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The Outpost


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A farewell

This is my last week as part of the @team at DeviantArt. I've lived, breathed, and dreamed art for nearly five years, but I've had an amazing opportunity come up that I'm really excited to take on. So, as I prep for my last day, Friday, here's a look back at my journey at DA... One of my first big projects was developing an ARG for DeviantArt. I was pushed to build an engaging experience, and alongside the brilliant storytelling minds of other coworkers, created something I'm proud of to this day. The adventure of Ari Banks I will always hold dear. We went to cons and met more artists. I love art and no one can convince me artists aren't absolute magicians. Ever wonder what it's like to go to a con with me? Click the video below (it's timestamped). We held some amazing events. I am always amazed at my team's dedication to helping artists network and grow. They backed my philosophy of "educate and elevate," their hard work making even the simplest hot-dog hangs

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ache to order

i'm an isle silent in seas kept placid; see, waves are grounds for beating. slow depleting, my shores swore to me stasis, but still they recolor the shallows. maybe the swallows won't suffer me, maybe my gallows will bellow so loud that the glassed fish will shatter along with my consumed wrists. let it be violent, my apocalypse. poseidon knows that my solitude earned no right to exist, and my quiet is not worth the fits. receding, my sure lines are gripped by the depths. oh the pull of the ultramarine is lovely.


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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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Quezia, Carapace Queen - Advanced

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