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The Horror movie themed clothing line Fright Rags got in touch with me ti do a design on the 2010 movie ‘Frozen‘. Based on three friends trapped on a ski lift. The film was a pleasant surprise which I enjoyed viewing. It was a tricky one to think of an illustrative theme for, so I tried to capture the hopelessness of their situation and portray them as skeletons. Again it was a joy to work without colour restrictions! Fright Rags are releasing this on a T-shirt and Hoodie. Available now. Hope you like!

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I'm really glad I'm not the only one who knows about this movie, it's so underrated it hurts!
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Great movie. Whether realistic or not, the acting kept my attention.  Love your artwork, especially on horror movie material.  Don't know if you've seen it, but would love to see something done based on the movie "Splinter".  Again, nice work.
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
Great movie, amazing job! :clap:
Vvlad-vVolfen's avatar
It was a stupid movie, utterly unrealistic. All resorts have mandatory visual checks of all lifts at shut down, the person manning the upper receiving end skis down the lift line and checks as he goes. It's fool proof. Cables are not razor sharp, wolves don't live at freezing high altitude, because it's far from their game whom cannot track in 20 feet of snow. Clothing can be twisted and tied together to get you off the lift, The ski down the mountain to the lodge would be quick so the clothing would not be needed even in -30.
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I love this movie! This is amazing!
fiendy's avatar
I kink the look dead board lol love it
fmoscuro's avatar
Muy bien dibujado!!
Bad-Books's avatar
Just watched the movie it was great good/bad ending SPOILERS! im glad that the girl survived but was angry when she found her friends body and I was also mad that Kevin Zegers died I really like him.
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I saw this film, it is really scary. Great work !
VoidedBloodLust's avatar
I am surprised to hear a good review for that film, it sounded like such a hopeless mess of a movie.
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Oh! I kind of wanted to see this movie! Cause I'm a big horror fan! I just watch a couple of clips where that guy jumps off the the chairlift and he broke his legs and the bones were showing! And I saw this other clip where this girl was sleeping and she was pulling her hand painfully off of the thing and has frostbite on it!

I love this picture though I put it in my favorites!
Protecious's avatar
oh man i love this, huge fan of the film
Lovell-Art's avatar
Thanks for the kind words guys! It was a fun piece to paint :)
monsterfiend's avatar
great movie and great representation. i have a few fright rags shirts, i'm gonna have to add this to the collection.
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Wow, this captures the feel of the movie perfectly! Great job! :D
YorIkRip's avatar
ААААА! Очень круто нарисовано! Молодец. Я чесно говоря заснуть не мог после этого фильма... жесть!
YorIkRip's avatar
Супер, только что заметил одну деталь: рука у девушки слиплась с трубой. точно как в фильме! но девушка всеже выжила в конце фильма, насколько я помню. Так что было бы круче нарисовать ее еще живой (ИМХО)
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real nightmare!
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