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Dalaran Street


A Mix of WoW & FFXI "Kupo Kupo!"
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Aerith? what are you doing there? this isnt midgar :P silly aerith

nice work X3
mmmm, very aspirated...
QueenMonsterBunny's avatar
Do you play World of Warcraft? :o
By the way, the Night Elf looks totally adorable. She reminds me of my first main character in WoW.
'Xarluxia', my Night Elf Druid. (I was super proud of that character lol) ^-^
...But this was back when I mainly fought for the Alliance. :'] (...For the Horde!) <3
Very cool! I love the combo!!
balrogness's avatar
random final fantasy! :la:
LovelyDagger's avatar
BetrayedConfession's avatar
wow, i actually thought it was a screenshot till you said it was all hand drawn, great job
LovelyDagger's avatar
DracheaRannak's avatar
OMG Thats looks complex to achieve! How long did it take you? :confused:
LovelyDagger's avatar
Oy maybe a few days, I don't work fast ;_; haha thank you sweetie.
inugami-chan's avatar
It's full of life and colour, every character looks like he could tell his own story... I have one reservation: characters are drawn with sharpened lines and sometimes they looks like they had been cut from another picture and paste into another. I have on mind especially the girl with basket of flowers (Aeris, I guess?).
LovelyDagger's avatar
Thanks for the comment ^^ and haha it seems like they have been copy n' pasted since the lines are rather bold..trying to stray away from that as much as I can-thank you ^^
kwen's avatar
wow it really became something wonerful ;)
ncie idea, putting FF and WoW together ^w^
LovelyDagger's avatar
Thank you so much sweetie~
nozomi-sama's avatar
Nya! This is pretty awesome~~ °w°
Especially the Mandragoras~ ♥ xD
LovelyDagger's avatar
Haha thank you os much <3 Ahh the mandy onions <3
nozomi-sama's avatar
Nya, they're onions? xD
LovelyDagger's avatar
Yeah..or..that's what everyone else calls them xD..
nozomi-sama's avatar
I didn't know that! D:
Well, nor did I know them from anywhere else but Kingdom Hearts 2's secret ships >_>
BleedmanFan's avatar
this would be so cool for a wall paper
LovelyDagger's avatar
Oh wow really? thank you for the compliment~
BleedmanFan's avatar
yes really it would
siined-ARiES's avatar
I love this! If you ever decide to sell this print I would soo buy it!!
LovelyDagger's avatar
O_______o...w-what really?
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