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Field of Joy by ApollinArt

I think the best piece of advice I could give is to not be too enamoured with your art. It might sound a bit weird but sometimes it helps to detach yourself from a particular piece, so that you can really hear criticism and implement it when working for a client, or simply to allow yourself to have a fresh pair of eyes on your work after you take a break.- ApollinArt

Confidence by ApollinArt

Combining great drawing skills with a keen eye for colour, ApollinArt is able to produce art that teems with magic and mystery, drawing us inside vivid fantasy worlds. What follows are scenes that sparkle with delightful moods and engaging characters, reflecting the artist's strengths in illustrative storytelling. Read on to learn more about the creative passions and processes that have fueled Apolline's success.  

Commission: Isabella by ApollinArt

Thanks for chatting with me, Apolline! Let's explore your artistic background and development: When did you discover your passion for art and how has your journey progressed since then? 

When I was about 8 years old, I ended up in the hospital. I was bedridden for weeks, and really bored. My parents visited me one day and gifted me a massive pouch filled with colourful crayons. I started drawing right there in my hospital bed, and haven't stopped since.

I went to the Brussels School of Art where I studied animation, but I was unfortunately helplessly bad at it and was more interested in backgrounds and character design than 2d animation. After graduating in 2009, I got my first illustration job in 2013, so a lot of that time was spent practicing and trying to get better until I was noticed. I now work freelance, mostly for board game companies, but I am hoping to expand to publishers.

How would you describe the subject matter of your work? Are there particular themes or elements that you prioritize in your personal art? 

One word: otherwordly. It doesn't matter exactly what the theme is (although my favourite subject is definitely enchanted forests) but there usually needs to be something that doesn't seem to be from this world. It can be a strange silhouette in the background, a twisted tree with glowing mushrooms, or a green sky.

Dream collectors by ApollinArt

Your style is distinguished by bright colours and fluid shapes that create an expressive visual language. What goes into your creative process when imagining and executing these concepts?

Regarding my painting process, I do very quick roughs then add grey and black silhouettes to try and figure out the compositon. Sometimes I skip this step entirely and use colour straight ahead when I know exactly what kind of atmosphere I want. Once I have a rough speedpainting, I put it in the corner of my painting and colour-pick from it, with my sketch set on " multiply" so I can follow the lines I drew. I usually flat colour everything then add the shadows and then add the highlights. Details such as grass, leaves and glowing things are added last.

Do you have a favourite painting in your gallery? If so, what would you consider to be the strengths of the piece, visually and/or conceptually?

My favourite piece in my gallery is probably "Life and Death". It's quite an older piece but I think it has the best storytelling.

Life and Death by ApollinArt

Is there a tip or trick of the trade that helps to improve your workflow which you can share with readers? 

I think the best piece of advice I could give is to not be too enamoured with your art. It might sound a bit weird but sometimes it helps to detach yourself from a particular piece, so that you can really hear criticism and implement it when working for a client, or simply to allow yourself to have a fresh pair of eyes on your work after you take a break.

Who are some of your favourite artists and what is it that you admire or find noteworthy about them? 

Kandinsky is a master of shapes and colour and my favourite artist of all. Gustave Dore is my favourite in terms of lights and shadows, and Alphonse Mucha in terms of graphic design and sensibility. Sergio Toppi has the best pencilling skills and is a master of composition.

Secret Alcove by ApollinArt

How do you deal with creative setbacks or lack of motivation? 

I don't really suffer from the blank page syndrome but I do have periods of time when I feel like I am plateauing and not growing fast enough as an artist. It feels like your creative "mojo" is gone. I usually give myself a break where I don't draw at all and then try to create a piece just for myself. Something that isn't client work or commissioned, purely for my own pleasure.

What advice has influenced you in your career? 

Someone told me I was knocking on the wrong door. For years I was trying to have a videogames-oriented portfolio, until someone in the industry told me my style did not really fit. "You should probably be an illustrator, you have the style and it would suit your personality more". He was right.

Card Illustrations 2 by ApollinArt
Card Illustrations by ApollinArt

What is your dream project? 

My dream project would be to one day create my own graphic novel, featuring either my own stories or as a collaboration. An artbook would be nice as well.

What other talent do you possess that might surprise others?

Does dexterity count as a talent? I have great reflexes. Can't say I'm a violin virtuoso unfortunately.

Serenade by ApollinArt

What has been the highlight of your DA experience up to this point?

The amount of comments encouraging me to keep making more art. Apart from some weird ones, everyone is so extremely supportive. I know I don't always reply to comments but I definitely read every single one and they are all much appreciated.

Is there something you are currently working on or are excited about starting that you can share?

I am quite excited about all the games I have worked on this year that are either out already or will come out during the winter: Muse, Wreck Raiders, Monsieur Carrousel, Borders of Kanta, The Dreamer's Tarot and my current project which is Imagineers.

Moongate by ApollinArt

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