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:iconmajeev: totally deserves this! I owe you big time for being so great. So I heard tha FFXI has this new lvl cap going on? I'm sure you'll get that lvl asap lol.

Ahhh I can't wait for ffxiv...*daydreams while she doodles on things to do* Did anyone get the beta key? x)

Please enjoy!

FFXI Online Game
Taru taru, Chocobo, Mandy onion
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im so evil for being turned on by this
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just so perfect.  Sometimes it would follow with the horrid DE LV sound dreary blue and black letter too lol.  
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-tears up- yay!!!!!!! for higher LVL cap!!!!
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DAMN...her panties are lvl 99?! O.o I wouldn't wanna go up against them at all.
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omg so lovely <3!you're improving so faster <3
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pantshot of a LV 99!!!

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lol is that mandy crying?

Nice job on this Daggy, good to see the taru all excited about lvl 99.

I have mixed feelings over it, just cause I don't wanna lvl my subs any more. xD
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too bad! you gotta or youll be gimp! <3
Ry-Kazuma's avatar
>_> bleh! that's ridiculous
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Roffle xD moar grinding
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I knows V_V it's why I gave up FF11 didn't have enough time to dedicate to it.
so I went to wow where there's no pressure to do anything but now I guess I'm waiting
on FF14 to come out to get me back in the MMORPG world.
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Same, i stoped all mmorpgs till this will launch for ps3 >>.... then im bringing back my pink pantsu ls XD
Ry-Kazuma's avatar
lawl pink pantsu! Mine was Men in tights!!
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wtf! new lvlcap?
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Mother F*Kers. SE needs a boot up the ass.
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Oy- tell me about it ><
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lv99 is just retarded, it took me over 12 hrs to get 1 lvl in the 70 range. its going to break the game.
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Heh, I have yet to get a beta key myself. Have they released them yet?
LovelyDagger's avatar
I think they did, not sure if they are again @.@?
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Well shoot then. That's a major tease.
Why do they do that to us?
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I actually was selected to be an alpha tester for the beta game of FFXIV, I can't wait until the testing starts, which is on March 11th...ugh two more days...

Also, I can not wait until the level 99 addition to FFXI, even though I haven't even reached 50 yet...but I'm working on it.

Nice picture by the way, you deserve this fave. ^^;
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