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Music:Air - Koko[link]

Commission done for a customer, A taru Scholar ^^...

I really like how this came out! I felt in peace while I drew & colored it all~

Kinda makes me want to be one xD... Anyway, please enjoy!

FFXI Online Game
Taru Taru Male!
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Greataru job! I really like how you made the words floataru off the pages. Itaru looks fantastic all around. Favorited.
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Thank you so much ^_^~ Glad you liked it~
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This is amazing beyond words! I love the colors, the shading, the expression on the taru's face... seriously amazing!
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Awwhh thank you Aries! ^^ I appreciate it!
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That's amazing!
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Oh my, thank you!
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lovely~ i like the way the light source hit his face *U*
so mysterious :iconhellothereplz:
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Thank you so much for the comment!
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The sense of composition that went into this picture is something that all artist should strive for. Simply beautiful. The character and the background work perfectly together, making for a fully composed scene.

The Taru Scholar also shows off your skill in anatomy and fluency. His pose is very convincing, and the dynamics of the scene as a whole are very very convincing.

If I were square I would buy up this piece of artwork and use it for advertisement. This is professional quality, and it is something I definitely will look up to, and strive to incorporate the elements that make this drawing so special into my own artwork.

Great job. Another talented and skilled female artist. =P
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Thank you so much! This commissions is one of my favorites so far. Specially when I get detailed commissions of what they want- I instantly see it in my mind...I just love fantasy genre artwork x)...hope someday I will work for SE ne? That will be a dream I will be waiting for. SO I will keep on getting better! Thank you!
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I saw you won 1st in the KI art contest for this! Uberbloodykudos, hon~

Credit where it's due =D
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Haha oh my! thank you Sanders <3 :kiss: Appreciate it, it was a fun cute contest ^^
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Hey, congrats on KI's contest! ^_^ Great WoTG art!
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:blush: thank you so much ^ ^ <3 I couldn't have a tie with a great artist too without people voting!
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tarutaru scholar's are adorable. The job fits so well. I always wonder how they reach the books on the top shelves though.
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So COOL and Awesome!!! Taru SCH are cute!! I want one!
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I have got to repeat myself... you should really do a lighting tutorial!
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I really like this one. =3
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^^ thank you blackraven!
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Hehehe I love it :3
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