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Heavens Tower

Music: [link]

:iconmajeev: A commission done for dear ol' maimaipoops!

This was a very odd challenge, mixed with other people's perspective~ but a very fun one indeed :3~!!

Also Maimai recommended a Daggy plush to hold- Cute eh?

I hope it was to maimaipoops liking >u<~!

Awhhh Windurst - Heaven's Tower e.e...been listening to that song for a while-and it just clicked! What a match :3~

Hope you guys Enjoy~! :heart:
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TanukiTagawa's avatar
All them are cute and charming!  :love:
Sanders's avatar
Searching DA for anything FFXI, Ms. Dagger has the best best artwork.
DracheaRannak's avatar
Awww you are soo god at drawing environments as well U_U
LovelyDagger's avatar
Pfftt it's alright T^T I love you'rs their much more clean and sharp looking then mine xD I love em~
siined-ARiES's avatar
OMG cute! Your pictures always make me wanna get back on FFXI!
LovelyDagger's avatar
thank you darling! >///< haha...I know, everytime I do ffxi artwork, it does the same affect to me >_<;...ugh, but it's harder if you have to start from scratch again ;-;
Zue's avatar
Dawwwww this is so cute :aww: Their room looks so nice and cozy and adorable! The occupants are so adorable too! :love:
LovelyDagger's avatar
awwwhhh thank yew Zueee <3333 ;_____; /huggie!
jrlalas's avatar
love it adorable
Heartless-Watcher's avatar
They're so cute and innocent looking and the room itself just radiates a soft aura making me wish I could go there and rest in the calm atmosphere. It truly does feel very real with how perfectly the shadows cast away from the light.

I shall try not to imagine the pedo galka staring through the window when looking at it too. e-e
Guapoarmando's avatar
Awwwww really cute =3
LovelyDagger's avatar
Thank you so much Guapo xD!
Miayoko's avatar
Oh wow =o.o;= this is lovely xD Im glad Im not the only random person that goes and sits in Heavens Tower though....wonder how many people would start buying if you made Daggy Plushies haha *runs to make a random said plushie*
LovelyDagger's avatar
Lol! I love that place = u = when I first went to windy I went in there and paused because the music was soooo epic! haha I wonder too! if I started making plushies, i was thinkin of adding that to my commissions list once I start learning to :3!!
Miayoko's avatar
Id buy one =O and carry it around with me like HAHA I has daggy =D Im gonna be sad when I flip to sandy to finish off my ranks :( windurst has always had my heart
flutist's avatar
LovelyDagger's avatar
Thank you so much Flutist!!
erratus-anima's avatar
wow really nice job!
its really amazing! ^^
i like the concept, and it looks cute xD
great ! ^^
LovelyDagger's avatar
x3 awwhhh thank you~ most credit to mai and his commission request!
Naeli's avatar
Awwwhh *w* they're so cute, the whole picture is soo cute! Great work with the coloring and the shadowing and everything :heart:
LovelyDagger's avatar
thank you so much Naeli!!! that means a lot to me ;-;!!!
Naeli's avatar
You're always welcome :3 and i'm glad to hear that!~ :smooch: :heart:
so cute i love your work it makes me smile and brightens up my days to see it
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