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Ohhh Naga time~
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will you do some wore pics? btw great pic
Nixtusj's avatar :la:
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o.o epic pose
epic design
boobies ......watever
i love it
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issue problem?? :trollface:jk dylon
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Aww ...
Really nice work. *_*
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My eyes could not leave her figure, such a rare and lovely view, the sunlight gleamed off the scales of her long sinuous tail, the violet coloring so lovely. I watched her closely as she leaned her head back, long wavering golden orange hair shimmering almost glowing within the daylight, lovely golden iris eyes drawing my own gaze to her. Lovely firm full breasts sticking outwards, almost calling my hands to want to touch them, but dare I approach her any closer?
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I must say that I like the background a lot. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. And the naga-girl is showing how relaxing it can be.
At the same time, I wouldn't mind being wrapped up by her. ;) I would probably enjoy it. XD
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Ohh~ a nice coil hug sounds adorable right now :)!!! thank you!
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Not a problem. :D

Um, just a sudden question, but do you take requests? ^^;
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Sadly I do not, ^^ my schedule is quite busy. sorry!
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Ah. It's okay. I understand deeply. ^^; Hard at work is what a lot of us are doing nowadays.

I meant to say "Gift Art", but "Request" popped up outta nowhere. XD At least, I ask. Thanks for letting me know.
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This picture gains no justice from mere words, it's just simply divine, I love the lighting, the expression of her face, Etc.
I look forward to seeing more of you work!
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Wow, very nice
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Love how relax she looks and the lighting.
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Awwhh why thank you ^^
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An incredible piece of art!

The background is fantastic and the naga is so beautiful too.
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I suppose they would seek out the sun...they may be warm-blooded due to their human hearts, but there must be some snake left in them.
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Haha, thanks for the comment :)
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Who doesn't like a little nature science with their topless mythical creatures?
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Beutiful, the sunlight gleaming on her looks great, it's like you can almost feel the sun rays touching her body. :D
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Thank you so much~ ^^ Glad you liked it...:heart:
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