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lovelessdevotions has been a member of the DeviantArt community for four years and has already become easily recognizable as a mentor and friend to many. She embodies the true spirit of the community by spending much of her time promoting and celebrating the works of others. Her vast array of collections and frequent features that showcase talented artists throughout the community prove that having an eye for talented artists and inspirational displays is as important of creating art oneself. Her commitment to the community is what led to her being selected as a Community Volunteer, and she won’t be stopping anytime soon. She’s always the first to lend a hand and celebrate deviants, and it is for this reason that we are honored to bestow the Deviousness Award for October 2017 to lovelessdevotions.
Awarded Oct 2017
Welcome back to Decoding DDs which examines the exceptional artworks from artists whose creations have been featured as a Daily Deviation. As outlined in the original series of interviews, our main purpose is to go behind the scenes of what went into the production of these paintings or drawings, talking to artists about their inspiration and the narrative ideas of each piece, along with the technical aspects that delve into their individual styles and skillset. Essentially, we endeavour for these interviews to offer readers as much comprehensive insight as possible into the overall genesis and development of each DD, from the general message or mood the artist wants to convey, to how they are specifically able to make that a reality in a way that captures the viewer's interest and fascination. It's my firm belief that Daily Deviations should not just be eye candy; we can all benefit from spending a little more time with these pieces, digesting their remarkable qualities, but also
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Decoding Daily Deviations: Princess Mononoke by lovelessdevotions, journal

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OMG!!! Thank you for the DD!!!! 😱❤️