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The Hand of Jack Dark-My new book is now available

please spread the word that my debut book is ready to purchase from the Amazon Kindle store.
please find it here:…
it is a young adult style Fantasy Fiction, full of magic and mystery surrounding a young boy called Jack Dark!
first 2 chapters are available to read on Amazon- please have a look and buy it

Do you believe in Angels? I didn’t either, but when they made themselves known to the world by walking through a magical door, straight into the House of Commons, while the Prime Minister was in mid-debate, it was impossible not to believe in them.They came to foretell of a curse that would affect Humans and Angels alike.

Jack had no idea the coming of the Angels would affect his small life in such a huge way, he was young and quick to anger, brash, intolerable, and always got into fights. He had no friends. From an early age he could talk to dead animals and unlike the humans he felt a connection to the Angels, a secret power that the Angels could also sense in him. But this power attracted the curse that sadly caused his mothers death. Before she died she told him he was one of them, an Angel. Left alone, he is rescued by two young Angels who could feel his powers. Jack is then thrust into a world of mystery, magic and vampires, where Kings and Queens rule over realms of colour-coded magic known as miracles. Why did his mother hide him away from his own kind? Jack must find his rightful place and train his deadly powers to protect his new friends from the growing curse and its shadow-like minions.
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