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These are the guidelines I hope will assist you all when sending suggestions my way :dummy: Are you excited yet? 

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Great! :D The following links provide a quick overview of DD related questions: 

How to Suggest

  • The artist must NOT have received a Daily Deviation within the last 6 months. (FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?)
  • The artist must have been active in the past 30 days. If you are not sure about this, don't worry, and leave it to me to verify!
  • Please send your suggestion to only ONE Community Volunteer at a time. The other CV responsible for Digital Art is LenamoArt Please visit the list of CVs for additional specifications within this category.
  • Please only include ONE artist per suggestion note; more than one thumbnail may be included.
  • If the piece you suggested to me has not received a Daily Deviation from me within a month since you suggested it, feel free to re-suggest it to another Community Volunteer.
  • I cannot feature suggestions that are currently being judged in any contests. 
  • Self-suggesting is encouraged, and you will remain anonymous. 
  • Please use THUMBNAILS (:thumbxxxxx:) instead of links when suggesting. 
  • You can include a description explaining why you think a piece is DD worthy, but it is not essential. The suggestion will still be considered. 


  • I am always happy to receive your notes, so don't hesitate in sending them or worry that you're sending too many. The more notes the merrier :la:
  • You should only concern yourself with the visual appeal of the artwork in question; whether the deviant is popular or unknown has no bearing on my decision. 
  • I may opt to choose a different work from an artist's gallery that I believe reflects their talent best; in that case, you will still be listed as the suggester. 
  • I am open to discussing any question or concern you may have or to simply provide clarification on a matter. I promise I won't bite ;P
  • I will not disclose whether or not a work has been selected for a DD. Surprises are good, yes? :) 
  • I may not respond to your suggestions, but rest assured that they will be read in a timely manner and carefully considered. 

And that's it! I am honoured to have this responsibility in helping to promote the Digital Arts throughout the community, and your support will be a vital part of the process! :heart: 

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If we created digital art of a fantasy series character, but we are a licensed artist for that series, would the suggestion still go under Fan Art or just to you guys in Digital Art?  I typically think of Fan Art as unlicensed, so I wasn't sure how y'all see it.  Thanks!!