The Next Big Thing #6

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The Next Big Thing seeks to highlight and bring recognition to the outstanding talent on DA who are poised to become the next community luminaries.



Weyland yutani s shuttle Benoit Godde Concept Art by Benoit-Godde
Mark II / Benoit Godde Concept Artist by Benoit-Godde
Girl Portrait / Benoit Godde Concept Artist by Benoit-Godde


Power of nature by Elle-Shengxuan-Shi
Night market by Elle-Shengxuan-Shi
Summoning by Elle-Shengxuan-Shi


Conquer mars by fruktsallad
USCR5 by fruktsallad
Landing Pad by fruktsallad


Eden: By Shannon Maer by Shannon-Maer
Angel Heart: By Shannon Maer by Shannon-Maer

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Elle-Shengxuan-Shi's avatar
I am so surprised to see my artwork here~! Thank you very much for the recommendation:) (Smile) 
lovelessdevotions's avatar
It is much deserved, Elle! Your work is beautiful! :heart:
athenapallas87's avatar
Just awesome! Love the bit more of sci fi this time around! I can't draw that genre very well myself, so it's always so amazing so see it done so well by others. :D
lovelessdevotions's avatar
:dance: There are some exceptional sci-fi artists, indeed ;)
Aesara-Dayne's avatar
You featured Shannon! Thank you, thank you... :D

Again, a nice selection. Him and Elle would be my choices this time, both have great mastery of sensuality and storybookish creations respectively.
lovelessdevotions's avatar
I figured you would like that selection :D :ahoy: 
Mrs-Freestar-Bul's avatar
Awesome feature series and wonderful artists :salute::love:
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Thank you :la: Your support is much appreciated :aww: :heart: 
Mrs-Freestar-Bul's avatar
You are more than welcome. Thank You for doing these features :love:
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