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green version preview:
Lua script: "Rings" Meters for Conky by ~londonali1010


1. extract the zip to a folder and place it wherever you like
2. open conkyrc in a text editor and changed the path to where you placed the rings.lua
3. open conkyshow in a text editor and change the path to the image x2.png
4. open the start script in text editor and change the path to the conky files, then give it permission to run: in terminal - chmod +x start . Or right click, properties, permissions, allow this to run...
5. open rings.lua in a text editor. Most is self explained, except the downspeedf and upspeedf rings where one have to set the max value to ones maximum internet speed (use if unsure). The value is in Kilobytes (KB) and you can convert the values you need here…

Then run the start script
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Could you please link the wall directly? Pinterest sucks and I don't wanna register just for that pic. Would be very nice of you, thanks in advance!
Btw. listen to Ky-Mani Marley - New Hights... :D