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1. Must post rules!

2. Each person must post at least 10 things about themselves.

3. Answer your 10 questions

4. Choose 10 people and tag their icon on here.

5. Go tell them that they are tagged.

6. Cant put "You are tagged by reading this"

7. No tag backs


Tagged by: Infectious10  (I don't kno the icon thingy)

1 I'm crazy
2 I'm very social at times
3 if u give me something I would feel as if I need to give u something as equally awesome as that
4 I'm good at math
5 my favorite super hero is the flash
6 I like Llamas
7 I really want to kno y Llama is spelled with two l's
8 I will love u for a day or so if u give me food
9 I have too many friends
10 my worst subject is English

1: Whats your favorite childhood cartoon?
Kim p

2: Whose your favorite superhero?

3: DC or Marvel?
DC BABY... but I like some marvel characters

4: What are your fandoms?
I have too many

5: Whose your OTP?
I have too many

6: Favorite artist?
I don't have one

7: Actor?
I am the best actor of my little friend group

8: What would you do if your favorite character walked up to you?
put my head down make as little eye contact as possible and walk away from them then fangirl when I get home

9: Favorite book?
Green eggs and ham

10: Whats your favorite emoticon on deviantart?
I don't do emoticon on here 😬 but that one's my fav

So I don't ha email any friends on this Web page just my sister and she tagged me so I'm done