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June 18, 2012
Shishi-gami by *lovelauraland This is a heavily modified and stunningly detailed My Little Pony.
Featured by UnicornReality
Suggested by Astralseed
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Shishi-gami was made for ~puush from a Raffle I had on the mlparena.
Yes this pony has taken some time to complete and I thank you Puush for waiting so long for him!
Puush very kindly gave me an old G1 boy pony to work with and she wanted a pony that looked like my Prince of the Forest custom [link]
but with more flowers and insects and stuff.
Well here he is :)
I have sculpted ivy up his legs to look like its growing out of the ground around him. The flowers and mushrooms were also hand sculpted with the addition of ladybugs, butterflies and spiders :)
His Antlers have green and brown embossing powder to look like moss and more sculpted vines with two butterflies at one tip.
I have re-rooted his hair in dyed green mohair and twisted his mane up with ivy vines wrapping around, its suppose to look messy with the addition of a orange and black sculpted butterfly :D
All the flowers, mushrooms and little ladybugs were hand sculpted, his spiders were made from wire and tiny black crystals, He was given a full body spray paint in dark green and light green and all his details were hand painted.
I hope you like him as much as me :P
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EmeraldSora's avatar
Amazing! A divinely designed forest MLP...

Another Masterpiece! :D
iloveellis's avatar
thats sooo pretty
darknessunisousboy's avatar
what was used for the bait????
catluvr2's avatar
Awesome. Congrats on the DD! :+favlove:
Kokoro-soma's avatar
so beautiful, like I know you've heard this a million times but wow...
steamwork's avatar
This is just stunning! And the detail is amazing. :wow:
Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
Holy crap. Well done [/Mortal Kombat]
iluvgrey's avatar
this is soooo pretty if this was for sale like in stores i would buy it :)
ShayNMay's avatar
I prefer Friendship Is Magic but this is just beautiful! Favorited!
Minkymy's avatar
Glorious. Simply glorious.
Linnzy's avatar
Excuuuuse me, but WHY on earth havn't I faved this before ? And how did i miss it?

It's gorgeous :heart:
oohsosketchy's avatar
Oh my gosh i love Mononoke Hime!!! And this is such an amazing piece!!!
4N63L-Z3R0's avatar
This is wonderful!!!
Bone-Bone's avatar
MLPhistorian's avatar
OMG congratz! so happy you finally got a DD
PhoenixAlone's avatar
God he's gorgeous! :rose: :heart:
Greenglassnotes's avatar
Best My Little Pony ever.
bleachii's avatar
So lovely. Definitely a well deserved DD.
Haawan's avatar
Yay, major congrats for the DD, LLL! Well deserved! :happybounce:
SakuraGravity's avatar
Probably the most beautiful edit I've ever seen! You're very talented, you deserved this DD!<3
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