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Okay so...…

EDIT: Sorry. I haven't posted in awhile again. Because of life. And school. And this thing that was supposed to be professional. I'll post a doodle sometime soon. ~Panda

Ok! After forever, we're finally back. Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 

More like Poke sent me stuff and I was to lazy to do it.

I WAS DISTRACTED BY LIFE! I'M SORRY 'KAY!? Momo Kisaragi (Do it) [V2] 

Anyways, I'm trying to do an every Saturday update thing. I hope it goes well.

So yes I will post something today! Momo Kisaragi (Joy) [V5] 

~Panda Paranoid Panda Emote 
`                           Ok! So Tales (from sketchbookforevs) has chosen the lucky oc to be in our manga!


Thank you everyone who chose ocs and tried! There will PROBABLY be more specials in the future so stay tuned!!

(Oh and if YumeHimura can, could you maybe say anything specific you want for the costume? Thanks!)


I didn't get the memo!!
Okay so this was a contest thing and I wasn't paying attention and stuff.
So Tales is going to choose one of your ocs. I'm SO SORRY!!
So uh in the future we are gonna do more so yeah...
Umm this choosing contest thing will be over tomorrow and yeah. ONE OC WILL BE CHOSEN!!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay! Hello everyone! This is Panda from the trio again!!
Since we are nearing the awesome Halloween where everyone gets candy....
We wanted to add some other people's ocs cause we can (with your approval of course).
All you have to do is..... comment below with an oc and describe the costume you want them to wear or link!
Your oc gets to show up and our characters will do whatever. Bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

So please comment below!!!

~Panda :pandala: 
So I finally started to get on with the managing/scanning stuff.
But just because I was finally on the scanning computer because I was printing something for homework.....


Ah. But.


-pats meself on back-

Tales draws like a Leafeon on an energy drink. Which is what she uses to represent herself.

~PokeGlaceon2 la 


So, I was so caught up in a computer game that I kept forgetting to draw the manga.
As Poke said, I was drawing like leafeon running on energy drinks
I was so panicked that Panda was bored because she kept emailing me about "HURRY UP I'M BORED >:U"
Then i gave her an overload of pages.

~TalesLeafeon la 
Hey guys!! Just letting you know I'm gonna organize a bit meaning there will also be a folder for each of us. (Panda, Poke, Tales) The manga and Misc. is still all by itself so it's easier to find things. The "My Love is a Weapon series" will still be a folder but the art will also be separated in our folders. You'll understand when you see it.

~Panda :pandala: 
:star:MWAHAHAHAHA this is is Panda taking over this journal. Anyways, since they don't feel like scanning I'll just post the ones I drew. So they'll be coming! I have some random sketches to color anyways so yeah. BTW the story is really good. There's like two chapters already buuuuuuut they aren't scanning. SIGH. :star:

~Panda :pandala:

Hello! This is Poke!

I'm so, so, so so so so so so so sox100000 sorrrrryyyy for only having like five pages (I actually think that is correct) of the manga scanned, colored, and submitted. Sorry for the wait!

Tales never reminds me to scan the pages, and whenever she does I'm in one of those 'lazy' moods. That's probably both of our faults then..... Panda is getting really impatient, although this is probably good for her, because now she doesn't have to do work on the computer and just do other stuff. Of course, she's gonna see this journal because she is the one who usually writes all the stuff on Deviantart imnotdoingaverygoodjobmanagingami

sorry again....and...

Just keep waiting, kk???\\\\\

~Poke Glaceon2 la 
So umm I made a blog.....................................................................
Here's the link ------>

If anyone has any pointers for me please comment!

Also, is there a way for me to put a music player in it? MUSIC PLAYER ADDED

I'll try to post on there often. (IT'S ONLY FOR LOVE LOVE GET U!)

Maybe spoilers? Or me messing around with the words? =_=;

~Panda :pandala: 
*ENDED* I had fun. I should do this more often.

Hi guys!! Random time BUT it's a JOIN ME time!!
I'm currently working on the next page so you get to see how I do things!! Click the link to go see!

:star: I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello everyone!! Panda here!!Hi emoticon
I'm going on a vacation so there won't be any digital work coming in the next week.
If Tales or Poke get anything up then... it'll be traditional art.
The manga IS coming but Tales is too lazy too scan it...
I'll try to get something up today though!

~Panda :pandala: 
This is Panda from the Love Love Get U trio! Hi emoticon 
 Welcome to our account! 
 The start of the manga is coming soon so stay tuned!!

~Panda :pandala: