Confessions of a Landscape Junkie ~ Vol. 2

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"Because landscapes give you an awesome high. It is known."

Blue forest by fear-sAs
Kepler 9d by erenarik
smithy by PetrPassek
The Old Mill by Patriartis
No Shoes From This Point Onwards by angrymikko
Jungle City by jordangrimmer
Mianu, One with Nature by Alayna
Fishing village by artificialguy
Ind slums by sheer-madness
Trip Trip Trip by UlricLeprovost
The Old House by Noldofinve
Pandoran Forest by Chromattix
The mouth of the forest by Reicheran
Fungal Overgrowth by MvGorlei
Cernunnos Final by TavenerScholar

Skin by SimplySilent
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Wow.. Amazing!!
These are all amazing!
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Happy you liked them! :D 
Martology's avatar
This is sick La la la la 
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it :la: 
Reicheran's avatar
Thank you for featuring my work =)
lovelessdevotions's avatar
You're welcome, Clement :tighthug: Keep making beautiful art. 
Aesara-Dayne's avatar
I'm in awe of the pieces in this selection, it's even better than the last feature. Now I'm having trouble choosing only one favourite, I'd rather list all, in no particular order: fear-sas, angry mikko, sheer-madness, priteeboy, MvGorlei, TavernerScholar, Patriartis, PetrPassek, Noldofinve and jordangrimmer.

I recall you speaking highly of Jordan when he was starting and not much known yet, and you said he'd go places in a few years. He did an excellent job back then, and from his more recent work, I see he's taking bigger challenges now.

This windmill made me smile because it brought Don Quixote to mind. "Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants?" :D And I also loved this and this, I want a cabin in the wood like those!
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Ah yes, Jordan is an awesome talent :) Glad you found so many faves in this one! :ahoy: 
Mrs-Freestar-Bul's avatar
Another breathtaking Feature :love:
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Thank you! Hope you'll get some nice new faves from this one :) 
Mrs-Freestar-Bul's avatar
They are all amazing so I faved them all :la: That's how to show our support :giggle:
lovelessdevotions's avatar
My pleasure! That piece is incredible! :aww: 
Chromattix's avatar
Landscapes certainly need some more love around here :nod: Thanks for featuring one of mine :)
lovelessdevotions's avatar
Yup, landscapes just never fail to amaze; and you're most welcome :hug: 
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