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YuGiOh Cards For Sale -Updated 3/13/14 - 3/15pm by Lovely-DreamCatcher YuGiOh Cards For Sale -Updated 3/13/14 - 3/15pm by Lovely-DreamCatcher

:bulletblue: Each $.01 a up
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletred: If Using Paypal For YuGiOh Cards It Must Be At Least $4:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletred:
:bulletred: Only Paypal,Money Order or Cash (American) is accepted.
:bulletred: Around $1.00 S+H
:bulletred: Combined Shipping Available
:bulletred: Will Only Ship Within The USA Unless Your Willing To Pay To Have It Shipped Outside The USA

If you are interested in buying or have any questions, send a note.

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletpurple: Buyers Feedback > [link] :bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletpurple:

I Have a Whole Lot More to Add to This List Coming - Also Have Pokemon Cards Coming Soon

:bulletblue: As of right now most of the cards below are only $.01 as alot are in Played Condition and will have problems and would be great for someone who needs it for playing

Picture Coming



SD5-EN034 Magic Jammer
SD5-EN026 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
SD5-EN025 The Warrior Returning Alive
SD5-EN024 Reinforcement of the Army
SD5-EN021 Giant Trunade
SD5-EN031 Swords of Concealing Light
SD5-EN009 Marauding Captain
SD5-EN007 Obnoxious Celtic Guard
SD5-EN035 Royal Decree
SD5-EN022 Lightning Blade
SD5-EN023 Heavy Storm
SD5-EN015 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
SD5-EN030 Lightning Vortex



SD6-EN027 Spell Absorption
SD6-EN034 Pitch-Black Power Stone
SD6-EN026 Dark Magic Attack
SD6-EN031 Nightmare's Steelcage
SD6-EN016 Rapid-Fire Magician
SD6-EN010 Royal Magical Library
SD6-EN006 Skilled Dark Magician
SD6-EN012 Chaos Sorcerer
SD6-EN002 Mythical Beast Cerberus
SD6-EN003 Dark Magician



SDY-027 Trap Hole
SDY-009 Celtic Guardian
SDY-045 Yami
SDY-006 Dark Magician
SDY-033 The Stern Mystic
SDY-031 Reinforcements
SDY-049 Castle Walls
SDY-034 Wall of Illusion
SDY-026 Fissure
SDY-039 Last Will
SDY-046 Man-Eater Bug
SDY-029 De-Spell
SDY-022 Dark Hole
SDY-050 Ultimate Offering
SDY-010 Mammoth Graveyard
SDY-004 Summoned Skull
SDY-002 Feral Imp
SDY-040 Waboku



LON-099 Ekibyo Drakmord
LON-069 The Rock Spirit
LON-051 Offerings to the Doomed
LON-013 Nuvia the Wicked
LON-087 The Emperor's Holiday
LON-036 Fire Sorcerer
LON-086 Blind Destruction
LON-052 The Portrait's Secret
LON-019 Mask of the Accursed
LON-102 Spirit Elimination
LON-032 Amazon Archer



PSV-004 7 Completed
PSV-037 Premature Burial
PSV-036 The Shallow Grave
PSV-049 Harpie's Brother
PSV-027 The Regulation of Tribe
PSV-086 Hayabusa Knight
PSV-040 Morphing Jar #2
PSV-078 Drill Bug
PSV-042 Twin-Headed Fire Dragon
PSV-024 Appropriate
PSV-079 Deepsea Warrior
PSV-019 Armored Glass
PSV-021 Mystic Probe
PSV-007 Time Seal
PSV-025 Forced Requisition
PSV-075 Shadow of Eyes
PSV-019 Armored Glass
PSV-014 Earthshaker
PSV-052 Minor Goblin Official
PSV-013 Solomon's Lawbook
PSV-046 Kiseitai



SDK-026 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
SDK-024 Ryu-Kishin Powered
SDK-044 Trap Master
SDK-006 Koumori Dragon
SDK-049 Castle Walls
SDK-033 Trap Hole
SDK-034 Two-Pronged Attack
SDK-008 Rogue Doll
SDK-022 Dark Hole
SDK-040 Just Desserts
SDK-038 Reinforcements
SDK-036 Monster Reborn
SDK-027 Rude Kaiser
SDK-035 De-Spell
SDK-045 Sogen
SDK-037 The Inexperienced Spy
SDK-048 Remove Trap
SDK-032 Fissure
SDK-030 D. Human
SDK-011 Gyakutenno Megami
SDK-043 Mysterious Puppeteer
SDK-028 Destroyer Golem
SDK-050 Ultimate Offering
SDK-015 Dark Assailant
SDK-047 Reverse Trap
SDK-021 Invigoration


Im not a collector so Im not great at the condition range (My cousin gave them to me to sell)
I would say they're in Good/Great Condition

More Cards Coming

Picture Coming

SOVR-EN069 Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing $0.75
SOVR-EN071 Roar of the Earthbound $0.75
SOVR-EN077 Ritual Buster $1.00
SOVR-EN076 Gemini Booster $1.00
SOVR-EN073 Infernity Force $0.75
SOVR-EN031 Woodland Archer $0.75
SOVR-EN007 Regulus $1.00
SOVR-EN027 Koa'ki Meiru Sea Panther $1.00
SOVR-EN020 Reptilianne Gorgon $1.00
SOVR-EN004 Quickdraw Synchron $0.75
SOVR-EN048 Attack Pheromones $0.75
SOVR-EN059 Spiritual Forest $1.00
SOVR-EN052 Time Passage $0.75
SOVR-EN047 Savage Colosseum $1.00

ANPR-EN070 Depth Amulet
ANPR-EN065 Pixie Ring
ANPR-EN066 Fairy Wind
ANPR-EN078 Flamvell Counter
ANPR-EN080 A Major Upset
ANPR-EN027 Fishborg Blaster
ANPR-EN050 Spirit Burner
ANPR-EN055 Hydro Pressure Cannon
ANPR-EN057 Brain Research Lab
ANPR-EN002 Sunny Pixie
ANPR-EN026 Divine Dragon Aquabizarre
ANPR-EN025 Armed Sea Hunter
ANPR-EN077 Psychic Soul
ANPR-EN076 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord
ANPR-EN072 Battle Teleportation

SOI-EN040 Ancient Gear Drill
SOI-EN014 D.D. Guide
SOI-EN017 Tenkabito Shien
SOI-EN005 Hero Kid
SOI-EN054 Next To Be Lost
SOI-EN051 Attack Reflector Unit
SOI-EN049 Super Junior Confrontation
SOI-EN043 Symbol of Heritage

CSOC-EN068 Revival Gift
CSOC-EN054 Paralyzing Chain
CSOC-EN062 Omega Goggles
CSOC-EN001 Healing Wave Generator
CSOC-EN024 Nettles
CSOC-EN078 DNA Checkup
CSOC-EN053 Poison Chain

5DS2-EN035 Magic Drain
5DS2-EN034 Dust Tornado
5DS2-EN039 Miniaturize
5DS2-EN009 Penguin Soldier
5DS2-EN016 Skelengel
5DS2-EN010 Sasuke Samurai
5DS2-EN008 Goblin Attack Force
5DS2-EN031 Ookazi
5DS2-EN036 Raigeki Break

SD09-EN004 Mad Sword Beast
SD09-EN013 Black Stego
SD09-EN011 Oxygeddon
SD09-EN005 Gilasaurus
SD09-EN019 Jurassic World
SD09-EN027 Magical Mallet
SD09-EN036 Fossil Excavation
SD09-EN032 Magical Arm Shield
SD09-EN033 Negate Attack

CRMS-EN029 Flip Flop Frog
CRMS-EN035 Cross-Sword Beetle
CRMS-EN023 Assault Mercenary
CRMS-EN025 Night Wing Sorceress
CRMS-EN065 Descending Lost Star
CRMS-EN070 Ivy Shackles
CRMS-EN080 Planet Pollutant Virus

IOC-010 Chopman the Desperate Outlaw
IOC-005 Des Kangaroo
IOC-015 Coach Goblin
IOC-024 Gren Maju Da Eiza
IOC-069 Sacred Crane
IOC-105 Self-Destruct Button $0.75

DB2-EN062 Muka Muka
DB2-EN020 The Emperor's Holiday
DB2-EN236 Timidity
DB2-EN013 Dark Spirit of the Silent

DP09-EN026 Skill Successor
DP09-EN018 One for One
MRL-093 Sonic Bird
MRL-019 Dark Witch
MRL-004 Horn of Light

TLM-EN025 White Ninja
TLM-EN021 Guardian Statue
TLM-EN043 Doriado's Blessing

CDIP-EN027 Queen's Bodyguard
CDIP-EN051 Justi-Break

SD5-EN026 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
SD5-EN019 Snatch Steal
SD5-EN011 D.D. Warrior Lady

RGBT-EN075 Attack of the Cornered Rat
RGBT-EN077 Bone Temple Block

PTDN-EN049 Mirage Tube
PTDN-EN048 Instant Neo Space

FOTB-EN025 Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers
FOTB-EN044 Otherworld - The "A" Zone

EEN-EN059 Non-Fusion Area
EEN-EN026 Familiar-Possessed - Aussa

LODT-EN078 Lucky Chance

LOD-057 Serpentine Princess

PTDN-EN001 Gladiator Beast Andal

SDY-014 Dragon Zombie

MDP2-EN016 Flame Viper

MFC-074 Royal Magical Library

SDJ-011 Harpie's Brother

SDWS-EN024 Ekibyo Drakmord

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