ok. 

Still miss you though. But, *sniffsniff* I think I'll be ok until you have more dA time. :iconyuiglompplz:
LovelyDearyYou Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I just started my Junior year! People say it's the most fun--and hardest--year. I think somehow I don't get to fall into the general predictions because I'm part of IB and we're kind of excluded from the rest of the Juniors =o=" Hopefully my small IB classes become a nice family though! (Some of them I've known since Freshmen year, but some of them I've never met before!) Does your school have really spirited Seniors? I know mine does! I wonder if I will be like that when I'm a Senior, too? *O*

Freshmen are still taller than me, haha!! I'm doing this thing in my school where I am a group leader for about ten Freshmen, and we help them get comfortable with the school and make them feel welcome ^-^ It's fun, but some of my Freshmen are "too cool for school" kind of guys.

Your classes sound awesome!! I didn't know you were a music person ^-^ Tell me how those classes go! What's POD? I have something that seems like your class, except mine is called AP Government/Economics. I absolutely, certainly, don't like it! I am really bad at politics. But at least I'm learning, right? (I probably will have to face it someday, anyway)

I agree with you! Math was such a hard subject for me!! But thankfully I'm not taking a PE or math class this year. I'm sure you can do it!! You'll make it through the year, and hopefully it will be very fun!!

Miss you! 

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Yan-Glow Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
When you get the chance, Lovely, you should stop by my featured deviation, "A Tribute To Loveliness". You may be surprised. :iconhurrplz:
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