Rethink Pink

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 Peppermint by jasinski Stibion by madanmar

'Streak of Pink' Oil on Canvas by Robert Hagan by robert-hagan Field of fire, sumimasen by alterlier The Prophecy Unfolds by synax444
Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Chiba 2015 Playmat by algenpfleger
(Sprouting) The Prince's Rose by Yu-Han Her fearful symmetry by Tsvetka revival by Kyrie0201  
White Trash Zombie by DSillustration skulady2 by PudgyDevilKid Under My Skin by MichaelO
Pink by janaschi
Bubble Gum by lpeters Pink Elephant by Vincik Birth of Life + Death by Acrylicdreams
 Healing by NeverGonnaTakeMe The Scapegoat by HisHalfElf
Ghosts in the Snow by Saliwanchik
Phosphene by MarcoMazzoniArt The Dark Tower by 25kartinok Rose in the Sunshine by OlegTrofimoff
According to my jealousy by AquaSixio The Thinker by lpeters The Wolf Won't Sleep Tonight by NanoMortis 
Misty River by artsaus
 Wallflowers by staje Pelargonioita hiuksissaan by Agina
Love by ales-kotnik
Gaudy by adamtanart Servant of Light by DiegooCunha Knight of the Pink Polka Dot by Lizzy-John

 Under the Pink Moon by yanadhyana Midnight by NataliaRak  
Werewolf Girl by aleksandracupcake
iLu by valeriebastille PINK by shanyar 
Pink Kiss by sakimichan Pink Noise by Kuvshinov-Ilya
Call it magic Call it true by CezarBrandao Marguerite by SoniaMatas
A t t r a p e  -  r e v e s by Karadavre
 .. Sweet As Candy .. by nevs28  
-Soft_ by christwriter
Cherry Pop by i-am-MOKEY 
 Superficial Substances by camilladerrico Bauhinia by escume Angel in Heaven. by antilous 
Crane Gods by Sed-rah
SIGN STREET by Valentina-Remenar The Pink One by DeadSlug
Retired Magic Girl by Cusd  Fairy of Oriental Star, final by EldarZakirov
Turning by jialu
Ruination by skdiesel Tsui by naturaljuice Red Geisha by BonsaiMechaGirl
Daughter of Triton by alicexz
My Soul is Pink by AquaJ Fraktur by mekhz Rosita by kiwipok
 Ionic by minix Okaera by mckadesinsanity
Noa by HyperLaceAlchemists Cor Cordis by StaceyAnnBorg
Dark Moon by fdasuarez kitchen by zain7 Nectar by MargoAtir
Hipocampo by SaiyaGina Commission - Seas of Pink by joanniegoulet
Mermaid by kidkidkidkid
reef by jaredafrica Hazy by Shinybinary 
The Company of Wolves by tdylan Girl with a Wolf by DigitalOme Silent Song by Exileden
Summit in the forest by urosaurus
19/30 June - Red district by snatti89 Flight by Sarafinconcepts
Moonlight2 by markotapio
Cove by artbytheo
Ruins by ProjectOsxar
Pink by Raipun Pepper Flow by Artgerm Her pink ribbon by thienbao
Pink Dress by TaKe-bamboo Fuchsia by PapaNinja 
The Guardian Angel. by ChristopherPollari Sheltered Life by drvghostJapanese traditional pattern by K-Hiroko
Nimhue by OmarDiazArt  lost girl by zac-sophia
Dirty by imorawetz

Skin by SimplySilent
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Happy you enjoyed it! :dance: 
mckadesinsanity's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my work! =D
This is awesome, by the way, so many amazing pieces here and I'm honored to be among them! :hug:
lovelessdevotions's avatar
It was my pleasure, Sara! :) The quality of your work speaks for itself!! :hug: 
jaredafrica's avatar
Thank you!  There's some awesome stuff here.
lovelessdevotions's avatar
You're welcome! :hug: Glad you enjoyed it. 
kiwipok's avatar
Thank you for this feature is amazing!!! :D
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Happy you liked it!! I am a dummy!  Thank you for your beautiful art :la: 
aleksandracupcake's avatar
Thank you for the feature :hug:
lovelessdevotions's avatar
You're welcome!! :dance: :hug: 
StaceyAnnBorg's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature :aww:
lovelessdevotions's avatar
ChristopherPollari's avatar
Amazing artworks. Thank you for including me. I am honoured.
lovelessdevotions's avatar
You're most welcome, Christopher :hug: You incorporate pink in such diverse and vibrant ways, and it's always a joy to visit your gallery. :heart: 
athenapallas87's avatar
Beautiful feature! I came away with quite a few new favorites. :D
lovelessdevotions's avatar
That's wonderful :) Glad you enjoyed it! xx
Aesara-Dayne's avatar
Rethink Pink . . . :lmao:

You succeeded in catching me by surprise, and what a pleasant one too. Such a feast for my tired eyes, and so much pink too. And you even included a song!

A lovely way to start the week, thank you for this feature.
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Happy to know the feature is to your liking -- pink is such a joyful colour! And I hope you enjoy the song ;) It's not your preferred genre, but this is why we're rethinking, eh? :D 
Aesara-Dayne's avatar
Never guessed the feature would be so pink and beautiful (and pink), though I should have after Draw 'Em...! What colour will next one be, autumn yellow? :D

The song was a really nice touch, it's lovely and I am re-listening to it again.
lovelessdevotions's avatar
I think I've gone a little colour blind after this one :P So no more colours for a while, :lol: 
Aesara-Dayne's avatar
The colour-blindness was well worth it, seeing all these goodies. After a hard selection of my favourites, I'd say Red Geisha, Fairy of Oriental Star, Lost Girl Sprouting: The Prince's Rose, and Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Chiba 2015 are my picks for most beautiful (and pinkest) artworks.
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